Trap the enemy

via published on December 2, 2008

Trap the enemy


Tue, 02 Dec, 2008,02:40 PM


It is more or less confirmed that the perpetrators of the Mumbai terror attack were trained in Pakistan. India
has claimed irrefutable evidence for the same, and the captured
terrorist Kasaba is said to have confessed that they were from Pakistan
and that they had been trained by the ISI in LeT camps.
The American intelligence agencies have also confirmed the involvement of Pakistani terrorists.


the victims included American, British and Israeli citizens, those
countries are sending their respective investigative agencies to be
part of the investigation. This is a great opportunity for India to
nail Pakistan’s culpability once and for all.

charge for years that Pakistan’s ISI has been involved in training Pak
based terror outfits to indulge in terror activities inside India got
confirmed when the American intelligence agencies asserted with proof
that ISI had perpetrated the bomb attack on Indian Embassy in Afghanistan. Now again India has the opportunity along with the investigative supports from world’s best agencies like FBI, Scotland Yard, etc, which must be utilised to the hilt.


has never been sincere to India and it has never cooperated from the
beginning. The Confidence Building Measures have always been initiated
by India and with the advent of the UPA government, it has become a
one-way traffic. The Congress led UPA government’s Pakistan policy has
been planned always with the Indian Muslim vote-bank in mind. It
listened more to the Kashmiri separatists and other Muslim parties than
taking the opposition into confidence. In the process, it shook hands
with the perpetrator and addressed the perpetrator itself as a victim.


naiveté induced by the CBMs led to the reducing the troop deployment at
the borders and at one point of time, it almost ended in the monumental
blunder of withdrawing our troops from the Siachen Glacier!
But for the interference of the main opposition BJP and the
stubbornness of the Chiefs of Armed Forces, Siachen would have been in
the hands of Pakistan in the name of CBM. Even after Pakistan’s
non-cooperation in the joint terror mechanism, UPA continued with its
ineffective foreign policy and now in the aftermath of the Mumbai
attacks, it is still unable to come to a clear and firm decision on how
to deal with Pakistan.


western countries in general and US & UK in particular, despite
being aware of the Indo-Pak problems and the genuineness of India’s
stand on Kashmir,
have never supported India in the past. But then, it should not be
determined that they would not support this time. It is an opportunity
for them also to keep Pakistan in tenterhooks, so that, they can use it
in their fight against Al Qaida and Taliban. Whatever may be the idea
and approach of the US, the UK and Israel, it is certainly a god-sent
break for India to change its Pakistan policy and start showing some
spine and ruthlessness, which are so needed to tackle terror


President Bush, President Elect Obama, Secretary of State Condelizza Rice and US Ambassador in India David Mulford
have all said in one voice that they are supporting India and asked
Pakistan to cooperate with India. So, this is the right time for India
to put all diplomatic pressure on Pakistan and make it to fall in line.
While ensuring the deportation of Dawood Ibrahim
and other wanted terrorists, stopping of cross border terrorism and
dismantling of terror infrastructures in Pakistan and POK, India must
also focus on rebuilding troop deployment in the border areas and
suspending the so-called CBMs and peace-talks. India must throw the
available evidences on Pakistan’s face and make it submit to our
demands. It should take steps to isolate Pakistan in the international
arena, which would make Pakistan to bend in accordance with India’s
pressures. As it is already in peril internally, Pakistan cannot afford
to be unrelenting.

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