via Dilip Mehta published on August 6, 2006

Hindus have been practicing universalism, eclecticism, tolerance, co-existence, and Sarva Dharma Samabhava for centuries. These concepts have been deeply ingrained in Hindu psyche. Only Hindus believe and practice such ideas unconditionally. People who subscribe to exclusive faiths, follow rigid, dogmatic, closed and divisive ideologies do not practice or believe in such universalism, pluralism and tolerance. Nor do they promote Bhai-Bhai slogans.


In the name of universalism and tolerance, Hindus have been tolerating dogmatic ideologies, fanatic religious fundamentalism of Christianity and Islam and hostile, divisive ideology of the Communists. This unrestrained tolerance and mindless Universalism has resulted in our inability to confront evil forces and Jihadi terrorists. The concepts of universalism, tolerance and co-existence are noble ideas to be practiced with noble people. But Jihadi Muslims, Christian colonists and violent Communists have vested interests and they have invaded India with evil intentions. Historically, in the name of universalism and tolerance, Hindus have tolerated the evil effects of monolithic, false, and dangerous dogmas masquerading as religions.


For Hundreds of years, Hindus were subjugated, colonized, oppressed and abused by invading fanatics who never believed in universalism, pluralism or tolerance. Hindus were forced to tolerate evil, intolerance and fanaticism. Today, Hindus are living in a world of transition. Hindus are under siege and under attack by evil forces. Still we are living in a world of fantasy and dream devoid of any reality. When we are obligated to tolerate something evil, dangerous, harmful, disastrous, we must limit the effects of this tolerance and prepare the conditions for eradicating the evil. This will create a condition for further tolerance of evil unnecessary. Some how, for some reasons, we forgot the basic principles of assertiveness and the capacity not to tolerate intolerance.


This Mindless universalism and irrational tolerance are quite contradictory to Hindu scriptures and our sacred Puranas.  Sri Krishna, Sri Ram, Parasurama, Narasiimha, and all our Devas were born and lived not to tolerate evil, but lived to eliminate evil demons that were victimizing innocent people. History shows whenever we tolerated evil demons, demons will annihilate us. Jihadi Muslims and Christian fundamentalists believe in conquest, murder and conversion of non-believers. We know the fate of Prihiraj who tolerated Mohamed Ghori. Indian history is replete with ghoulish murder of Hindu Maharajas, Maharanis, and spiritual leaders by intolerant, blood thirsty Muslim Jihadis.


 In 1955 Raja Gopalachariji warned Nehru about the evil intentions of China. As a pseudo secularist and anti Hindu agnostic, Nehru was deeply immersed in Hindi-Chini Bhai-Bahi slogan. In 1962 when China humiliated Indian army Nehru said “We were living in an artificial, fantasy world of our own creation”.

Non Hindus do not talk about this nonsense Bhai Bahi slogan or suffer from such destructive syndrome. Millions of Americans are against Iraq war but they don’t sing Sadam Bush Bhai Bhai.


We are still living in the same make belief dream world and are not oriented to the reality of the current world situation.  We talk on universal brotherhood and co-existence. But one sided universal brotherhood and co-existence do not work in this world of conflicts. We think that all are our brothers and sisters, but Jihad Muslims, Christian fanatics and Communists do not think that way. According to the Koran we are Kafirs, and according to the Bible we are Heathen to be forcefully converted.  


People who believe in rigid faiths and closed dogmas never accepted us as their brothers. We keep singing songs of universalism, secularism and tolerance to great peril. How many times we have heard from our leaders that if you believe in tolerance, universalism and co-existence, the world would be good to you. This practice of mindless universalism and irrational tolerance is pathology, it is nonsense. The history shows the perils of tolerance and sufferings we have gone through.


The danger in this kind of syndrome is that our loyalty is shifted without rational analysis.  For example, when few Palestinian terrorists are killed by Israel, our politicians and our media shout from the rooftop. Hundreds of Hindus are killed by Jihadi terrorists in Kashmir, no one shouts. This is our mindless universalism and selective application of sympathy and compassion… Once there was Viswashanti yajna by Morrari Bapu in Chicago, USA. One Gujarati columnist asked Morari Bapu, “when we don’t have shanti in our gali (street) what viswashanti you are talking about”? That is true. We talk about universal peace in the world when we can not protect our own Hindu brothers and sisters in our community. This is just pure hypocrisy. It is called as escapism. This universalism syndrome provides good escape route for our Dharmacharyas and our leaders. It provides them an opportunity to sideline issues facing Hindus.  


We talk about vasudhev kutumbaikuam(whole world is one family). Have we ever thought about Hindu society? As Hindus do we act like one family? Let us take a simple basic example. When the federal building in Oklahoma was bombed, every church in the USA held a prayer meetings. When hundreds of Hindus died in Mumbai blast no Hindu organization had any prayer. No one cared even. All those Hindus belonging to various organizations are really cold hearted Hindus. No compassion, no feelings for fellow Hindus and yet all talk about one world family. This is our mindless Universalism.                            


In the name of Universalism we refuse to identify, recognize and face our enemies. We consider that our enemies, criminals, miscreants, vagabonds and Jihadi terrorists as brothers and sisters. Let us see one incident. One swami was explaining the concept of Maya and was giving that famous example of Maya, misinterpreting a rope as a snake while walking on a dark Street. One ten year old kid got up and asked â€œSwamiji that is fine, but if I mistake a snake as a piece of rope and it is a real snake in disguise and if I touch it and the snake bites me what I do? Swami got mad. He didn’t have answer.


This incident I have reported to David Frawley. He just laughed and made a very intelligent comment. He said that Hindus always have been touching snakes and misinterpret it as ropes and was poisoned by snakes. For more than one thousand years, we have been beaten, yet we sing Hindu Muslim bhai bhai Hindu isai bhai bhai. In most of our temples, we sing Iswer Allah tero nam. It is not broad mindedness. It is plain stupidity. Only mentally sick and people with cognitive disorder would respect and praise the philosophy of their tormentors.  



It is time for all of us to get out of this mindless syndrome of universalism and pathological tolerance and make ourselves aware of what is going on. There are destructive forces who want to destroy our culture and value system. Under the guise of universalism, we can not afford to ignore them. We must be prepared to face our enemy as enemy and not as our brothers or sisters. It is time to be realistic and get out of the world of fantasy and make belief. This is what we need for our survival.


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