Tianenmen Square drama, UPA style

via K Vijayan published on June 5, 2011

No sir, we know they did not shoot bullets, at least as per Media reports and Coverage – what was shown that is. They did not need to, since the UPA’s allies, members, and mercenaries spend most of the year shooting down, bombing, raping, or setting fire to Hindus anyway. But nevertheless the analogy is valid.

The first point made by the MBE* Defenders of the Evil Empire is that Ramdeo’s movement against Corruption (which predates Hazare’s and is more than two years old), is “Political” in nature, politically motivated, and is of Saffron Inspiration.

Political Power has been grossly misused by Politicians to directly and brazenly loot and defraud the country of Lakhs of crores of Tax Payers money, and we have Prime Ministers (de facto and de jure) and other Ministers who are either Heads of Looting Gangs or Accomplices to looters, and misuse the various departments to cover up their crimes. So the fight against Corruption has necessarily to be against Politicians and Political in nature.
Some leading lights of the Hazare Camp, like Muslima Jihadi Hashmi, have been claiming in talk shows that Hazare’s was a totally non-communal, a-political, “people’s movement”, whereas the presence of Sadhvi Rithambra and Govindacharya and others has established that the Ramdev movement is a Hindu Communal movement supported by BJP, RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal etc.

The presence of known Muslim and Christian activists, traitors, perjurors, Hindu-hate-journalists and anti-Indians like Teesta, Harsh Mander, Hashmi, Arundhati Roy, Aruna Roy on Hazare’s stage did not make that a Communal Event? The presence of a saffron-clad Dhongi Sanyasi calling himself “Swami Agnivesh”, a visible supporter of Maoist and muhammedan Hindu killers is “apolitical and non-communal”?

If it comes to that, even Baba Ramdev and his supporters graced Hazare’s stage and declared support, and Hazare has supported the Baba’s andolan and was to take part in it.
The contention of these anti-national crooks is -  Ramdev is a Hindu Guru propagating Hindu Yoga, ergo the 85% Hindus of this land do not have the right to stage a peaceful protest against corruption, misrule etc even in a peaceful manner, while Hashmi’s Jihadis and Jihadini’s, and Arundhati Roy’s crusaders have full rights to riot, commit arson, kill people, vandalise and destroy property at will all over the land over issues like Danish Cartoons, Vande Matharam, Vinayaga Chathurthi, Mineral Rights, or Factual exhibitions on Aurangazeep.

Another Technical Point made was that the “permit” given to Baba was for a YOGA CAMP, and not for a “Fast Against Corruption”, and the government was right in shutting it down like Chincoms shut down Tianenman Square. The lie here is that Baba Ramdev held a meeting at the same venue months before the Hazare Event, and with the same publicly announced intentions. This time also the purpose and objectives of the meeting were announced well in advance, and a dozen Ministers and Congress Power Brokers had met him to call off the Fight against corruption. Why did all those Shyster Ministers not deploy the Police, RAF etc to prevent entry into the venue, and arrest Baba Ramdev?

We will tell you why – to attack innocent and peaceful citizens in their sleep and teach a lesson to the HINDUS of India to look the other way when organised loot, murder, rape and misrule takes place. A thousand years of slaughter, loot and subjugation  by muhammedan and Christian invaders is still embedded in the psyche of the Indian Ruling Classes and politicians.
Fodder Chor Lalu Prasad was vociferously denouncing both Hazare and Ramdev for trying to Blackmail and Bully the Parliament, which is the Supreme Authority. A petty thief coming to the defence of the Trade Union of Thieves, presided over by Vatican’s Patron Saint of criminals!

Where is the Immaculate Credibility of a Parliament, half of whose Members have been purchased openly by the USA, and sizable numbers including the two PMs have given ample evidence of their greater loyalty to Christianity, Communism or Islam than to India? Which Indian Citizen other than those who are accomplices of these scoundrels, will trust these well-known MPees, Ministers and Parties? Where is the credibility of a Home Minister who scraped in by Cheating with the help of a Crooked CVC, or a Figurehead PM who spends more time visiting the Safe Havens of Black Money, and checking out the locks on the vaults than attending Parliamentary work?

One of the Minority SOB Panelists said in one of the Talk Shows that the UPA was afraid that a “December 6 situation” was planned for the night of the andolan, and Cutwina Hashmi chipped in and said that from her 30-year experience (in spying for Pakistan, sabotaging, and destroying Hindus we suppose) she had deduced that plans were afoot to set the Pandal on fire by the Saffron Brigade, and she had alerted the Government to take steps to prevent these saffron forces killing Ramdev and making a Martyr, on the Rajiv-Indira Pattern, out of him. A fire was seen on the TV screen – but it was after the Midnight Raid when the entire Gestapo had invaded and lobbed tear-gas shells, lathi-charged etc.

The Truth is that this is a Communal Loot and Communal Corruption is taking place to loot and Break Up Hindu India, and it is fully controlled by an Italian and her “Indian” Christians, Christians in Hindu drag, Tamilian Atheists, and Muhammedans.

And it will have to be fought on a Common Communal Platform if India is to survive the Alien Assault.

That is what is taking place under the leadership of Baba Ramdev.
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* MBE = Muzzled Both Ends

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