The politics of betrayal: The strange behavior of Hindu Traitors

published on November 30, 2011

Dr. Babu Suseelan

An examination of the history of Islamic invasion, Christian colonialism, and continuous discrimination, and oppression of Hindus in India would lead us to consider the causes of Hindu subjugation.

Hindus must have a clear understanding of the uniformity of past brutal behavior of Islamic invaders, savage treachery of Christian Colonialists and Hindu traitors and collaborators in creating a lunatic asylum for Hindus. Gleaned from examples Hindu of traitors, we can get a clear, correct and comprehensive understanding of present predicament of Hindus. The nature of present destructive behavior of Hindu traitors, anti Hindu stance of pseudo secular and corrupt Hindu political leaders may resemble the past. Looking at more and more evidence of policies and programs against our eternal, sacred Vedic Dharma helps us to adequately explain the uniformity of destructive political behavior of Hindu traitors. It is uniform in the required sense (past and present) and it will indeed give us valid and true conclusions. And our conclusion is solely based on our knowledge of the past and present destructive behavior of Hindu traitors. And the conclusion is valid in the future.

It is no longer possible to ignore the fact that a battle is being waged against our sacred Vedic culture in India. Hindus in India are likely to find themselves increasingly at risk. On this occasion, Hindus must support the eternal Vedic Dharma and the Hindu community not remains silent in the face of improved aggression by Jihadis and missionary mafia, Marxist miscreants, corrupt Hindu politicians and Hindu traitors. It is time for Hindu community to safeguard our Vedic culture and pledge their efforts to weed out our enemy from within, banish Hindu sellout crowds and work towards Hindu unity, peace, freedom and to preserve our sacred Vedic culture, practice our Dharma and promote our eternal values and protect Mother India. Hindu activism and assertiveness is needed to ensure Hindu survival, Vedic spirituality for the benefit of Hindus and the world.

Even after independence from British Christian Colonialists, Hindus in India are relatively powerless, experience prejudice, stereotype, and exploitation. Hindus lack control over their lives, temples, cultural institutions and the media. In many states in India, Hindus compose a majority of the population, but they are systematically discriminated, exploited and subjected to violence, coercive religious conversion and political subjugation. Hindus are totally politically powerless and are controlled by Hindu traitors, Muslims and Christians. Hindus are not conscious that they are systematically and purposely signaled out for such discriminatory treatment and oppression.


Why there are so many “sellout” among Hindus? The Oxford English Dictionary defines “sellout” “to betray a person or cause for gain”. Examples in India include several Hindus (Jaichand, Nehru, Swami Agnivesh, Dig Vijaya Singh, V.P. Singh, Medha Padkhar, Puri Sankaracharya, Sashi Bushan, Ramila Thappar, Mayavathy, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Karunanidhi ). In contemporary politics, most of our pseudo secular Congress party and regional political party leaders are subservient to Christians, Muslims and their political actions retard Hindu advancement. Hindus in general are servile or otherwise lacking a sense of pride in Vedic Dharma or spiritual tradition. They are dangerously antagonistic to Hindu well being. They are worse than an enemy. An enemy is socially distant. The traitors, by contrast is a person who is trusted because of his perceived membership in Hinduism until he shows his true colors by which time he has often done harm to those who viewed him as a kinsman or fellow citizen.

The politics of betrayal, destructive behaviors of saboteurs, traitors, and spies within have done much damage to our Vedic culture and spread adharma. The specter of betrayal haunts Hindu’s imagination. Suspicions regarding Hindu betrayal and destructive behaviors of enemy within continue to be omnipresent. From the outset of his political campaign against British Christian colonialists, Nehru, the atheist Congress leader has had to deal with doubts about his loyalty to Hindus. Questions regarding betrayal also dog BSP leader Mayavathy, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Pranab Mukerji, Shiva Raj Patil, Sharad Pawar, Karunaidhi, and the Supreme Court Chief Justice Bala Krishnan. And the list goes on.  The contours of Hindu anxiety over political betrayal and angst are not without reason. Political treachery, betrayal, and treason continue unabated. Selling out on Hindus is currently triggered by a wide range of actions including appeasement, special privileges for Muslims and Christians, Hajj subsidy, special status for Muslims in Kashmir and Converted Christians in Nagaland.

In India, Islamists and Christian organizations favor corrupt, pseudo secular, anti Hindu acquiescent politicians who from position of privilege who will neglect struggle for Vedic culture. It is genuine and natural for Hindus to fear that anti Hindu political leaders who favor organized Muslims and Christians who promote Hindu traitors and defectors who sap Hindu unity, and discourage strategies for resisting advances.  They are constantly engaged in the maintenance of groups expend considerable energy seeking to promote cheaters, traitors, saboteurs, deceptive defectors, betrayers and enemy within who are knowingly or with gross negligence act against the interests of Hindus as a whole. Their approach neglects the requirement for maintaining national integration, equality, fairness and justice.


Hindu “sell out” behavior of traitors is more of a bane than a benefit to Hindus and India. The “sell out” crowd imposes their definition of Hinduism on other Hindus. Obnoxiously intrusive, these traitors are not content with supporting anti Hindu ideologues. They want others to tell how to think, whom to love and how to be a real Hindu. They are reluctant to ask whether Muslims, Christians and Marxists have an obligation to respect human rights of Hindus and religious freedom. These Hindu traitors have betrayed our sacred Dharma and their unwillingness to pressure pseudo secular Congress party or Christian and Muslim fundamentalist, or persuade regional political party leaders like Karunanidhi, Samuel Rajasekhara Reddy, or Mayavathy to stop preaching their peculiar social pathology.


How should Hindus proceed, given the problem that Hindu traitors have created? One response is to repudiate and denounce Hindu traitors by all means necessary. Those who embrace Hindu traitors eschew efforts to create and maintain Hindu unity. They reject nationalism, Vedic culture, patriotism, because they object our eternal Hindu Dharma. They support the notion that Muslims and Christians need special privileges and political power and Hindus must maintain its boundaries as assigned to them by corrupt pseudo secular politicians. They reject demand for common civil code and national loyalty for Muslims, Christians and Marxists. They decline to follow Hindu Dharma and opt instead associate themselves with Jihadis and missionary gangs. Most Hindu traitors want to retain permanently a sense of group solidarity with Islamists in social, cultural and political life. They seldom attend any Hindu festivals but invariably throw Iftar parties and praise Jihadi leaders.

Hindus need collective action. Collective action however requires coordination, and coordination requires discipline, and discipline requires coercion or threat of coercion. Any community that thinks itself as a community must draw lines.  Community leaders must have an obligation to decide   that certain behavior of treachery and disloyalty will result in excommunication. For Hindus, it is legitimate to set up parameters. There must be some political and intellectual behavior that keeps one from being a Hindu.

The “sell out” rhetoric is harming India and Hindus. In the name of freedom and intellectual liberty Hindu detractors claim that calls for Hindu unity had the consequences of undermining rather than encouraging a healthy national integration. For Hindu traitors, Unity means solidarity with Jihadis and diversity means coercive and deceptive religious conversion of Hindus by missionaries.

I see no reason why in principle, a Hindu traitor should not be subject to having his membership in Hindu community revoked if he chooses a course of conduct that convincingly demonstrates the absence of even a minimum of alliance with our sacred Dharma. Vasudeiva Kudumbakham and pure tolerance does not mean dislike or hatred for Hindu traitors. Hindu haters assert that there is no more freedom than the freedom to think and to believe based on personal conviction no matter how unpopular that belief or conviction. What about the thought, their belief, their personal conviction that beheading or forceful conviction is the proper destiny of certain people? I am not willing to permit room for such thought as long as I am confident and assertive. If belief in say, Jihadism had any plausible chance of growing, gaining adherence and rising to power in our country. I would favor immediately crushing it.   

Hindus are justified the imposition of restrictions on stifling orthodoxies without embracing the proposition that any idea, no matter how brutal and dangerous, should, on principle, be immune from suppression. With virtual unanimity we should make Hindu traitors like Swami Agnivesh a pariah. Are we wrong to do so? I think not. Pseudo secular Hindus and Marxists may speak as if ostracism, per se, is wrong. I think ostracism is good- ostracism of Jihadi terrorists, fascists, corrupt politicians and purveyors of other hateful, ideologies. It is progressive the successful repression of such ugly ideas and their attendant modes of violent conduct.

Imagine if Hindus could have jointly taken collective, appropriate and effective action against Islamic invaders, Criminal Robert Clive and his gang of looters? If we had taken collective action against Jihadi murderers in 1945, 1946, and 1947, instead of fasting, Sathyagraha, passivity and indifference, we could have saved millions of Hindu lives. Unfortunately our leaders have made them blind inactive zombies by Hindu sell out by political leaders. Hindus should have denounced Hindu sell out leaders and the fear of reprisal would have acted as a coercive influence. Our politicians join with Jihadis and missionary mafia because they are not physically harassed or intimidated by Hindus. More politicians would have evaded Muslim league if they faced the fear to do so. Such Hindu traitors should not exist or should not have participated in traitorous behavior. Sell out behavior and its concomitant attitudes, gestures and demagoguery must be ostracized if need be with political violence. These Hindu betrayers must be taught a lesson and must be part of the unavoidable cost of betrayal. The corrupt, anti national, pseudo secular Islamized monitor our activities and make it dangerous for Hindu activists who challenge Hindu traitors.

Hindus will also face “self appointed” guardians of Vedic virtue. Thus chiding of Hindu political correctness is itself an effort to police the boundaries of good conduct within Hindus. Secular Hindus permit Hindus to be intimidated and force Hindu groups into silence. Their reticence may be more accurately characterized as intellectual treason.

In the end, those Hindus who want to maintain the universal nature of Hinduism must consider the dysfunctional aspects of such intellectual treason. Promoting mindless universalism and the perils of pluralism must recognize the balance between collective Hindu unity and intellectual treason promoted as individual freedom.  Acknowledgement of this dilemma will facilitate healthy rejection both the indifference to real pluralism and freedom displayed by devotees of Hindu traitors. They must be clearly labeled as betrayers and their actions must be rejected or regulated. The betrayers should be made to feel at least some of the pain that their action has wrongly inflicted upon an undeserving target.

If Hindus are active and assertive, such errant Hindus will find themselves subjected to ostracism, political betrayal will hopefully become less a weapon of Hindu bashing or demagoguery.

For example, Swami Agnivesh and Puri Sankaracharya are enemies of Vedic Dharma. Hindus should hold them to an even higher standard, not provide them with a way to weasel out of taking responsibility for being traitors. Swami Agnivesh statements against Hazzare, Puri Sanjkaracharya endorsing Missionaries and Jihadis, Ramakrishna mission celebrating Christmas and singing carol and Stahya Sai Baba’s ashram spending money for erecting Nun Thesis’s statues are absolutely reprehensible acts. The animosity towards them should be no surprise given the offense they are charged with committing. Supporting the enemies of our Vedic culture, they are the most vilified in the history of modern Hindus. Their names have become synonymous with selling out. Swani Agnivesh is what Judas to Jesus, a traitor and what Brutus to Caesar-an assassin. Imagine how Israel would have felt if the collaborator had been awarded a medal of honor or if, after India’s independence, Jinnah had been declared as the father of the nation.

Atheist Nehru can be called a charter member of the “Hindu sell out Hall of Shame”. Nehru should be called what Eichmann was to the nation of Israel.

Advani and Sinha recently declared Mohamed Ali Jinnah as a secularist—this can be considered inviting Hitler to participate in a debate on religious freedom. BJP leader Atal Bihari Bajpai has invited Pope Paul to India. It would be a similar to inviting Hitler to come speak on the rights of Jews. Such leaders deliberately feed society’s stereotypes about Hindus and do so for applause from our enemies and for personal gain. They denigrate the hard work, sacrifice and struggle of Hindus against fanatic Jihadis and aggressive and deceptive religious converters.  They commit the crime of reassuring our enemies. We are justified in according such terms to our political leaders participating in “drive-by-shooting” of Hindus. Hindus ought to give serious thought to convict such leaders in the court of public opinion for intentionally undermining Hindu well being or for utter indifference to the collective interest of Hindus.

As political leaders they know or should have known better that to say what they say, because what they believe conclude what they conclude. It is this sense that all “sell outs” know better or should have known better that prompts their accusers to view them as social criminals who are acting outside the bounds within which reasonable people can reasonably disagree.

Leading shapers of Hindu public opinion must fervently discredit such Hindu betrayers for a variety of reasons. One is the pulling up or burning the bridge. Such people crosses ridges built by Hindus, torches them and pretends that bridges are unnecessary, that those Hindus who criticize them are too lazy or unintelligent.

Swami Agnivesh, Arunthathi Roy, Sashi Bushan, Ramila Thappar, and many other Hindu betrayers can be characterized as servile figures for Jihadis and missionaries. What should one make of their attack on Indian democracy and endorsing Jihadi terrorists? Their false and misleading political statements are deeply flawed, its vulnerabilities, however, have often been obscured by misleading arguments voiced by some of the media’s influential anti Hindu and national detractors.

We should pose the following questions to such Hindu traitors. Under what rationale do such traitors show moral courage to become hostile to our Sanathan Dharma? Whether Hindus ought to tolerate or support a policy that discriminate followers of Vedic Dharma?  Surely, it would be improper to criticize or repudiate a policy that promotes national integration and Vedic Dharma. If the
polcy is promoting closed dogmas, sharia law and special privileges for Muslims and Christians, it should be rejected. Hindus should consider seriously whether the government has the right to establish or continue discriminatory policies against Hindus? We need a strong campaign to ostracize such anti Hindu bigots leading the government.


It takes courage and perseverance to be kind of intercessor who will make a difference. It is not always easy. But if Hindus have an interest in putting Vedic culture in to our life, into our nation, and if you are an authentic Dharma warrior or a Hindu leader, or follow Vedic Dharma, you can clearly recognize the call of Bharat Mata (Mother India), to intercede and wage a spiritual war against the enemy.

For historical reasons, Hindus forgot the requirements for maintaining our community-policing the Hindu boundary-the benefits of appropriate ostracism (the suppression of ideas, and conduct that ought to be suppressed). If there is going to exist an ideal community based on Dharma, there must also exist some point at every citizen must act and determine what is in the best interest of the Hindu community.

The word peace, pluralism, universalism, Vasudeviakudumbhakam, “all religions are the same”, etc has permeated the thinking of Hindus for decades and flowed from number of pulpits. But there is less peace in India today and more hypocrites selling it like snake oil peddlers.

The worshippers and preachers of mindless universalism, “all religions are the same” are the supreme Hindu idealists who never abandon their dream even if their naïve act lead them to inadvertently make tyrants stronger and create living conditions for Jihadi terrorists, and missionary mafia peaceful.  Such preachers impede peace, coexistence, pluralism, spirituality and progress and they are nothing more than a handmaiden to Jihadis and conversion gang. They often create a catastrophic erosion of safety and security for the peace loving Hindus. Do Hindus have to support such spiritual leaders to make one sided concession to our belligerent enemy? Hindus should remember that peace comes from strength (Shanti Comes from Shakthi) and Hindus should create a new paradigm and do not become prisoners of history fabricated by our enemies.

It is time for Hindus to join together and overcome denial, paralysis of social action and cognitive disorder, indifference and apathy and consider that ideological diversity, tolerance of intolerant dogmas, compromise with corruption, mindless universalism, tend to obscure the tragic dilemmas with which Hindus have continually faced. Hindus should realize that confronting pseudo secularist Hindu traitors, corrupt politicians who are pro Jihadists, even at the cost of violence is a mere survival strategy. And it is in the best interest for our Vedic culture.

Hindus must also confront vehemently so called perverted intellectuals, anti Hindu media persons, alienated academicians who have forsaken Dharma in return for monetary and other benefits supplied by our enemies. Hindus as a group must inflict injustice through ostracism on such traitors. The self appointed guardians of Hinduism equate intellectual malaise as political correctness.

Several Hindu spiritual leaders and their followers have fallen prey to what amounts to a conspiracy of silence about a variety of issues including Jihadi terrorism, religious conversion, corruption and Sharia law. They are fearful of engaging in a candid appraisal of pathetic Hindu conditions because they do not want to appear to be disloyal to fanatic Muslims and Christian fundamentalists. This has serious negative consequences for the ability of Hindus to grapple with the real problems Hindus are facing… These Hindu traitors are not promoting Vedic Dharma or Hindu spiritual tradition. Hindus must unite and stick together to preserve, practice, promote our Dharma for the present and future generations.

Is it in the best interest of Hindus to play a part in building passive, inward-looking, non-directive, institutions? Do such practices further the interests of our Vedic culture in as much as it tends to be disproportionally burdened by Islamic violence, Coercive religious conversion, corruption and apathy? Does special privileges for Muslims and Christians on balance, hurt Hindus or promote national integration? How do we respond to reckless Hindu traitor’s rhetoric and assault on our Dharma? How do we eliminate or neutralize Hindu “Trojan Horse” and “turn coats”?


How should Hindus proceed, given the problem that Hindu traitors have created? One response is to repudiate and Hindu traitors by all means. Those who embrace Hindu traitors eschew efforts to create and maintain Hindu unity. They contend that no Hindu should feel morally bound to express superiority of Vedic dharma.

Then, how do we know when our fellow Hindus need our intervention? How do we move forward? Do our activities really battle adharma? Can we thwart plans of our enemy? Before we get into the ABCs of intervention, let me tell you… Our enemies are well protected by anti-Hindu media, by government establishments and our ideological enemies. The security that they happily enjoy is nourished by key ingredients of our pathological tolerance, they face no restraints and there are no attempts to overcome unjust rhetorical practices and are often ignored by sympathetic onlookers.

Hindus should resist this perverted absolution. Hindus can insist that everyone ought to be paying much more for the Vedic culture. Some Hindu leaders even contend that proper respect for Vasu Deva Kudumbakham entails endorsing Islamic dogmatism and coercive religious conversion.  They silently dismiss the demand for maximalist sacrifices from, Pseudo secularists, Marxists, and Christians for preserving India’s Vedic Culture. Hindus need a strong campaign to ostracize anti Hindu bigots. There is nothing wrong in denying traitors the prestige among Hindus and have a provocative new look on contemporary issues.

Increase role networks, interpersonal influence, and develop systems perspective and never paralyzed by anxiety and stimulate fellow Hindus conceptually and emotionally. Expose misuse of power of corrupt political leaders and ensure their defeat in elections. Provide assertive training for Hindus developing skills, positive attitudes and encourage Hindu activists to assume leadership role.

Hindus may encounter strong counterforce that may threaten our existence, organizations, and programs. These powerful negative anti Hindu forces must be controlled or they will control us. To be effective and to intervene we need to know the traps the enemy lays for people as they intervene. There are plenty of sad stories of gross error and problems with past Hindu groups. Many Hindu groups are weak or ineffective because of a lack of strong leadership. Motivating Hindus to acknowledge and act can be challenging. Loving Hindu Dharma and pure tolerance does not mean what Hindus can say, can think or do or be.  But we need to act now to accelerate the process of positive change for preserving, protecting and promoting our eternal Vedic Dharma for India and the world.


Develop innovative and relevant training materials and resources that enable Hindus to address challenges.

Provide significant opportunities for growth and learning to become assertive and proud in our Dharma.

Always question and challenge Hindu traitors and “sell out” phony secular leaders and corrupt politicians.

Identify new Hindu leaders and new ways of operating that embrace our Santana Dharma and abandon practices of yesterday that no longer achieve results today.

One must not make our tolerance, universalism, and spirituality as the excuse for not being strong enough to stand up to protect our Dharma.

There is always the need to recognize approaching danger over the horizon and act with all available power before it actually arrives.

Always act in a pro-active manner for the self-protection and for Hindu Dharma.

Never compromise with the onslaught of adharma or suffer silently with tolerance.

Never philosophize evil perpetuate by our enemies with false sanctimonies as if we get some spiritual credit.

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