They stoop to conquer

via published on February 2, 2007

They stoop to conquer



Falsehood has an infinity of combinations, but truth has only one mode of being – Rousseau

        Michel Eyquem de Montaigne (1533 – 1592) was one of the most influential writers of the French Renaissance. Montaigne is known for popularizing the essay. He became famous for his effortless ability to merge serious intellectual speculation with casual anecdotes, political satire and autobiography – and his massive volume Essais (translating literally as ‘Attempts’) contains, to this day, some of the most widely influential essays ever written. Montaigne had a direct influence on writers the world over, from Shakespeare to Emerson, from Nietzsche to Rousseau. In one of his essays he wrote : ‘If falsehood had, like truth, but one face only we should be upon better terms ; for we should then take the contrary to what the liar says for certain truth ; but the reverse of truth hath a hundred figures, and it is a field indefinite without bound or limit.’ The Congress party under the stranglehold of its global aSatyagraghi of non-Indian origin seems to derive its massively shallow political strength from these immortal words of Montaigne.

        In these columns, I have been writing about the disgraceful un-Gandhian aSatyagraha International Conference in New Delhi to commemorate the Centenary of Mahatma Gandhi’s launching of his first Satyagraha campaign in South Africa in September 1906. The Congress is under the pseudo-secular delusion that this aSatyagraha International Conference surpasses in historical significance the French Revolution of 1789, the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the Chinese Revolution of 1949.

        Even as I am recovering from the impact of the spiritual ecstasy created by the contrived political magic of aSatyagraha International Conference in New Delhi, I am thrilled to note that the Congress has decided to screen the film PARZANIA in Gujarat after the distributors showed reluctance in screening it. This film has been directed by Rahul Dholakia. It is on the Gujarat riots that broke out after the planned and merciless killing of innocent Hindu men, women and children in a railway compartment by a mob of Islamic terrorists at Godhra railway station in 2002. Ever since then several so called ‘distinguished’ and ‘front rank’ men and women in the secular mafia of mass media, cleverly modulated and controlled by the Congress party, have been working day and night to sell their hardware of orchestrated falsehood about the post-Godhra violence in Gujarat. Like the axioms of Euclid’s

        geometry, their pseudo-secular axioms are : a) Muslims of Gujarat, like the Muslims in the rest of India are peace loving, compassionate, always radiating love towards their Hindu neighbours. They are as peace-loving and compassionate as the humane Muslims of Pakistan. b) All the Hindus of Gujarat are known terrorists who can put an Osama Bin Laden to shame, if not on the run. c) The only political party that can save the life, limb and property of the minorities in Gujarat and the rest of India is the Congress party under the leadership of its supremo of Italian origin who has gloriously succeeded in transcending the political and spiritual sacrifice of Mahatma Gandhi in this very tortuous, very troublesome and dangerous quick-sand field of ecstatic minority appeasement d) Quite unlike all the known international Islamic compassion (wrongly identified as terrorist ) outfits, and Indian Islamic compassion and brotherhood outfits, the RSS and the VHP are the most dangerous and communal terrorist organisations in the world. e) Narendra Modi is mainly responsible for misleading Osama Bin Laden and his compassionate compatriots f) Only innocent Muslims ?? and Muslims alone ?? were killed mercilessly after the Godhra incident and no Hindu was ever attacked or killed.

        These great ideas and ideals rooted in the timeless varities of universal truth and brotherhood (with its planned and wicked exclusion of terrorist Hindus in majority in India as a whole!! ) were marketed by the mainline print media ( great English newspapers like Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Hindu etc etc ) and TV mass media (NDTV and CNN-IBN TV) in the whole of India and abroad. Great journalistic soldiers and public luminaries for the deathless cause of truth like Teesta Setalvad, Harsh Mander, Arundhathi Roy, Aruna Roy ?? the Voltaire and Rousseau of India that is not Bharat ?? contributed their unsurpassed intellectual mite (might not excluded!!!) in the Congress sponsored crusade for the cause of truth that can better be described as orchestrated falsehood. A Riot Vulture like Arundhathi Roy, who wrote an exaggerated piece of the gory rape of a Muslim girl in Ahmedabad, was later found to be living safely in the distant USA, at the time of rape. So much for the credentials of our great secular celebrities in the mass media being fully backed up by the UPA government and the Congress party!

        All these great, super-human and Himalayan efforts to market unabashed falsehood as cardinal truth have been put to global shame in the realm of cosmic falsehood by the new film PARZANIA. I had the unique good fortune of watching this movie two days ago. This will put Goebbels and Goehring and Hitler to shame. The movie is supposedly based on a true story. It revolves around a hardworking, middle class, Parsi family who lose their 10 year old son in the Gujarat violence, following Godhra carniage. The theme revolves around the consequences of communal violence and how innocent, non-violent, peace-loving minority communities in Gujarat are subjected to untold misery and violence by ‘fundamentalist, Hindutva forces’. While the narrative rotates around the family’s desperate search for the missing son, the film maker’s interest seems to be deep rooted and politically motivated. The movie makes no bones about its political stance and follows the standard brand official Congress-Left story line. And to this extent the movie is nothing but a political propaganda ? irrespective of what one might think and regardless of what the artificially assembled facts might suggest.

        The story’s narrator is Alax, an alcoholic American, who visits Gujarat to study Gandhi’s philosophy. The main points/arguments of the story are spelt out through his narrative (voice-over narration). So what’s the storyline? The ‘Hindutva’ supporters are communal fascists and bad guys. This essentially means that all the Hindus of India are communal. The minorities, especially the Muslims, are peace-loving, hard working individuals, minding their own business. The majority Hindus are communal fundamentalists engaged in ethnic cleansing of minorities. The spiritual depth of the depraved Congress propaganda movie can be seen from this trivial example. According to the film, the reason for Hindu’s hatred for Muslims is that the Hindus are intolerant about the Muslims supporting the Pakistani cricket team!!!! So much for the great depth of the story.

        The movie suggests that Narendra Modi instigated the violence through his televised ‘hate speech’. In one baffling scene – a group of Muslims, angered by the violence and killing, decide to take revenge. As the young Muslims are preparing Bombs, the Leader of the Muslim Group is challenged by his Wife. The diologue: The Wife pleads with her husband to give up arms, not to retaliate and think about the consequences of the revenge.

        The Muslim husband/leader realizes his mistake. Few scenes later he is shown appearing at a hearing of the Human Rights Commission. What are the unanswered questions ?

        How did the Muslim youth learn to make the bombs so quickly, with such expertise? After all, according to this movie, these people are supposed to be innocent, hardworking, poor/middle class people minding their own business??? The movie closes with the details of the Human Rights Commission hearing – where the witnesses change their stand like clothes!!!

        The grand pseudo-secular finale is this. The movie narrator(Alax) closes by saying that the Government that supported the violence was thrown out of power in Delhi in 2004 (referring to the General Elections) – poetic justice indeed – so the movie wants the audience to think. But the truth is that Narendra Modi returned with a thumping majority immediately after the Gujarat violence and the minority loving, Islam-embracing , Christianity-coveting and Hindu-hating Congress was trounced in a resounding manner, not so much by Narendra Modi but by the people of Gujarat.

        I have derived the title of this story from Oliver Goldsmith’s play SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER which was staged on 15 March, 1773, at the Covent Garden Theatre, London. The play is a great favourite for study by English literature classes in Britain. It is one of the few plays from the 18th century to have an enduring appeal, and is still regularly performed today. It has been adapted into a film several times, including in 1914 and 1923. Initially the play was titled ‘Mistakes of a Night’, indeed the events within the play happen during the very limited timeframe of one night. In essence, the play is a farce and Comedy of errors, based on multiple misunderstandings. The Congress sponsored drama of Stooping to Conquer on the other hand, is based on a tragi – comedy of blatantly chosen falsehoods, based on a hierarchy of contrived frauds. The movie Parzania is their trouthful and faithful mouthpiece.

        The words of the brilliant American journalist Walter Lippmann are very relevant here : ‘It is sophistry to pretend that in a free country a man has some sort of inalienable or constitutional right to deceive his fellowmen. It may be inexpedient to arraign every public liar, as we try to arraign other swindlers …. But, in principle, there can be no immunity for lying in any of its protean forms’.

        After watching the Congress- supported, if not Congress-sponsored, movie Parzania, I can clearly see that the whole effort has been driven by highly cultivated barbarians, by technically trained primitives, by uniformed cannibals for the credulous International, liberal multitude outside India who go out of their way not to understand India and her people.

        (The writer is a retired IAS officer)

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