Tragedy of being a docile, law abiding and coward Hindu

via Sreekumar Menon published on September 23, 2007

We Hindus are docile, law abiding and to a great extent cowardly, and that is why everybody is bullying and insulting us. Thousands of years of slavery has repressed and suppressed us and we are unable to fight or even protest in an effective manner.


 Just think, would insult of their traditional gods be tolerated in any other community or nation? Jesus also drank alcohol, in fact it is claimed that he made water into wine, will Karunanidhi ever dare to call Jesus a drunkard ? It is claimed that Prophet Mohammed went to heaven on a horse back, will Sonia, Karunanidhi, and Prakash Karat dare call this as superstition ? What is the proof that Adam and Eve were really existing ? Kushwant Singh now wants to know the date of birth of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. Why will he  not ask for date of birth of Adam & Eve ? Why will he not ask for correct date and time of crucifixion of Christ ? Why will he not ask the correct time and date of birth of Prophet Mohammed ?


The problem is that all these worthless fellows know that they can get  free media space for the rubbish they keep uttering everyday. The Hindus will meekly protest and those who protest will be abused everywhere as communal, anti-secular, and pro BJP. Try doing such stunts on the beliefs of any other community, they will become violent, ferocious and will seek nothing short of execution of those who speak against their religion.


 The tragedy is that we Hindus never learn or realise that our very existence is being threatened not only by these rubbish spouting politicians but by those  foreigners, who are quietly ,analysing and studying our physical and mental reactions, in order to make assessments, of what reactions to anticipate in the event of some conflagration.


In any other country Ambika Soni, Karunanidhi, the Additional Solicitor General Mr.Gopal Subramaniam, ASI Director General, Culture Secretary, all would have been thrown out, nobody would have even cared to ask their views. But in Hindustan two middle level officers are suspended and all other offenders are creating a ruckus by demanding proof, scientific evidence, historical truth, and what not ?


We are living in a society where even the truth of what happenned yesterday is not known to anyone ! What happenned between Dayanidhi Maran and Karunanidhi, will they enlighten the scientific, historical and social truth of what went wrong ? What about the Bofors truth ?


Those who keep demanding proofs and truths for each and everything should well remember that those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others.


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