Those who fear demons have no right to worship Durga – Tarun Vijay

published on October 1, 2009

Tarun Vijay inaugurated the first day Manthan on nationalism

Those who fear demons have no right to worship Durga-

India’s nationality is Sanatan Dharma as was envisioned by Sri Aurobindo-says Tarun Vijay, noted thinker and Director, Dr. Mookerjee Foundation

A history of sorts was created at the JNU campus when Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad held a unique discussion on the first day of Navratra on the 19th September 2009 at Periyar hall in the JNU. The chief speaker was noted thinker and renowned journalist Shri Tarun Vijay who mesmerized the students with his invigorating speech on the cultural nationalism and the Dharma of student community in the task of national rejuvenation.

In a public meet of full house organized by ABVP (JNU unit), on a very auspicious occasion of the first day of ‘Navaratra’ Sri Tarun Vijay made the students of the university feel the fiery spark of Nationalism, establishing that every country has its own characteristics and civilisational moors.  Along which it develops and prospers and for India it is non-other than the ‘cultural nationalism’.

In his over an  hour long speech, he touched upon a number of references to bring out multilateral vigorous dimensions of Indian Nationalism. Quoting Sri Auribindo he said that ‘nationality of India lies in Sanatan Dharma’. India is not  simply a conglomeration or compilation of rocks, rivers, buildings or roads but it is live Bhawani Bharati,  Maa Durga, hence unlike other nations who call their birth-land as fatherland we relate ourselves with  Bharat Bhumi as her children and proudly call it as Motherland.

He said that nationalism for us is not merely a political programme;contrarily it is a way of life, a Dharma  for us, that has come from Vedic rishis. Nationalism is a creed, which we shall have to live.Bharat that is India remains our supreme God and we must live to justify our belonging to her.

He said that due to colonial mindset and hangover, historians have adopted the ill habit of maligning our own glorious history. The most notorious amongst such Indian heritage haters are the communists who have distorted the glorious past of the nation to suit their mentors abroad and prove their extra territorial loyalties. He said we celebrate Vijayadashmi because Ram had returned to Ayodhya after annihilation of the unrepentant wicked forces represented by  Dashanan Ravan. He is not worshipped because he made a compromise with the evil. His stature id highest in our heart and soul because he never compromised even at the cost of a 14 years long Vanavas-exile and he organized peoples’ Shakti to end the cruel rule of the barbarians. The significance of ‘returning to Ayodhya’ leaving behind the attractions of the Golden and prosperous  Lanka is to be understood in today’s circumstances when the lure of the lucre is deviating people from the hard path of ideological commitment.

He said that like  Rama’s return to Ayodhya, all Indians will have to return to their Chiti, meaning the core values of Sanatan Dharma which ha s a universal mnessage of peace, mutual coexistence and a respect for the nature.

Through  spiritually inspired  nationalism and divinity of motherland we develop a close and affectionate relationship with nature. We are a civilization, which has never been an exploiter of nature. Our holy land Bharat whose religion is Bharatiyata has three pillars ‘Karuna,means compassion,  Maitri means harmonious relationship, and kshama’,means being good to all except the wicked.While the  Western culture is  based on brutal state power and intolerance for the different view point. He exemplified it with, citing post Columbus massacres in America.

Explaining the basic principles of  ‘Integral Humanism’ the core philosophy given by Pt. Deendayal Upadhyay, he said that all atrocities, sorrows and miseries that we face today is because we have alienated ourselves from social concerns and turned individualistic entities, which is a complete reversal of our philosophy of life,which is largely based on collective and communitarian mode of life.

Questioning the moral and ideological stand of communists, he said that their belief system has been of based on intolerance, resulting in inhuman killings,and unprecedented massacres from the regime of Stalin to Mao and Pol Pot. Their history has been  a pathetic story of
inhuman, barbaric actions in Russia, China, Cambodia and Vietnam. How can they justify the brutal killings of common poor people, teachers and young mothers in the name of any ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ or any kind of so called ideology of socialism. They have never been loyal to this great Indian nation. Over two hundred fifty of senior communist leaders were were charged with sedition and jailed in the aftermath of 1962’ war with China when China had attacked us while on the other hand RSS swyamsevaks were invited by the Pt. Nehru’s government to join the republic day parade in full RSS uniform as recognition of their patriotic services to the motherland. That’s the difference we must understand.

We are also the sons of Gurugovind Singh, Jhalkari Bai , Lakshami Bai and Shivaji, whose blood runs through our arteries and muscles of our arms and at any cost we can’t let our Nation look down from any foreign ideological invasion.Be a proud Indian citizen, going beyond the differences of religion, caste or creed and let the Bhagwa flutter over  the defeat of the red terrorists.

The hall reverberated with the slogans of Vande Mataram and Bharat mata ki Jai and it was an unprecedented celebration of Indian values after a long time in JNU.

Shri Praveen garg, reader in Shradhananda College and President of Delhi state ABVP presided over the meeting. He said in his presidential address about how the ABVP took roots in the JNU and it’s the hard work and ideological commitment of the workers that has shown us the continous strenghthening to he unit in this campus.

Shri Rajesh Ranjan, President of the JNU unit of ABVP welcomed the students. After the programme all the students went to offer puja at the Durga Pandal, established in the campus after a long drawn battle
with the so-called secularists.

Report by

Santosh Pathak, Vice President, ABVP, JNU.

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