They have the blood of innocent Indians on their hands

via H Balakrishnan published on October 10, 2010

Frankly, I don’t blame the Muslims for their ‘sullen spirits’ post the verdict of 30 Sep. The blame for getting them into ‘ this mindset ‘ lies elsewhere. In fact they have been nurtured on a diet of ‘ negationism ‘ of India’s medieval history. Bluntly put, they have been fed on a diet of  ‘ whitewashed history ‘ of our past. Time is at hand to bring this false depiction of our History to light, for the greater good of our dear country.

In an excellent foreword to a well researched treatise on communal riots, entitled ” Riots & Wrongs “, written by a former IB official RNP Singh, the former DGP Punjab Police, KPS Gill wrote:  “  Much of the ‘ secular ‘ discourse in India has been based on a ‘ politically correct ‘ refusal to confront the nature of religious communities and institutions, and their past and present activities; and on the ‘ fiction ‘ that  ‘ all religions are equal ‘, and that their inherent message is the same. While such a perspective may be useful in dousing transient fires between communities, it cannot even begin to address the sources of such historical conflagrations. The truth is, unless communities acknowledge reality – warts and all – and recognize the transgressions of their own history within a constructive context, no real solution to the issues of communal polarization and violence in India can be brought about”.


And, if the foregoing was not enough, here is an ‘ insider’s ‘ point of view on the same subject. On 08 Oct 2006, the Kanada daily – Vijay Karnataka – carried an ‘ Opinion ‘ by well known educationist & author Dr S.L.Bhyrappa. Incidentally, he is the author of the best selling ‘Aavarna’ (in Kanada), which depicts the wanton destruction by the Islamic invaders of the aesthetic beauty of the Vijayanagar Empire, in a ‘ fiction ‘ form. Much like Dan Brown’s ‘Da Vinci Code’. Here are excerpts from his ‘Opinion’ :

 I was selected as one of the five members of the committee. In the first meeting Mr. Parthasarathy, the Chairman of the committee had explained the purpose of the committee in his diplomatic polite language:  ” it is our duty not to sow the seeds of thorns in the minds of the growing children which will shape up as barriers for the national integration. Such thorns are mostly seen in the history lessons. E” During 1969-70, the Central Government under Smt. Indira Gandhi, with a
mission to integrate the nation through education had established a
committee under the Chairmanship of G.Parthasarathy, a diplomat and was
very close to Nehru-Gandhi family. At that time I was a reader in
Educational Philosophy at NCERT andven we can find them occasionally in the language and social science lessons. We have to weed out such thorns. We have to include only such thoughts which will inculcate the concept of national integration in the minds of the children. This committee has this great responsibility on it.”

Dr. Bhyrappa told  ” You gave examples of Kashi and Mathura. Even today every year lakhs of people go to these places from all nooks and corners of the country as pilgrims. They can see very clearly the huge mosques built using the same walls, pillars and columns of the demolished temples, they can also see a recently built cow shed like structure in a corner, behind the mosque, representing their temple. All these pilgrims are distressed to witness such awful structures. They describe the plight of their temples to their relatives after they return home. Whether this can create national integration? One can hide the history in the school texts. But can we hide such facts when these children go on excursions? The researchers have listed more than thirty thousand such ruined temples in India. Can we hide them all? . . . . .”

Countering G.Parthasarathy, Bhyrappa stated : “  Sir, the categorization on the lines of majority and minority would itself result in the division of the society or that would be a strategy to divide the society. This idea of ‘seeds of poison’ is prejudiced. Why should the minority think that Gazni Mohammed, Aurangzeb are their own people? Mughal kingdom was destroyed by the religious bigotry of Aurangzeb. Mughal kingdom was at its pinnacle because of Akbar’s rules for religious harmony, can’t we teach such lessons to the children without offending the historical truths? Before teaching the lessons to be learnt from the history, should we not explain the historical truths? These ideals of hiding history are influenced by the politics. This trend will not last long. Whether they are minority or majority, if the education does not impart the intellectual power to face the truth and the resultant emotional maturity then such education is meaningless and also dangerous.” I said.

And, that is precisely the central theme in the Belgian scholar, Dr.Koenraad Elst‘s ‘excellent’ – ” Negationism in India: Concealing the Record of Islam “, Voice of India, New Delhi, (1992), (second reprint & enlarged edition – 2002), (pp-106).

Dr.Elst wrote : ” Since about 1920 an effort has been going on in India to rewrite history and to deny the millennium-long attack of Islam on Hinduism. Today, most politicians and  English – writing intellectuals in India will go out of their way to condemn any public reference to this long and painful conflict in the strongest terms. They will go to any length to create the illusion of a history of communal amity between Hindus and Muslims. Making people believe in a history of Hindu-Muslim amity is not an easy task: the number of victims of the persecutions of Hindus by Muslims is easily of the same order of magnitude as that of the Nazi extermination policy, though no one has yet made the effort of tabulating the reported massacres and proposing a reasonable estimate of how many millions exactly must have died in the course of the Islamic campaign against Hinduism (such research is taboo). On top of these there is a similar number of abductions and deportations to harems and slave-markets, as well as centuries of political oppression and cultural destruction”.

” The American historian Will Durant summed it up like this: “The Islamic conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. It is a discouraging tale, for its evident moral is that civilization is a precious good, whose delicate complex of order and freedom, culture and peace, can at any moment be overthrown by barbarians invading from without or multiplying within “.

Dr.Elst states that the ‘genocide’ of the Hindus (Kafirs), during the Islamic rule is comparable to the ‘HOLOCAUST’ of the Jews by Hitler’s Nazi Germany : ” As a contribution to research on the quantity of the Islamic crimes against humanity, we may mention Prof. K.S.Lal’s estimates about the population figures in medieval India (Growth of Muslim Population in India). According to his calculations, the Indian (subcontinent) population  decreased by 80 million between 1000 (conquest of Afghanistan) and 1525 (end of Delhi Sultanate). More research is needed before we can settle for a quantitatively accurate evaluation of Muslim rule in India, but at least we know for sure that the term crime against humanity is not exaggerated”.

Dr. Elst’s research has pointed the ‘needle of blame’ to :
(a) – The Indian National Congress ,
(b) – Arun Shourie’s “Eminent Historians”, and,
(c) The ‘secular’ English media.

Dr. Elst then highlights the ‘ techniques of negationism ‘ employed by these entities : ” India has its own full-fledged brand of negationism: a movement to deny the large-scale and long-term crimes against humanity committed by Islam. This movement is led by Islamic apologists and Marxist academics, and followed by all the politicians, journalists and intellectuals who call themselves secularists. In contrast to the European negationism regarding the Nazi acts of genocide, but similar to the Turkish negationism regarding the Armenian genocide, the Indian negationism regarding the terrible record of Islam is fully supported by the establishment. It has nearly full control of the media and dictates all state and government parlance concerning the communal problem (more properly to be called the Islam problem)”.

” Its techniques are essentially the same as those of negationists elsewhere :
(a) Head-on denial;
(b) Ignoring the facts;
(c) Minimizing the facts:
(d) Whitewashing;
(e) Playing up unrepresentative facts;
 (f) Denying the motive;
(g) Smokescreen;
(h) Blaming fringe phenomena;
(i) Arguments ad hominem and,
(j) Slogans “.

Self explanatory , and as the ‘don’ of Baker Street would put it : ” Elementary, dear Watson ” !

Next, we come to the ‘Aam Aadmi Party’ – ‘ negationist ‘ par excellence, as gleaned in Dr.Bhyrappa’s ‘Opinion’ above. Dr. Elst wrote : ” The political context of the frist attempts at negationism was chiefly the attempt of the independence movement, led by the Indian National Congress, to eliminate all factors of disunity between Hindus and Muslims. It was the time of the Khilafat movement (1919-23), the agitation of Indian Muslims against the British take-over of the Islamic sacred places from the deceased Ottoman empire. The khilafatists demanded the restoration of the Ottoman caliph’s authority over the sacred places. Congress saw in this the occasion to enlist the Muslims in the national freedom struggle against the same British imperialists . – – – With Nehru, negationmism became the official line of the Indian National Congress, and after Independence also of the Indian state and government”.

(URL :

Dr.Bhyrappa added further : ” Indira Gandhi had one and only aim of retaining the power, so she needed the support of communists to crush the Jansangh and the old guards of Congress like Morarji Desai, Nijalingappa, Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy, Kamraj and others. Communists knew pretty well that they cannot occupy the seat of power directly, so they devised a plan so that at least their theories would capture the seat of power. Therefore Indira Gandhi helped them to enter and occupy the posts in the universities, media, ICHR, NCERT etc. Communist Russia also pressurized to tread this path. Nehru and his daughter had become so close to Russia  that they were not in a position to oppose her strongly.Communists somehow learnt the tactics from the dictatorial administration models of Russia and China to take the reins in their hands completely after occupying the vital places in the intellectual life of the country. However the lifeline of UPA government of Sonia Gandhi is in the hands of communists”.

And, don’t we know the disastrous consequences of such ‘appeasement’? It continues todate!!

As far as the ‘ Eminent Historians ‘ are concerned, Arun Shourie’s seminal ” Eminent Historians: Their Technology, Their Line, Their Fraud “, exposed these FRAUDS, once and for all !! As Shourie wrote about these ‘ Marxist Frauds ‘ :  ” But I am on the other point. Once they occupied academic bodies, once they captured universities and thereby determined what will be taught, which books will be prescribed, what questions would be asked, what answers will be acceptable, these “historians” came to decide what history had actually been! As it suits their current convenience and politics to make out that Hinduism also has been intolerant, they will glide over what Ambedkar says about the catastrophic effect that Islamic invasions had on Buddhism, they will completely suppress what he said of the nature of these invasions and of Muslim rule in his Thoughts on Pakistan, but insist on reproducing his denunciations of “Brahmanism,” and his view that the Buddhist India established by the Mauryas was systematically invaded and finished by Brahmin rulers”.

Again. ” Thus, they suppress facts, they concoct others, they suppress what an author has said on one matter even as they insist that what he has said on another be taken as gospel truth. And when anyone attempts to point out what had in fact happened, they raise a shriek: a conspiracy to rewrite history, they shout, a plot to distort history, they scream “.

(URL :

And, in the Ayodhya case, Justice Sudhir Aggarwal has ‘called their bluff decisively’ !! Many of these ‘ Eminent Frauds ‘ were ‘ star witnesses ‘ for the Sunni Waqf Board, whose petition has been ‘DISMISSED’ !! Do they have any locus standi any further ?

Lastly, here is Dr.Bhyrappa, about the ‘ English media ‘, in the above quoted Vijay Karnataka ‘Opinion’ : “  Media pretended silence when leftists occupied the education and history commissions, the departments of history, social science, literature and other subjects of the universities in our country. Leftists raised their voices when Murali Manohar Joshi from NDA government tried to bring the changes like Indianising the education, directing to mention the contributions of the ancient India to science while teaching science, advising to begin the day in the schools with Saraswathi Vandana. Even media projected them as great calamities. Congress members and the proponents of equality started a movement because they could visualize the rising storms in the country due to these changes. Nobody from these groups is objecting when Arjun Singh from the present UPA government is resurrecting the leftist agenda in its extreme form. Media, specially the English media, in fact is encouraging this trend “.

” Even media projected them as great calamities “. Here is an example from Shourie’s  ” Eminent Historians “.

” ‘RATIONAL vs NATIONAL’, screamed the headline of the new pall – bearer of secularism, the magazine OUTLOOK. Fresh evidence available with OUTLOOK reveals that NOT ONLY has the ICHR been packed with sympathizers, the story announced, but a new statement of objectives or resolution has been added, changing certain key words from the original Memorandum of Association of 1972, legitimized by an Act of Parliament. While the
original Memorandum of Association states that ICHR’s aims would be to give ‘rational’ direction to historical research and foster ‘ an objective and scientific writing of history’, the new resolution, which will be included in the GAZETTE of INDIA, states that ICHR now seeks to give a ‘national’ direction to an ‘objective and national presentation of history’. ?So, ‘RATIONAL’ has been CHANGED TO ‘ NATIONAL’, and ‘SCIENTIFIC’ too has

Shourie investigated this ‘secular cacophony’. ” Having been educated by THE HINDU that the ‘nodal ministry’ for the matter was the Ministry of Human Resources Development, I rang up the SECRETARY of that Ministry. Has the Memorandum of Association of the ICHR been changed?, I asked. NO, he said. IT HAS NOT BEEN CHANGED, he said “.

On a request from ARUN SHOURIE, the Secretary in the Union Ministry of Human Resources Development, traced the RESOLUTIONS of the EARLIER YEARS-UPTO 1978. AND-EACH OF THEM CARRIED THE SAME WORDS!!  “ The research of the Secretary and his colleagues established that- to reproduce the word of the Secretary used- the whole mystery had arisen from a ‘TYPOGRAPHICAL ERROR’: some typist banging away on his typewriter some TWENTY YEARS AGO typed ‘RATIONAL’ as ‘NATIONAL’! As each typist, when asked to type the subsequent Resolution, COPIED THE PRECEDING ONE, THAT WORD CONTINUED TO BE TYPED AS ‘NATIONAL’ YEAR AFTER YEAR!! THE LEFTISTS INFERRED NO CONSPIRACY. But lo and behold, now that a BJP Government was in power, inferring conspiracies- to use their favourite phrase- WAS A HISTORICAL NECESSITY. IT WAS OBJECTIVE HISTORY! IT WAS PROGRESSIVE METHODOLOGY “!!  (pp: 3-6)

And. coming to the ‘ reporting ‘ by the ‘ secular ‘ English media during the ASI excavations in 2003, Dr.Elst has neatly chronicled them in his  ” Ayodhya: The Finale “.  As Dr.Elst, humourously put it :  ” After the ASI had been registering new findings for months, a handful on Monday, one on Tuesday, several on Wednesday, the world learned to its surprise that the final tally somehow amounted to zero “. Here are some of the ‘spins’ :

(a) ” No proof of structure in Ayodhya: ASI report “, according to (11 June 2003) The article confidently asserts that ” the report also contradicts the Ground Penetration  Radar survey”, but it doesn’t quote the ASI report.  It only quotes Zafaryab Jilani,  counsel for the Muslim claimant to the site, the Sunni Central Waqf Board, who alleges  that ” the ASI report does not speak about any such evidence”.

(b) ” According to The Asian Age (11 June 2003), ” The ASI team that conducted excavations at the disputed site where the demolished Babari masjid once stood in Ayodhya has not found any proof of a structure”.  However, when you take the trouble of reading the subsequent fine print, you discover that this paper admits that while the radar findings of structural remains of a pre-Masjid structure were not confirmed at some indicated
spots, they were confirmed at others.  Yet the title falsely sums this up as: “Nothing found below Babri site: ASI”.

(c) ” The Marxist-controlled Chennai daily The Hindu of 11 June likewise lets out the truth indirectly: the ASI ” is reported to have said in its progress report that no structural anomalies suggesting the evidence [sic; existence?] of any structure under the demolished Babri Masjid had been found in 15 of the new trenches dug up at the site”,–  but those 15 were not the only ones investigated.  So, at the very end of the article, there is an almost laconical addition: ” Structural anomalies were, however, detected in 15 other trenches, the report said.”  But the impression the paper seeks to convey, is  summed up in the title: “‘No evidence of structures in some trenches'”.  It is as if someone is hit by two bullets, one scratching his arm but the other lethally penetrating his heart, and a newspaper reports: ” Man shot at, unharmed by one of the bullets”.

(d) ” Likewise, the Times of India of 11 June announced that there was absolutely definitely no sign whatsoever at all of a pre-Babri structure: “ASI finds no proof of structure below Babri Masjid: report”.  Six days later, it still tried to keep up this version, now citing an unnamed “senior ASI official” who admitted finding new archaeological evidence such as sculptures and inscriptions but not the type
f structural evidence suggested by the radar scan: “But the structural bases so far do not lend credence to the mandir theory.”  Questioned further, he turns out not to base this belief on the new digging results but on older ones: “According to him, the theory of ‘a pre-existing temple because of structural bases’ has been demolished ‘convincingly’ over the years.  He points to the discovery of pillar bases by B.B. Lal in the mid-1970s during his excavation of Ramayana sites in Ayodhya and says: ‘It has not been found to be fit evidence for a temple’.” (Times of India, 17 June 2003)  This when B.B. Lal himself had confirmed that his findings do support the temple theory”.

The foregoing led Dr.Elst to conclude : “  Distorted or even totally false reporting on communally sensitive issues is a well-entrenched feature of Indian journalism.  There is no self-corrective mechanism in place to remedy this endemic culture of disinformation.  No reporter or columnist or editor ever gets fired or formally reprimanded or even just criticized by his peers for smearing Hindu nationalists.  This way, a partisan economy with the truth has become a habit hard to relinquish. Yet, in the instance under consideration, the brutal distortion of the facts pertaining to the recent archaeological findings may be a matter of more than just a bad habit.  Some people learn from their failures, but these disinformation specialists may also have learned from their successes “.  On the last point, mercifully, the ‘learned judges’ of the Lucknow Bench found out the truth !!

(URL :

Blogger Sandeep wrote : ” Lest it be misunderstood, this is not about Hindus versus Muslims as much as it is about a need to develop, preserve, and honour the historical sense. As it is, our kids are being fed toxic history and thousands of Hindus including me were victims of a syllabus calculated to deracinate a proud civilization and philosophy that has much to offer to the world. A syllabus and mindset that has produced the likes of Burqa Dutt, Turdesai, Mount Road Marx, and similar other stars of the secular milky way. A syllabus and mindset that has produced another variety that feels no need for history but prefers instead, to rely on shoddy atheism, the here-and-now mentality, which has spawned vast colonies of urban filth that needs Rama and our culture and traditions as objects of ridicule and means for self-gratification. And all of this on the basis of absolute ignorance. Most people pontificating on the “idea of India” don’t realize that a truly secular idea can be realized only under Hindu values.  The sooner this fact gains widespread currency the better it will be for the future of  this ancient nation “.

(URL :

To conclude, and in the context of the TNSE Article, how ‘prophetic’ of Shourie : ” The Muslim laity have been badly misled, and now been badly let down by those who set themselves up as their guardians and sole spokesmen. First, they created the scare that were any reasonable solution to be accepted on this matter, Islam would be endangered. Now they have failed to substantiate their rhetoric. Now that they seem to be finding excuses to withdraw from examining the evidence, we are liable to be plunged back into the vicious politics of manipulating politicians by tempting them with promises of delivering banks of votes — that is, the precise politics which has fermented the current reaction “.

To put it bluntly :  ” The Seculars “  BETWEEN ALL OF THEM – HAVE THE BLOOD OF INNOCENT INDIANS ON THEIR HANDS. NO MORE. NO LESS. That’s the ‘ NATIONAL TRAGEDY ‘. And, I hasten to add: The ‘secular’ English media in its present ‘Avatar’ is no instrument of National Integration.  Its ” TRPs ” stupid !!!



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