To hell with Congress!

via B.R. Haran published on August 25, 2007

On Sunday the 19th of this month, AIADMK supremo and former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu J.Jayalalitha made a scathing attack on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh with hard-hitting statements. Jayalalitha had said , “The people of India have seen weak and inefficient Prime Ministers before. It is only now, that India is seeing a PM who is himself actively working against the Country’s sovereignty and even dares to lie about an agreement with another nation in parliament by twisting his statements”.


She had continued, “If he continues to be the Prime Minister of the country, it would spell danger, catastrophe and calamity for India. He knowingly utters falsehoods in parliament, hides the truth and deliberately gives wrong information veiled in half-truths, all the time acting against the interests of the people of India. He is obdurate and adamant and he has lost the confidence of the parliament and the people, as well lost the credibility in the eyes of the nation”.


She also took a potshot at Sonia by saying, “The AIADMK has been severely condemning the Nuclear deal and its two supporters Sonia & Manmohan. With about 150 members in the Lok Sabha, the Congress cannot claim to have a majority and has no legitimate right to push the nation in to such a deal”.


Finally she ended with a strong statement supposedly aimed at PM Manmohan Singh, saying, “To serve India there are any number of patriotic leaders in the country who will act with purity in heart. Allow Indians to live with dignity as patriotic Indians. Kindly take leave of India and immigrate to US”.


When compared with these venomous & vicious statements, the realistic and unintended statement of George Fernandez fades in to insignificance. People who have seen & followed the quality of politics practiced by Jayalalitha right from the beginning might not have been surprised at all on her statements. But, what is surprising is the fact that, her statements have escaped the required attention of the mainstream national media including the 24X7 TV Channels! Even the leaders of NDA, Left and other UNPA parties might have felt that her statements were too harsh & nasty, but didn’t condemn her, for they would have felt that the PM deserved such an attack.


The faction ridden state unit of the Congress party, which was busy organizing the birth anniversary celebrations of Rajiv Gandhi, failed to react immediately. It took more than two days for the TNCC president Krishnaswamy to condemn Jayalalitha for her “Political Indecency” & “despicable act”. This delayed out burst from Krishnaswamy forced the CLP leader D.Sudarshanam to react after another 24 hours. He condemned Jayalalitha’s statements and said that Congress party would stage demonstrations in front of AIADMK head quarters if she did not take back her words. He also said that she had brought disgrace & disrespect to Tamil Nadu by asking the Prime minister to immigrate to US. He made a new ‘invention’ that Jaya lost her power in the last assembly elections only because of her personal attacks on Sonia. Baring these two leaders, no other Congress leader from Tamil Nadu including G.K.Vasan, EVKS Elangovan, P.Chidambaram & Mani Shankar Iyer has reacted to Jayalalitha’s attacks.


Despite her presence in the UNPA now for the time being, Jayalalitha is alleged to have made up her mind to align with BJP / NDA in the eventuality of a general election, as evidenced by her party’s votes in favour of Baironsingh Shekawat in the Presidential election. She is aware of the fact that the DMK has moved too close to Congress that it would not pull out of UPA and that, she cannot go back to Congress as she had made unlimited personal attacks on Sonia in the past. She is also aware that, in the event of Left front joining the UNPA a.k.a. Third Front, they might prefer DMK more than her party and hence, she has plans of de-linking the PMK, which is already in locked horns with ruling DMK, by hook or crook. She had already welcomed the PMK with open hands and all the three leaders Jayalalitha, Karunanidhi and the PMK president Dr. Ramadoss knew that the Third Front would be a non-starter and even if it starts would end up in disaster. So, while Karunanidhi would hesitate to come out of congress, Jayalaitha would prefer to align with BJP along with the PMK, as Dr. Ramadoss is well known for his brazen opportunism. Another important factor is that, with 20 to 25 MP seats Jayalalitha could be comfortable and powerful by sticking to BJP/NDA than the Third Front UNPA. Her only worry as of now is actor Vijayakant’s DMDK, which is known to have caused a big dent in her vote bank. She would be able to regain the lost share only when she aligns with a national party with regards to Parliament elections and she might even welcome Vijayakant to her fold, as he has been taken to task by the present DMK government.


So, only after analyzing the pros & cons, the AIADMK leader had taken the Congress bull by its horns and it seems she had decided, “To hell with Congress!” In the present scenario, we the people must also say “To hell with congress” and reject it out rightly in the forthcoming parliament elections.

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