The TN Government scam to grab the Temple lands-Exposed

published on August 28, 2008

Tenants of mutt and temple lands seek ownership rights: The TN Government scam to grab the Temple lands


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The “Dravidian” Political parties looting the Temples

: The 40 years “Dravidian”, atheist and Godless government has proved beyond doubt that the “Dravidian” politicians, their heirs and agents have looted the properties of temples by all means. The stealing, replacing and substitution of valuable Icons, jewellery and other items have been the part of such systematic looting, but carefully suppressed from the eyes of public and Tamil devotees. Though the so-called Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment Board[1] (H. R. & C. E) has been there, as it is controlled by such evidently anti-Hindu, “Dravidian” and atheist forces, they have just using the department for getting the documents, meddling with cases and manipulating to grab the properties.

Shameless Karunanidhi heading the HR & CE

: Karunanidhi has combined the three departments – Tamil development, Information and HR & CE together and ruling indirectly exercising his control. The G.Os are issued from one or the other department purposely creating legal wrangles, so that when the connected go to courts, they get favourable orders.

Minister for Tamil Development

Dr. Kalaignar M Karunanidhi, Chief Minister

Phone:  25672345 (O),    28115225 (R)

Minister for Information

Thiru Parithi


Phone: 25679136 (O),    24936878 (R)

Minister for HR&CE

Thiru K. R. Periakaruppan

Phone:  25673036 (O),    24957203 (R)

Tirukkural and Tirumanthiram

: Without any meaning or reason, Tirukkural is quoted for his running the administration in accordance with the sayings of Saint Thiruvalluvar, forgetting Tirumular. Though the Government headed by Dr.Kalaignar which assumed office on 13.5.2006 is running the administration in accordance with the sayings of Saint Thiruvalluvar[2].which means, “He is the light of kings who has the four qualities, viz., beneficence, benevolence, rectitude, and care for his people”, and claims so[3], that he has been doing exactly opposite is proved by his unholy acts. Tirumular[4] has warned that even a brick from the compound wall of temple falls, the ruler would be doomed. But, people of Tamilnadu know how many temples themselves have fallen down under the 40 years rule and they should realize the consequences and present happenings.

Document placed in the net to cover up the land grabbing


The document gives the following details and reveal alarming details in grabbing the temple lands and properties:

Under the administrative control of this Department there are 38,460 religious Institutions including Temples, Mutt and Charitable Endowments as given below:

1. Temples                            36,420

2. Mutts                                       56

3. Temples attached to Mutts     57

4. Specific Endowments        1,721

5. Charitable Endowments       189

6. Jain temples                          17

TOTAL                                38,460

The above religious institutions have been classified as given below on the basis of income:-



Classifications of Religious




Notified Non-listed institutions falling under section 49 with an annual income below Rs.10, 000/-



Notified Listed Institutions

(i) Falling under Section 46(i), with an annual income of more than Rs.10,000 but less than

Rs.2 lakhs.

(ii) Falling under Section 46(ii), with an annual income of more than Rs.2 lakhs but less than

10 lakhs.

Falling under section 46(iii), with an annual income of more than Rs.10 lakhs.






The details given in the official document gives the following details, which may have to be verified with the temple inscriptions, copper plate grants and other documents, as the figures appear to be less as compared to the temples still existing.

Nature of the land

Temple Lands

Mutt Lands

Total Lands



















The agriculture lands owned by the Temples and Mutts are cultivated by 1,23,729 lessees. The Buildings and sites belonging to the Religious Institutions are being enjoyed by 22,600 tenants and 33,665 tenants respectively.


Issues like fixation of fair rent, collection of rental arrears, evicting the defaulters, etc., between the registered tenants under the Cultivating Tenants Protection Act 1955 and the temples in respect of lands owned by the Religious Institutions are settled through the Revenue Courts. Revenue Courts have been set up at the following places presided by Special Deputy Collectors.


1.Thanjavur            1.Mannargudi

2.Tiruchirappalli      2.Kumbakonam

3. Mayiladuthurai   3.Salem

4.Thiruvarur           4.Thenkasi


6. Madurai

As on 31.12.2007, 23240 cases have been filed before these Courts to collect arrears of rent amounting to Rs.26.42 crores. Out of this, 10,737 cases have been disposed and an amount to the tune of Rs.8.89 crores have been ordered to be paid in favour of temples. Steps have been taken to collect the same. 12503 cases are pending adjudication involving an amount of Rs.17.53 crores.


In G.O.Ms.No.353 dated 04.6.1999 Tamil Development, Culture and Religious Endowments, guidelines have been issued for fixation of fair rent in respect of Buildings and Sites belonging to Religious Institutions. Considering several representations received by the Government for reducing the rate of fair rent for residential buildings and sites and the enhancement of rent by 33.3% every three years, and based on the recommendations of the Advisory Committee, the Government have issued orders in G.O. MS.No.456 Tamil Development, Religious Endowments and Information Department dated 9.11.2007, reducing the fair rent of the residential sites and buildings by half of the earlier rent and the enhancement of rent once in three years from 33.3% to 15%. It is estimated that 56,265 tenants will be benefited due to these measures. During the process of settlement proceedings and updating of registry, the land pattas in the name of the Temples under the control of this department were transferred in the name of private individuals by mistake. In order to rectify these mistakes by early disposal of the appeals filed by the Temples within the stipulated time, orders have been issued by the Government on 22.2.2008 creating two posts of District Revenue Officers along with the supporting staff, with Headquarters at Madurai and Coimbatore.

Dubious conference for legalizuing the temple-land grab


Thus, it has been a systematic and orchestrated act of Karunandhi, to grab the temple lands aiding and abetting with the so-called evading tenants. Now, if any one reads the report, the background of such dubious conference is amply revealed:

Tenants of mutt and temple lands seek ownership rights

By Special Correspondent in “The Hindu” dated 27-08-2008

NAGAPATTINAM: The State conference of the tenants of the lands of temples, religious mutts, charitable trusts and other worshipping places, has urged the Government to confer ownership rights.

The State conference of `Kuthagai Vivasayigal Paadukappu‘ (tenant farmers protection) organised by the Tamizhaga Vivasayigal Sangam and All India Agricultural Workers Union held here on Sunday.

The conference presided over by K. Mohamed Ali, president of Tamil Nadu Vivasayigal Sangam, was inaugurated by G. Veeraiyan, CPI-M leader and former MLA. All India Farmers Association national secretary K.Varadarajan, K.Balakrishnan, Tamil Nadu State general secretary, V. Marimuthu, CPI(M) MLA of Nagapattinam, A.V. Murugaiyan, Nagapattinam district secretary of CPI(M) and others addressed the conference.

The conference passed a resolution requesting the Government to set up State and district-level committees to assess the entire lands and other properties held by temples, mutts, charitable trusts and other places of worship.

The conference wanted the Government to confer ownership right to the tenants of the temple and other lands cultivated by them and fix a nominal price for the land at 10 years rent being paid by the tenants and urged the Government to make the payment to the temple and mutt authorities and collect the amount in instalments from the tenants.

The conference urged the Government to waive all the arrears of rent due by the tenants to the temples, mutts, etc and withdraw the eviction orders issued by the revenue courts against tenants.

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