The swearing epidemic

via HK Correspondent published on March 1, 2006

There is a hidden conspiracy, a subtle indoctrination, and subliminal seduction to project Christian symbols as far as I would see it. It is part of the psychological ploy  to lure innocent people into Christian beliefs. Words and symbols used in the proper contect or out of context, positively or negatively may influence people. Chritians are employing modern marketing techniques to sell their dogmatic ideas. For Christians, marketing religion is a tradition.  

Watching Koffee with Karan the other day, I noticed Karan Johar wearing a big white cross on his neck. I began wondering if he was a Christian. No research could prove he was one. And it seems he has been wearing this white cross on the show for a very long time. Further watching the show I saw Mallaika Aurora Khan, a Hindu convert to Islam, swearing away in glory calling “Christ”. Has this become a new fashion? Have you noticed that most of the new age children use the term” Christ” or ” Jesus Christ” as a form of _expression or swearing? 

After some thought and a visit to a nearby Archie’s shop I sensed the danger that was lurking behind a silent mask. The shop was filled with goodies that attract any youngster or college kid. The attractive modern bracelets, the bandanas, the patches worn on jeans, all had a cross on it on some fashion. Swearing in the name of Christ has now become a fashion. Not minding what religion you belong to the youngsters today use the name of Christ as a form of _expression. Is this being encouraged by the Christian community or don’t they realize that their Gods name is being evoked as a form of swearing? Doesn’t it strike odd that none of the other Gods have their names called out in disgust? So why or who has adopted this word as a swear? Was it some vested interest who thought of a clever ploy to keep the name of his Lord in everyone’s mind? Or another way of spreading the name of his Lord? 

“ Hey ram” the quote famously put into Gandhiji’s mouth is some thing that is used by many people in India. But how many non-Hindus would you see using this term? Or even “Hey Bhagawan”? It is offensive when the name of God or anyone you love dearly is quoted out of context. In today’s world if someone wants to exclaim of let of his frustration, you are most likely to hear… 

oh f****** j**** c**** ! 

The cross on a chain is now becoming a fashion statement. Or rather its being promoted. The Christians who’s God was totally against idols and even burned down a Jewish temple, seem to have no issue in kneeling before the cross. The Cross is a symbol of sadism. Rather than remind you of the God that died for you it reminds you of only pain a human went through while he was crucified. The god I believe in Lord Krishna was killed by an arrow. How many Hindus or which cult do we know that worships an arrow? Or an image of an arrow. Even the ISKONites don’t do it. 

Well if the idea of swearing in disgust and using a name you hate so much is the whole idea, then feel free to go ahead. But avoid using it in a media like the television. Even If the Christians don’t feel bad about it, we shouldn’t be encouraging our younger generation to use and names of Gods or deities while swearing. Moreover swearing is a bad habit.

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