The UPA shenanigans from Malegon to Mumbai

via HARAN.B.R published on December 22, 2008

Pakistan is doing to India precisely what UPA has done to Hindus


Yes! The UPA created a nonexistent ‘Hindu Terror’ with a motive of diluting the fight against Jihad, and in the process, it maligned Hindu religious leaders and Army officers implicating them in the Malegon blasts without any concrete admissible evidences in spite of a marathon two-month investigation by the Maharashtra ATS. The ATS also attempted to implicate them in the Samjhauta train blasts, which was clearly the handiwork of terrorists belonging to SIMI. This misadventure by the UPA helped Pakistan to defend itself against India’s charges and also paved the way for its machinations against India.   


The incompetence of the UPA government in fighting terror was exposed totally with the occurrence of frequent terror attacks leading to a high level of ‘an attack a month’. When it was ‘SIMI’ written all over the attacks, the important allies of Congress within and outside UPA like Lalu Yadav, Ramvilas Paswan and Mulayam Yadav recommended with secular passion to revoke the ban on SIMI. These leaders are not far behind the UPA Chairperson, who had served this ‘noble’ cause in parliament in 2001 itself! But, due to nationwide protests the government had to plead in the Supreme Court for the continuance of the ban despite the allegedly deliberate flip-flop by the Home Ministry leading to the cancellation of the ban by a tribunal of the Delhi High Court.   


As the assembly elections for five states were fast approaching, the effete UPA, which allowed a free run for Jihadis in the country, resorted to ‘create’ Hindu terror not only to dilute the fight against Jihad but also to sustain its Muslim vote-bank and thereby seeking to block the BJP’s advance in the electoral arena. The UPA in general and the Congress in particular are notorious for viewing anything and everything through the prism of vote-bank politics with the intention of enjoying power always. Notwithstanding the sustenance of minority votes, the division in Hindu votes is also necessary for winning elections and hence the nonexistent ‘Hindu terror’ was ‘created’ ably supported by the ‘secular’ brigade including the mainstream media, both print and electronic.


The zealous and ambitious investigation carried out by the Maharashtra ATS on Malegon blasts, supposedly on the instructions of ‘powerful’ vested interests, had its desired impact. Added to this was the ‘secular’ media’s unstinted and tireless campaign of brainwashing the nation and diverting its anger against an amorphous ‘political class’ instead of pinpointing ruthlessly the inept ‘ruling establishment’. In the immediate aftermath of Mumbai terror attack, some vested interests continued the ‘Hindu terror’ campaign, as the entire nation erupted in outrage against Islamic terror perpetrated by Pakistan. A ‘Hindu-Zionist’ conspiracy theory was concocted and spread through the internet and clandestine mediums. A suspicion on the death of ATS Chief Hemant Karkare was also brought out connecting it with the Maelgon probe.


This vituperative campaign was initiated by one Mumbai based writer Amaresh Misra, who claimed to have seen a sequence of events and reported them from ground zero at 4 am on 27 November! He wrote an article titled ‘Mumbai and India under Attack’ (, in which he had invented the ‘Hindu-Zionist’ conspiracy and claimed that Marathi speaking Hindus had killed Hemant Karkare. He had also sent a message of a possible ‘civil war’ and even called for the ‘arrest’ of BJP leader and Prime Ministerial candidate Advani and other leaders of RSS/VHP in that article and spread it in the internet. Even while his malicious article was being translated in various languages and published in many Islamic and ‘secular’ websites, ( he had the audacity to write a sequel in the name of ‘Mumbai Terror Attack: Further Evidence Of The Anglo-American-Mossad-RSS Nexus’ in This man also seems to be ‘highly’ connected as evidenced by the fact that one of his books was recently launched (March 2008) in Delhi and the launch function was graced by the Honourable Vice President of India ( It is indeed shocking to note that such dangerous elements are allowed to go scot-free even after spreading such baseless, hateful and anti-national propaganda.   


Probably taking a cue from Amaresh Misra, the Minister for Minority Affairs, Abdul Rehaman Antulay, became the first ‘official’ personality to attempt spreading this canard. He raised doubts whether Pakistani terrorists killed Hemant Karkare and questioned his visit to Cama Hospital instead of Taj or Oberoi or Nariman House, where actual encounters were happening. He indirectly blamed ‘Hindus’ for the death of Hemant Karkare by drawing a parallel with the Malegon probe and demanded a separate probe on Karkare’s death. Though the callous and irresponsible remarks of Abdul Rehaman Antulay outraged the nation, the Congress led UPA government’s response was meek and barring a Congress spokesperson no leader worth mentioning came out strongly denouncing the minister. In fact, UPA parties such as RJD, LJP and SP supported Antulay and endorsed his statements.


It may be recalled that the Maharashtra ATS, under Hemant Karkare, had for the first time in the nation’s history, politicised the probe into the Samjhauta Express attack by blaming Colonel Purohit for the Samjhauta train blasts, which was later used by Pakistan against India’s investigation of the Mumbai attack. In such an extraordinarily sensitive situation, the dreadful utterances of Antulay, has compounded the damage already done by the creation of Hindu terror by the Maharashtra ATS, giving ammunition to Pakistan to take on India. Pakistan is doing to India precisely what the UPA government in Delhi and its ally in Maharashtra did to the Hindus using the Maharashtra ATS as a political instrument.  


Despite the NDA’s opposition in parliament, neither the Prime Minister nor the UPA Chairperson attempted to sack the treacherous and irresponsible minister, who had by this time caused irreparable damage to the UPA. Even after the minister had submitted his resignation letter, they could not come to a decision whether to accept it or not. A meeting chaired by UPA Chairperson and attended by stalwarts like Prime Minister, External Affairs Minister and the Home Minister failed to arrive at a decision even after long hours of deliberation. This utter failure of the party’s core committee to remove a minister, who deserves to be tried for treason, from the cabinet, parliament and the party, clearly exposes its dishonesty and also culpability.


It becomes imperative now to revisit the statements made by two other Maharashtra Politicians, R R Patil of NCP and Narayan Rane of INC. R R Patil, who was asked to resign from the post of Home Minister, had said that Karkare had come and met him on the fateful evening and cried over the allegations levelled against him in the Malegon probe. R R Patil has not made it clear whether Hemant Karkare cried for the ‘allegations’ of the opposition or for the ‘instructions’ of the government. But just before the Mumbai attack, Hemant Karkare had told a TV Channel that the entire ATS had been asked to focus on Malegon probe and that ninety percent of their forces were diverted into the Malegaon blasts investigation alone.


The Congress man Narayan Rane, who was snubbed by the Congress High Command during the selection of a successor to Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmuk, hit out at his rivals within the party and said that some of them financed terrorists and also provided terrorists safe haven in the country. He accepted full responsibility for this statement and added that he would provide all the details with proof at the appropriate time. Now since the lackadaisical attitude of both the state and central governments and the inexcusable failure of the intelligence & security agencies have come out in the open, the statements made by R R Patil and Narayan Rane gain significance. The point to note here is that both the INC and NCP high commands have preferred to remain silent on the two politicians’ remarks and the reason for their silence is quite conspicuous!


If Abdul Rehaman Antulay’s utterances are viewed in correlation with the remarks of R R Patil and Narayan Rane, it can be easily inferred that there is indeed ‘more to it than what meets the eye’. That is, a lot of things seemed to have happened between the beginning of Malegon investigation and Mumbai terror attack. Even after two months of ‘focused’ investigation on Malegon blasts, the Maharashtra ATS could not bring out either credible or admissible evidence. Now since Hemant Karkare is no more and the charge sheets are likely to be filed, it has to be wait and seen whether the further proceedings on the Malegon blasts would be continued with the same ‘agenda’.


Meanwhile, Abdul Rehaman Antulay, in a show of defiance, has been addressing groups of people and attempting to gather support for his ‘communal’ stand. Apart from a section of Muslims including clerics, a few leaders within the Congress like Digvijay Singh and Shakeel Ahamed have come out openly in his support. As the core group of the Congress High command has been dillydallying on this vital issue and is poised to take some stupid ‘face-saving’ action instead of sending a strong message by sacking him, a group of concerned right-thinking citizens have petitioned the Prime Minister by writing an open letter and hosting it ‘on line’ (


 for all the Indians and others empathising with India to sign the petition for the immediate removal of Abdul Rehaman Antulay from the cabinet.


In the aftermath of the Mumbai terror attack, the UPA, had it been sincere in its fight against terror, could have taken some drastic actions by arranging for the hanging of Afzal Guru thereby sending a strong message to the terrorists. But, it failed to utilise the opportunity. Now since it has passed the bills in parliament with regard to the formation of ‘National Investigation Agency’ and inclusion of amendments strengthening the ‘Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act’, the UPA can correct its approach further by dismissing Antulay. But the way it has been going about in this issue, it is most unlikely that it would live up to the expectation of the people and the onus lies on the people to throw out UPA along with Abdul Rehaman Antulay. 

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