Threat of Jihadi Terrorism to the Survival of India

via Paper Presented by Narain Kataria published on February 19, 2008

Paper Presented
Narain Kataria
President, Indian American Intellectuals Forum
at the Symposium titled
“Exposing The Threat of Islamic Terrorism”
organized by
America’s Truth Forum
at Dallas, Texas
February 1st and 2nd, 2008

I am very thankful to America’s Truth Forum* for giving me an opportunity to share my views with so many experts on counter-terrorism and Islamic studies present here today.

At the outset, I would like to inform you that I am the survivor of the Partition of India which took place in 1947 in which more than 10 million Hindus were driven from Islamic Pakistan and hundreds of thousands of innocent Hindus and Sikhs were slaughtered by Muslims in connivance with newly formed Islamic government of Pakistan.  That was the biggest displacement and forcible migration of Hindu people in the recorded History.  The irony of the fate is that the world did not take serious note of this gruesome tragedy.  The world woke up only after the incident of 9/11 while in the Indian sub-continent people have been the victims of many such tragedies (9/11s) in the last 1000 years.
I am one of the victims of the Islamic terrorism.  I have seen with my own eyes my people being raped, looted, stabbed and killed by fanatic Muslims.  I have seen the unprecedented religious cleansing of Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs by the so called followers of the Religion of Peace.

I have been watching the Islam in action for the last 60 years.  I have read, seen and heard the stories of Bangladeshi Hindus who were forcibly driven from Bangladesh and compelled to take shelter in India.  I have read the stories as to how 3 million people were murdered by Pakistani army in 1971 out of which 80% were Hindus.

A great scholar Mr. Arvind Ghosh, author of the book “Kafir and Quran” has talked about the Islamic atrocities on Hindus in the following poignant terms:

“Brutalities committed on Hindus in Bangladesh in 1971 are without parallel in human history.  In many cases a whole community was encircled.  Mothers and daughters were raped on a mass scale, in presence of brothers or father.  Breasts of elderly ladies were chopped off.  Pregnant women were disemboweled, children’s heads were smashed on the floor.  Then followed the chopping off of genitals, gouging out of eyes.  As a grand climax everybody was put in a house and the house was set on fire.”

I  have been watching the systematic religious cleansing of Hindus from Pakistan and Bangladesh.  I also know as to how Hindu population in Islamic Pakistan has been  reduced from 23% in 1947 to less than 1% and in Bangladesh from 35% to 8%.

Jihadists have murdered more than 10,000 Indian soldiers 30,000 civilians (mostly Hindus) in the State of Jammu and Kashmir.  I have seen the ethnic cleansing and pitiable plight of 400,000 Hindus who were thrown out from their ancestral homes and hearths by Kashmiri Muslims in 1989 from Indian Kashmir.  These Hindus from Kashmir are still languishing in camps in Jammu.

I remember it very well as to how in 1974, Turkey, the so called secular Islamic nation, militarily invaded Cyprus and forcibly created  a Muslim state in Cyprus for Muslims.

The genocide of Armenian Christians between 1914-1923 which claimed more than 1.5 million lives is well known to all of us.

I have been watching how Muslims have transformed Lebanon from majority Christian State to majority Muslim State.  Slowly and silently Christians are leaving Lebanon.  I have been watching how Iran and Syria are supporting Hijbullah forces to obliterate Christianity from Lebanon.

Before the advent of Islam, Afghanistan was a Buddhists non-violent nation.  Afghanistani people fought against Islam for 300 years.  They were over-powered and converted to Islam.  After converting to Islam, these non-violent Buddhists became Talibanis and violent murderers, and threat to the civilization.  Finally, they destroyed the tallest Buddha statue in the world and drove out all the Hindus and Sikhs from Afghanistan.

I am also aware of the attacks on innocent people in Beslan in Russia, Bali in Indonesia, Madrid  in Spain, London, Mumbai, India’s Parliament complex in New Delhi, New York and other cities of the world.  I also remember as to how on February 27, 2002, 57 innocent children and women were burnt alive by a Muslim  mob of 2,000 people near Godhra (Gujarat, India).

I am the student of the History and know very well as to how a Sikh Guru Arjun Dev was made to sit on the hot plate.  Hot sand was poured over his body till he died.  I remember how another Sikh Guru Teg Bahadur was murdered by Muslims because he refused to convert to Islam.  One Hindu leader Baba Mati Das was sawed alive by Muslims.  I remember how Guru Govind Singh’s two sons were buried alive in a ghastly manner.  In all these cases, the killers were acting in accordance with Quranic injunctions on believers to kill the non-believers.  In all these cases also  the murderers were the followers of Islam, the so called religion of peace!

I have written so many articles on Islamic terrorism and attended many seminars on threat of Islamic Terrorism to world peace. 

On the basis of my 60 years experience about Islamic Terrorism, I can confidently proclaim that American policy makers and Think Tanks are utterly confused and completely clueless about the nature of Islam.  Some of the so called experts say that Political Islam is the greatest danger to the world peace.  Others say that it is Radical Islam which is more dangerous.  Still there is another school of thought which argues  that Wahabi Islam/Salafi Islam, Deobandi Islam/Tabligi Islam  is the sole cause of terrorism.  All these definitions of Islam are prompted partly by partial understanding of the subject, partly because of the fear of violence, and partly by the desire to be politically correct.

Majority of the Muslims know it very well that there is only one Islam that is complete in all respects, infallible and needs no explanation or discussion.  They gleefully enjoy the incomprehension of Infidel population and their baffled leaders who come up with meaningless and phony theories about Islam to satisfy their ego and maintain their leadership/scholarship in the field.

What is Jihad?

In order to bluff and fool non-Muslims, smart and crafty Muslims present the concept of Jihad as a defensive struggle against unbelievers.  But the close examination of the doctrine of Jihad will clearly demonstrate that Jihad is an Islamic tool to murder innocent people.  Jihad is an extension of the Arab custom of Irazziat (raiding for booty) and Ghazwa (razzia) (banditry) which Prophet Mohammed skillfully incorporated in Islam as an obligatory religious duty on each and every Muslim.  In order to achieve his aim of Arab dominance, he legitimized Jihad and gave it dignity.  In addition to that he introduced a novel, highly attractive and alluring concept of sex after death in the course of Jihad which promised Jihadists abundance of sex provided they killed more and more unbelievers!

Mr. Bill Warner of Center for Studies of Political Islam, in an interview with Jamie Glazow of Front Page Magazines says that “in Bukhari 97% of the jihad references are about war and 3% are about the inner struggle.  This makes it very clear that Jihad is nothing but war and terrorism.

According to Mr. Anwar Shaikh, a Muslim scholar from UK, Islam is not a faith but a political national movement launched by Prophet Mohammed to establish Arab cultural imperialism over the non-Arab people of the world.  [This is Jehad by Anwar Shaikh].  Islamic groups use Jihad to achieve the political dominance of entire globe.  Jihad is a doctrine of permanent warfare.  It is to be continued in every country wherever Muslims live.  It is incumbent on Jihadists  to slaughter the unbelievers, kidnap and rape their women, enslave their children, all for the reason because they do not believe in Allah, Koran and Mohammed.

The concept of Dar-ul-Islam (Islamic nation) and Dar-ul-Harb (nation to be conquered)  is another pernicious doctrine which impels and compels Muslims to keep fighting till the rule of Allah is established. Thus, Allah, the God of Arabs has divided the humanity in believers and non-believers.   That is the reason Muslims are in perpetual warfare with local people in  India, U.K., Chechnya, Lebanon, Thailand, Philippines and many other countries wherever they are in minorities.

Loot, Murder and Death Threats to Hindu Leaders

It is very common for Muslims to loot property of Hindus and issue death threats to Hindu leaders.  Almost all the Hindu leaders are under threat of death by Jihadis.  Recently Indian National Security Advisor, Mr. M.K. Narayanan suspected Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence behind the recent failed attempt to kidnap Rahul Gandhi, son of Sonia Gandhi.

In December 2007, Chief Minister of an Indian state, Mr. Narendra Modi was threatened by Islamic groups that he would be killed.

In December 2007, 28 Indian journalists received threatening calls that they would be eliminated.

An e-mail threatening to blow up Indian airports has been received by Air India.

Last month Muslims created riots in Kolkata, Agra, Hyderabad, Allahabad, and looted Hindu property and burnt millions of dollar worth property.

Most recently, on New Year day this year, Islamic terrorists attacked CRP (Central Reserve Police) camp in Northern India killing 8 innocent persons.

Fear of  Islamic Separatism
Muslim separatism was the main cause of the Partition of India.  According to Pew Research Center 88% people in Germany, 72% in Russia, 68% in Spain, , 65% in Netherlands, 61% in U.K., 60% in Canada and 61% in India believe that Muslims want to maintain their separate identity in their countries, and therefore are a serious threat to the integrity of these countries

Concern About Islam
In another study Pew Center suggests that 48% people in India, 52% in Russia, 35% in Germany, 43% in Spain, 32% in France and 31% in U.S. are very worried about Islamic extremism and want an immediate action to take care of this before it is too late.

Islam, Most Violent Religion
In Germany 73%, in Poland 77%, in India 73%, in Russia 71%, in U.S. 67% and in Canada 61% people believe that Islam is the most violent religion.  In fact it should not be considered as a religion, but a political and imperialistic ideology with the main aim of global dominate.

Demographic Terrorism

The greatest threat to India and to the World comes from the disproportionate and alarming growth of Muslim population.

According to Census Bureau of India, Muslim population in the Indian Subcontinent was zero percent in 1,000 A.D. It rose to 33% in 2005.

In India Muslim population in 1947, when India was divided in India and Pakistan, Muslim population was 8%.  In 2001 it reached 14%.  It is growing at the rate of 3.2%.  It is projected to reach 55% in 2075.  It means India, a nuclear power and very rich and powerful nation in 2075 will be made part of Arabic Imperialism.  This is a very horrendous scenario.

In 1900 Muslim population in the world was 12%. If this population continue to grow with the current rate,  in 2025 it will be 33% and in 2100 it will reach 37-40%.  Many people are fearing that by the end of the century Europe will be renamed as Eurabia.

Confusion in Scholars about Islam

A true Muslim is commanded to follow Prophet Mohammed.  As is well known, Prophet Mohammed had expelled all the Jews and non-believers from Arabia.  In the same manner, Afghanistan and Pakistan drove out all the Hindus and Sikhs from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Prophet Mohammed killed each and every writer and poet who opposed him.  In the same manner, Muslims are killing  people like van Ghog and threatening writers like Sulman Rushdie, Tasleema Nasreen and Wafa Sultan.

There are thousands of articles in Quran and Hadith which incite Muslims to kill, murder, loot and enslave.  It is enjoined upon Muslims to preach social segregation, hatred of non-Muslims and elimination of dissenters through dominance, death and conversion.

In order to substantiate my argument, I quote below some of the verses from Quran and Hadith:

“O ye who believe! Murder those of the disbelievers . . . and let them find harshness in you.  (Repentance 123)

“O ye who believe!  The non-Muslims are unclean.  So let them not come near the inviolable Place of Worship.”  (Repentance: 28)

“Humiliate the non-Muslims to such an extent that they surrender and pay tribute.”  (Repentance 29)

“O believers, do not make friends with the Jews and Christians; . . . whoso of you makes them his friends is one of them.  (The Table: 55)

Chapter LXXI  of Shahi Muslim clearly states that since Islam is the religion for the entire humanity, it abrogates all other faiths.  Hadith No. 285 asserts that any Jew or Christian who does not believe in Mohammed will become “one of the denizens of Hell Fire.”

Ayatollah Khomeini said:  “Holy war (jihad) means the conquest of all non-Muslim territories.

There is irrefutable and voluminous material available to prove that Islam preaches hate, intolerance and violence.

So, What is the solution?

1. Purge the portions/verses of Koran, Hadith (tradition of Mohammed) and Sira (life of Mohammed) which incite Muslims to kill non-believers in the name of Allah.  Who will do it: UNO
2. Understand the true psyche of  Muslims and plan accordingly.  In order to win the war on terror, it is absolutely essential that policy makers in USA, U.K., France, India and Israel should study seriously the Islamic psyche, and the factors that motivate them to murder innocent people in the name of Allah.  Charles Martel, the great French Commander who defeated Muslim Commander Abdel Rahman in the Battle of Tours in 732 and saved entire Europe from being Islamized,  had thorough knowledge not only of military science but also of Islamic psychology and he acted rightly to defeat Islam.
3. Contain Muslim Population: Find ways to bring down the growth rate of Muslim population by enforcing family planning and imposing restrictions on immigration.
In summary, let me emphasize  that Islam is incompatible with the civilized societies.  Its aim is to destroy civilizations and humiliate their citizens as mentioned above.  It is strange that some leaders actuated by a desire to be politically correct, are misleading public and keeping them in dark. 
Hence, it is the duty of all of us to educate the opinion makers, policy makers, politicians and finally the public.  America’s Truth Forum is exactly doing that.  On behalf of Indian American Intellectuals Forum I heartily congratulate them for their sincere efforts and hard work and wish them success in their efforts. 
*   Indian American Intellectuals Forum is a New York-based organization.  Its aim is to create awareness about the menace of terrorism.  Please also visit:  [email protected] or

Demographic Terrorism
The alarming growth of Muslim population all over the world and in many countries in particular is the basis of the demographic terrorism. This is the worst kind of terrorism which has been growing slowly, silently and consistently. Please see the following figures: In Indian Subcontinent, in divided India, and finally in the entire world:
I.     Indian Subcontinent

Hindus Muslims
1000AD ~100% ~0%

Note: 25% Muslim population played havoc with the national psyche and finally got 30% of the land in the form of Pakistan, and only 17% moved there, 8% stayed back behind! And now they want to seize the entire land and convert it into Dar-ul- Islam.

II. India

Hindus Muslims
1947 90% 8%
2001 83 14
Growth rate 2.2% 3.2%

Note: The higher rate of growth in Muslim community is due to many factors: only Hindus follow the family planning, huge infiltration of Muslims from Bangaldesh, high breeding rate of Muslim women etc. Please remember that what 25% of Muslim population did to the nation and to the Hindu community, if it grows again to that level or higher, that will be end of the Hindus in India as they have nowhere to go or will be allowed to remain as Hindus (please see what happened to Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh). If India ceases to be Hindu majority country inspired and governed by her ancient ethos, it will die its natural death.

This is not just problem of the Indian sub-continent, but it is a global problem and approaching to frightening proportions in many European countries where non-muslim population has negative growth rate while Muslims are growing at the alarming rate due to their relatively higher breeding and immigration. Please see below the latest figures of the Global Muslim population growth since 1900 and its projection in 2100:
III.         Global Muslim Population

1900 12%
1992 18
2003 20

(Source: Spangler, The Decline of the West, cited by Samuel Huntington)

Looking at these figures, Nail Ferguson, a strategic analyst who teaches contemporary history at Harvard wrote in The Sunday Times, London, April 2004, “… in another 50 years time Europe is likely to become a Muslim-majority continent…”. Or Europe will become “Eurabia” in 2100. This is the worst kind of terrorism and has to be dealt with an iron hand.   

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