The US Panel at it again

via Dr Mrs Hilda Raja published on May 26, 2011

The news item of US panel seeking Modi’s probe came again as a shock. The US Commission of International Religious Freedom (USCRIF) has put India on the watch list. It is unhappy that justice for communal violence continues to be slow and ineffective. This is something the GOI should sit up because the USCRIF is interfering in the internal affairs of the country. It is a different sort of a terrorism of targeting Modi.In some way it is instigating anti-Modi sentiments and arousing hatred This is communal terrorism. Who is the USCIRF to point a finger at our judicial system and fault it for slowness and ineffectiveness? What does it want? Is this not a violation of our sovereignty and integrity of the country?

Does the USCRIF think that it is a super cop and can trample on our democratic rights? Let it keep its house clean.There is discrimination and anti-ethnic violence in the USA and other countries.Why does it always want to target Modi.It is none of its business because Modi is an elected Chief Minister of the country and has the mandate of the people. The Congress has its backdoor envoys through which it is engineering this blackmail and this will not work. The NGOs most of which are foreign funded keep feeding this anti-Modi grist to the USCIRF. Anything against Modi is sweet to the ears of the donor countries. Knowing this well the NGOs have upped their ante. It is one thing to proceed legally but it is another thing for a USCIRF to meddle with Indian affairs. This is not called for and is a blatant violation of the country’s integrity. Manmohan Singh and the GOI cannot allow the USCIRF to get away with this kind of biased and prejudicial statements.

The USCIRF is not bothered about the torture and the brutalities inflicted on the Sri Lankan Tamils,It had nothing to say on the Yagoon Junta,it is silent on the massacre of the Brahmin pundits in Kashmir, the persecution of minorities in Pakistan and Bangle Desh.These and more anti human and anti people violations the USCIRF silently watches or is not even aware of. Its business is only a single agenda-that is dislodging Modi-punish him for the Gujarat riots. This without even giving a thought and mention to the agony and the brutality in which 59 Hindus who were roasted and burned. It had no hind sight understanding of the Congress which had engineered a genocide against the Sikhs in which 30,000 Sikhs across the country were butchered.The USCIRF does not know perhaps that Gujarat riots is not the first of its kind.

All this does not mean that it has the right to invade this country’s sovereignty. But these are mentioned because it looks that globally it is only Modi which the USCIRF has marked as a culprit for the Gujarat riots. There has been greater number of people who through Warren Anderson’s act of negligence been dehumanized and deprived of human dignity-Through the USA’s Union Carbide’s callousness and carelessness and profit avarice had rendered people homeless, people have been killed, and others maimed and crippled. After 20 years the surviving ones are carrying on with their mult-ailments and penury lives. It is this country which wants to stone Modi. Why not arraign Warren Anderson for Justice? Why pick and chose cases for Justice. Warren Anderson is very much in the USA and the injustice organization of the USA has not rendered justice to those whom it deprived. He who has not sinned let him throw the first stone. This the USCIRF must be well aware of. All lives are unique-one cannot make a case only for lives of a particular religious community.

We the people of India know about Modi and the Indian judiciary with all its weakness is equipped to deal with the matter. The Congress party of India can keep its leaders silent because they sent powerful messages Be it P.Chidamabaram or Kapil Sibal who rush in to praise the discredited cop Sanjiv Bhatt because he has given evidence against Modi after 9 years of silence betray the Congress party’s over reach to get at Modi. So one has to infer that the Congress party has its extended private foot soldiers and over seas agencies through which it is trying to target Modi. All for the same of political power. No wonder its Indian extensions through the NGOs are in the National Advisory Council. The design is sinister and clear .Modi is the only stumbling block for the Congress and it is unable to dislodge him. Well no matter what the Congress party and its over seas private bodies try the people of Gujarat shall not allow Modi to be dislodged because they know the truth and Truth will triumph.

The US Commission on International Religious Freedom is being discriminatory- and is anti religious and anti-India. It is a Christian organization and seems to be against Hindus. Thus it has no credentials and credibility to be fair and it has no legal status to violate India ’s sovereignty and integrity. Let it stop this sort of religious terrorism in the name of International Religious Freedom. It cannot teach India what Religious Freedom is all about.

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