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via HK Correspondent published on April 4, 2009

Nation’s security and citizen’s life are now in the hands of terrorists


The revelation that underworld done Chota Shakil, lieutenant of Dawood Ibrahim. gave orders to Rashid Malbari, a sharp shooter in his gang, to eliminate Varum Gandhi has been very shocking, but the media controlled by the government and the anti-Hindu lobbies have played down the news item which otherwise could have remained in electronic and print media as a live item for a couple of days. Details of the telephone conversation between Chota Shakil on March 15(1 minute 25 seconds), March 18(23 seconds) and March 21(36 seconds) beyond any doubt demonstrate the way things are happening in India and how powerful and fearless the enemies of the country are. The telephone calls have come from Karachi and the directive was to finish Varun on 28 March while he was traveling to the court. Rashid Malbari was hesitant to carry out that mission but he was motivated by promising all out support including vehicles, AK 47 rifles, and bullets arranged to come from Ghaziabad. Rashid Malbari during the course of their telephone conversation reminded Shakil about the need to eliminate Ram Sena fame Muthalik as well, but the directive from Shakil was to deal with Varun first.


Based on the tip off from intelligence agencies, Karnataka police arrested Rashid Malbari and four of his associates from Mangalapuram or else they would have carried out the attack as planned. Following the arrest of Malbari and his associates, the Deputy Inspector General of Hosur disclosed that a local newspaper office on Tuesday received a telephone call, claiming to be from `D-Company’ threatening about series bomb blasts if Rashid Malbari and his associates are not released from custody immediately.


Under usual circumstances, a news item like this should have figured as top item in election campaign speeches. But congress and the communist are so much obliged to the minority community that they even fear to talk about this issue. Not only that, they are aware that any mention about this issue amount to exposing law and order situation in the country. Is it not a catastrophe that any one that dares to talk about the atrocities committed on Hindus or any one who raises a finger about the high handedness of a section in the Muslim community shall be eliminated by giving an open challenge! It is said that even now over 40 police officials are deployed to protect Bal Thackeray, but can this nation afford such things and why is it like this? Is it possible to protect over 85% of this country’s population in that manner?


This could come to an end only when the Muslims in the country who always cry about their rights and liberties bestowed by constitution behave like true Indians  and throw an open challenge to the so called terrorists and their supporters. They must come out in the streets and proclaim to the ever tolerant majority community in the country that they belong to this land and they shall eliminate any one who plot to destroy the sovereignty of this nation. Such a thing has never happened in this country, but that is the need of the hour. Their solidarity should not be for a demolished monument, but for strengthening the very fabric of this country. Think of it brothers and act without delay. Your silence all these years amounts to your total support to the destruction going on in this country where over 22 major terrorist attacks have taken place in recent years. Remember, magnanimity has its limit too and treating it as weakness shall be a grave mistake.

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