The Prince and the Roadshow

via HARAN.B.R published on March 20, 2007

The “Royal Heir” of a family, which is famous for its ‘dramas’ & ‘road shows’, was on a conducted tour yesterday in Uttar Pradesh to bring a ‘turn around’ (as reported by the sycophant English media) in the electoral fortunes of the ‘supposedly’ grand old party of India. He was as usual followed by a bunch of “spineless creatures” called “Congressmen”, who are always ready to exhibit their sycophancy by crawling under the feet of the Royal Family, which owns the proprietorship of the Congress party.


During the course of the conducted tour, Rahul, the Royal heir for the crown, made some scintillating statements through his speech.


He said, “If a member of the Gandhi family had been at the helm of affairs in 1992, the Babri Masjid demolition would not have taken place”. He added, “My father Rajiv Gandhi always told my mother Sonia Gandhi that, if any one wanted to demolish the Masjid, he would have to do it over his (Rajiv) dead body”. This is an obvious attack on the former Prime Minister P.V.Narasimha Rao, who was at the helm of affairs in 1992.


This statement criticizing his own party’s former leader & Prime Minister Narasimha Rao do not augur well, and is bound to create a bad impression among the public, as he can never match the experience & stature of the departed leader. This will be seen as an exhibition of naivety. His story on Rajiv’s talk to Sonia regarding the protection of Babri Masjid, will not cut much ice, because it was only Rajiv, who let open the gates for the conduction of ‘Shilanyas’ at the site. This is yet another ‘drama’ or rather a ‘lie’ from a family, which is famous for all that.


Rahul also said, “The Congress alliance with BSP in 1996 was a ‘complete sellout’. The Congress had to remain content with merely 125 seats, while the BSP contested 300 seats. This was a historic blunder and the party is still paying the price for it”. This again is seen as an obvious attack on the former leader Sitaram Kesri, who was the President of the party in 1996 when the Congress-BSP alliance was forged.


Here again, he has criticized a deceased leader, who was a much experienced & senior stalwart during his days. Also, his remarks on BSP are totally unwarranted especially at a time, when the Congress is running behind BSP Chief Mayawati begging for alliance. This shows his lack of experience in addressing issues & analyzing electoral strategies.


Rahul told, “We are not averse to alliances, but the same should be done at a realistic level and not seem a complete sellout.” He also added as an attack on BSP & SP, “The dependence of these parties on single personalities was responsible for the deplorable condition of Uttar Pradesh. These two parties are squarely responsible for the lack of development of UP in the last fifteen years. The state cannot be held hostage to personality oriented politics and the one leader theory has already done a lot of damage to the state”.


How amusing! If the dependence of political parties on single personalities was responsible for the deplorable condition of UP, then, what is wrong in blaming the Congress for the deplorable condition of the country, as this party was & is still depending on personalities from a single family? Applying the same yardstick, why not we say that, the Congress is squarely responsible for the lack of development of the country in the last five decades? Going by Rahul’s formula, we can also assert that, the country cannot be held hostage to personality oriented politics and the one family theory has already done a lot of damage to the country.


What the Prince has observed for the state of UP has jelled well for the country too! 


Finally, the Prince appealed to the youth saying, “I have come here with a vision and only the youth power can make a change happen. I wish to inspire the youth. You come forward and I will open the doors of Congress for you”. The fact of the matter is, he has nothing to get inspired and the youth of the country are well aware of it. Sitting amidst old men, he should not invite the youth. If he can take the likes of Sachin Pilot & Jyothiradithya Scindia (who are smarter & better placed with good track record) along with him during the conducted tours, he can gain some sort of credibility & expect response from the youth.


More importantly, the statements, which he had uttered yesterday, are nothing but an “arrogant authority” by which his family holds the Congress party. History has plenty of evidences on how this great country has suffered in the last five decades because of the arrogance of this family and it seems that this family will never learn its lessons even after another round of electoral defeats. It is a pity that a big bunch of ‘spineless creatures’ called ‘Congressmen’ are still crawling under the feet of this family due to lack unity among them.


Rahul should understand that the days of people voting for the name of his family are all gone long back. Similarly the Congressmen should also understand that depending on this family alone would take them nowhere in the future. Such a possibility is remote.


So, let the Prince & the Congressmen continue in the same way. It is good for the country.


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