Think Globally, and suffer Locally

published on May 3, 2012

Think Globally, and Suffer Locally. This could be the moral of our “Motherland”. I spent gruesome two months in India and met several thousand, unorganized, panic stricken Hindus. The scene I have witnessed in Lucknow, Ray Bareli, Amethi, Bhopal, Bihar, Orissa, Kerala and Tamil Nadu almost too difficult to comprehend and too pitiless to bear.

The ravages of corruption, Islamic appeasement, special privileges for Muslims and Christians, nepotism, criminal acts by mafia and subversive agents, too much consumerism, gang activities of the Sonia goons, are like symptoms of a vaster social dementia, caused by, among other things, the iron domination of the Italian born Catholic and uneducated Sonia Maino government. Criminal politicians are looting public wealth with no impunity. I could see the slow melting of Hindus into a financial and social stew. Hindu unity, solidarity and political activism are disappearing fa Hindu spiritual leaders ask the public to be tolerant and think globally. The Marxist intellectuals, phony secular liberals, and the anti national Media are talking about global economy, promoting Capitalism and Consumerism, Islamic appeasement, minority rights, Hindu fundamentalism than about looting of public funds by criminal politicians and government corruption. Coercive religious conversion, Jihadi terrorism, subversive activities, Maoists violence, illegal drug abuse, excessive consumerism, crime, of dysfunction, and despair are visible all over our Motherland. The madness stalking defenseless Hindus may eventually affect the whole of India. The economy is in bad shape. Jihadis and converted Christians have corned the political and economic power at the center and in many states. In several states, Hindus are fast becoming a minority. Whenever our collective attention and cultural commitment wanders, miscreants, criminals, vagabonds and social misfits take over our country. Hindus must unite, organize and a social, political revolution must be mounted. Hindus must get rid of tolerance, the concept all religions are the same, passivity, apathy, indifference and overcome denial. Attention must be paid. Or else.

Vicious circle is not an adequate term to explain it all. The rich Muslims and Converted Christians grab political power, amass wealth and Hindus are thinking globally and detached from politics. The life of unorganized Hindus is pathetic. They silently suffer from ghoulish violence, kidnapping, terrorism, public corruption and Islamic domination. It has reached into overarching historical patterns of Islamic invasion and Christian colonization.

Are the social plague and nightmares nearly inevitable and eradication well-nigh nearly impossible? Yes, it is possible to kick out criminal politicians, stop Jihadi terrorism, public corruption, provided Hindus are politically active and assertive. Hindus are organizing. But there is lack of coordination. Hindus are still a majority in India. A photon of cheer at the end of this grim tunnel may emerge toward the end. Thanks to tireless efforts by Sri Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat, Dr. Subramanian Swami, Swami Ram Dev and Dr. Togadia. They are working hard to revitalize Hindus and brighten up the prospects. At the same time the media (print and TV) are preparing bootstraps for Hindu leaders. The Media is playing in an unequal land. The Media cannot go far or very long if Hindus are becoming politically active and assertive. Phony liberals, Marxist intellectuals, and the Media pundits have shown no character, courage, or conscience.

Hindus must get rid of tolerance and passivity, non judgmental attitude and become politically active and behave with self-esteem. Hindus have to confront media hypocrisy, lying and cheating. Why media are for Islamic appeasement and endorse foreign dominated Sonia Maino government? The fact is that Hindus have caved in, dumped down their expectations and social values and morality. The abdication of responsibility is called tolerance and thinking globally. Any Hindu leaders who dares defend social standards and ethics risks relentless attacks in order to find some flaws or inconsistency that can be used against him to nullify the message. The epithet of “hypocrite” is hurled at people who are unafraid to make judgments based on a set of standards by the media people who have no standards at all. Yet this fact is rarely observed, much less commented by the media and others.

The truth is that Hindus have been electing and re-electing criminal politicians again and again. Indian parliament has several criminal politicians as MPs and Ministers. They have no moral standards, lapsed in his or her journey because of character flaws, criminal activity, corruption, impulsiveness and emotional immaturity. Why should Hindu majority have to tolerate these deviants and criminals? The media never call them as Hypocrites.

I wish the Media pundits (Print and TV) who scream “Hypocrites” would at least know what they are talking about. A Hypocrite is one whose words and deeds are lies constructed for pretense-with the sole intention of generating a positive opinion towards him or herself. Sonia Maino is a Hypocrite but the media in India never expose her superficial and unreal, corrupt behavior or dishonest expression of her intent.

Having once lived in India and now as an NRI, I have every right to disavows on moral and ethical grounds on what is happening in India. I find it remarkable that so called leaders in Radio TV or in Print, who blatantly espouse or produce vulgarity and viciousness against Hindus. They are not only tolerated in India but encouraged by the masses. The toxicity they spread is ignored or tolerated and treated as amusing. They never fear any retribution. That may explain why this disgusting public discourse is wrapped and excused as press freedom and tolerance of Hindus. The Hindus never feel threatened by the darker side of their sinister plans.

Hindu leaders, spiritual masters and Acharayas who dare to challenge or question that darker side and the sinister plans are attacked by criminal politicians and the anti Hindu media. Their voices of our Hindu heroes and nationalist leaders should be heard, not objects of derision and disrespect.

Why Hindus are afraid to stand up against Jihidis, foreign subversive agents, ant national media and criminal politicians? The most typical factor has to do with is fear, an actual fear of standing up for what’s right. Hindus legitimately fear being ostracized, bullied, attacked, hurt or, perhaps worse, murdered by Jihadis and agents of Sonia. This irrational fear allows Jihadis and the anti national criminal politicians to continue looting our wealth and destruction of our country.

While it is painful that our Hindu society seems so determined to demoralize itself and in the name of tolerance, tolerate intolerant people and intolerant ideology, there is even deeper problem: the growing reluctance to publically acknowledge and stand up against corruption, crime, Jihadi terrorism, coercive religious conversion, public looting and other wrong doing and wrong doers. There is a general willingness to tolerate all these nonsense in the name of universalism and global thinking. We need strong Hindus to clang the warning bell. We also need Hindus to listen, be politically active and must act decisively

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