The Paradigm Conspiracy

via Dr Babu Suseelan published on July 4, 2010

Something is wrong. Now Hindu culture with its history of systemic, all inclusive, tolerant, open ended and spiritual philosophy and moral values is struggling desperately.  We no longer seem capable of understanding enemies sabotaging from within or knowing enemies knocking at our doors from without.

The corrupt, Congress government and the paradigm conspiracy of the phony secularists, bogus intellectuals and universal secular spiritual leaders have brought us corruption, greed, coercive religious conversion, Jihadi terrorism and self-destructive narcissism.
They unholy nexus always talk of human right but care little about Hindus being murdered in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Kashmir. There is plenty of talk about religious freedom and it is more important than the sanctity of Hindu life and the need for preserving, and protecting Sanathan Dharma. The rights and special privileges of Muslims and the conversion gang seem to be more important than protecting innocent Hindus, their temples, and religious institutions. The central and State governments are more interested in looting Temple funds, acquiring Temple lands and increasing Hajj subsidy and  quota system for Muslims and Evangelical groups.

Crime, violence, Jihadi terrorism, alcoholism, drug abuse, home invasion, burglary, contract killing, distribution of counterfeit Indian currency printed in Pakistan flourish in most of major cities. The police, judiciary and the Criminal Justice Administration seem helpless in their efforts to control the evil rampage because of political interference. The print and electronic media and the movie industry glorify criminals, social deviants, Jihadi terrorists, violent Maoists and Missionary mafia. The Hindu victims are denied any human rights, blamed for their existence, and manipulated by the media and sick secularists.

Thousands of Hindus are forcefully and deceptively converted in Nepal, Manipur, Missioram, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Bihar.  More Hindus were murdered by the Jihadis and Maoists under the corrupt Congress government, than the Christian Colonialists. In Kashmir and Nagaland Hindus are not wanted and are described as inconveniences.


The question is, “How did all this happen, and what can we do about it?” The answers will not come easily.  And at times like this, we need to know why our political leaders, spiritual masters, intellectuals and academicians have failed us. What motivates them? What is their philosophy? Is there is any paradigm conspiracy?  Is there any deliberate paradigm switch? Our political leaders, bogus secularists, leftist liberals and secular spiritual masters are always relish to proclaim “ Sanathan Dharma is eternal and it will prevail”, “All Religions are the Same” and our Vedic thought system is universal and it is ever lasting. To substantiate their claim and to deny atrocities committed by Islamists, phony secularists quote from Rig Veda “Ekam Sad Viprah Bhudha Vadanti (It is of one Existence that the wise ones speak in diverse ways”).

Those who quote this Vedic mantra seldom quote the full mantra. The full Vedic Mantra reads as follows:

Indram Mitram Varunam Agnim Ahu,
Atho Divyah Sah Supanah Garutman,
Ekam Sad Viprah Bahudha Vadanti,
Agnim Yamam Matarishvanam Ahu,

(They hail it as Indra, Mitra, Varuna, Agni; Also as that divine and noble-winged Garutman: It is of One Existence that the wise ones speak in diverse ways: Whether as Agni or Yama or Matarishvan).


Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas can contribute to a fuller awareness of the human world. Unlike puppets, Hindus have the freedom to look for multitude of possibilities for spiritual progress. Unfortunately our mindless Secular spiritual masters, Marxist atheists and political scorpions have always been engaged in a Paradigm conspiracy to misinterpret the Vedic Mantra for their own personal gains and to avoid answering pressing issues confronting Hindu society. It is one thing to know what is right and wrong but quite another thing to do what is right and know what is wrong.

The misinterpretation of the Vedic aphorism and proclaiming meaningless universalism of the pseudo secularists is the major factor in the present social-moral-political decline of India. Though it would take volumes to prove this paradigm switch as well as paradigm conspiracy, and these are indeed responsible for the present state of things in India.

These bogus secularists and mindless politicians do not have responses to unthinkable tragedy, mass murder, and Jihadi attempt to destroy our civilization, and deceptive religious conversion. How do they respond to Muslims at a time Jihadis are invoking Allah to massacre thousands of Hindus?  Are they willing to point fingers at the root cause of Jihadi terrorism? Do they know the true teaching of Islam? Muslims have a moral obligation to subjugate, convert or kill kaffirs. But we non-Muslims have an obligation to overcome our denial and cognitive dysfunction.                                                              

The challenges we face are daunting. Our secular spiritual leaders who preach “All Religions Are the same” have to explain to families why their loved one were killed by Jihadi terrorists? And world renowned spiritual leaders will forgive out why Allah allowed his followers to slaughter innocent Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs.  They have nothing to say about deceptive religious conversion, subversive activities and daily denigration of Hindu deities by missionaries and their cohorts. As Hindus, we are used to overstatements, all inclusive preaching like “Ishwar-Allah-Thera Nam”. But their ignorance, denial, and cognitive disorder are not overstatements.  Do they feel the grief or live on the path of illusion?
Ekam Sad Viprah Bahudha Vadanti, Vasudeiva Kudumbhakam, etc are noble concepts. Historically, the intent of these Sukhtams is to appreciate plurality of our Devas, and our worship of Trimurthis.

Sita Ram Goel, and Ram Swaroop, the doyens of modern Hindu thought  made a thorough analysis of the crucial problem associated with the misinterpretation of our sacred concepts to create a wall of denial. The paradigm switch that all religions are the same has been expanded to include the principle of all inclusiveness.

Our original Mantra has been altered and the present operation and interpretation is altogether different in scale from what it was. “Ekam Sad Viprah Bahudha Vadanti” is a lovely, catchy statement. Yet our leaders misinterpret it .The misinterpreted Vedic paradigm “all inclusive, tolerant” philosophy has become a trap for Hindus and it is no good. Hindus might be better off if with the original thought and not to accept the paradigm switch.

It is misleading and dangerous to think all religions are different paths in the same wisdom. It has been fashionable to affirm that all religions are beautiful, and all are true. It is odd as it is intriguing. No intelligent person can argue that Islamic Jihad, Ramadan Feasting, genital mutilation, Kaffir beheading, stoning, human rights violation, sexual exploitation of children and women, polygamy and tolerant, spiritual and  the humanistic Hindu philosophy  are the same. Islam has no respect for democracy and Muslims have the ultimate contempt for individual spiritual pursuits. Yet our Hindu secular Spiritual masters, phony intellectuals, agnostic politicians and mindless Marxists loudly proclaim that Islam, the closed political dogma and Hinduism are the same and basically good. They refuse to accept the fact that Hindus do not go to Mecca for beheading animals, or practice genital mutilation, honor killing, stoning, and limb amputation.  Muslims do not believe in religious tolerance, peace, harmony and co-existence. We do believe in Atman and Brahman and individual liberty to follow different spiritual paths.

The “all inclusiveness” is an age-old normative ideal which contends that all religions are the same, all people of the world share universal spiritual philosophy. This philosophy translates into the idea that we live in an ideal world where Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists believe in one God and we are eternally connected to the one universal family. Such irrational thought system ignore, closed, rigid, non-compromising, and closed political ideologies promoted as religion.

Despite the increasing scope and influence of integrated philosophy (all inclusiveness), issues of Jihadi terrorism, Maoist violence, coercive religious conversion and foreign influenced and managed subversive activities tend to remain at the periphery of such “all inclusive thinkers” in India. This is largely true, in spite of Islamic death model, rigid missionary theology, evangelical game plan for creating ethnic crisis, deceptive religious conversion and Marxist misrule.  Most specifically, secularist’s profound cognitive disorder and denial stand as a defense wall that limit their ability for critical analysis of contemporary social problems including increased Jihadi terrorism. For “all inclusive” Indian leaders such issues are not valuable intrinsically or interested in defending Hindus from brutal attackers. They emphasize equal moral worth of all persons including Jihadi terrorists, temple looters, criminals and evangelical mafia gang forcing Hindus for conversion.

The consistent treatment of dangerous Islamic terrorists and political deviants as good has been termed one of the most controversial problems in India. Indian leaders are enslaved in their own misinterpretation of the traditional Vasudeivak Kudumbakam, and refused to escape from the trap despite the fact that they are deep in a garbage pit.

Islam teaches Mohammedans to hate infidels (Hindus), subdue, convert, or kill them. The Christian Theology teaches that non-Christians would be condemned to hell for eternity.  Islamic Jihad and Christian Churches have been never about inclusion—always exclusion, as “we are saved” you (non-believers) are going to hell. Their tenacious and deceptive practices have been disguised as compassion and social services.

The “all inclusive philosophy” as a rule merely equates our tolerant, spiritual paradigm with closed, rigid, fundamentalist dogmas.  The fact that you have your way, and I have my way, means that neither way has moral-ethical force or authority. The result in a world in which there is no difference between good and bad, right and wrong but merely differences in perception or interpretation and so, by moral and cultural default, what is left is the free market of the wicked Jihadis. All religions are the same is an admirable ideal, but also a potentially dangerous fantasy with potential pitfalls. Tolerance of intolerant ideologies, deviant people, criminals and mischief mongers is not a positive virtue. It is mental pathology if it disables the ability to recognize real evil promoted in the name of religions.
Now, many Hindus continue to believe that this way of thinking (“all Inclusiveness”) needs to be ousted, challenged, and changed in order for all people to be valued just as they are.  In the presence of absolute evidence that Islamic dogma and fundamentalist Christian Theology are diametrically opposed to spiritual Hindutva,  it is essential to make the assumption that, if proven to be true, it would be dangerous to assume “that all are equal”.  However, endorsing such ideal “all religions are the same” is one thing, having to protect fellow Hindus is quite another. For hundreds of years, Hindus have been murdered, attacked, insulted, subjugated, forcefully converted and oppressed by followers of dogmatic and fascists ideologies.  In this context, whether it is possible and desirable to translate such paradigm in addressing real problems. Such secular leaders who suffer from a virulent form of cognitive disorder generally dismiss the idea of Jihad, crusade, Maoist violence, and Marxist subversion. Such perverted ideologues have not really translated the “all inclusive” philosophy into positive guidelines for government, human rights and prevention of Jihadi terrorism or coercive religious conversion. We are living in a non-ideal world. Followers of Islam and other dogmatic ideologies are marching ahead with deceptive strategies and violence to subjugate Hindus. Is it possible to translate the all inclusive ideals into institutions operating in the violent, non-ideal world?

As Muslims groups in India issue death threats and dangerous Fatwa, our leaders are responding, not with condemnations of death threats, but with condemnation of Hindus who protest evil Islamic terrorists. Islamic terrorism over Hindus, we are told by corrupt and Islam appeasing politicians that Hindu activism is a major cause of Islamic terrorism. They are concerned themselves with the justification on their paradigm switch, and remain largely agnostic about the real world of Islamic terrorism.

Those Hindus who question amoral, non-judgmental policies of phony secularists are labeled as communalists.  India is so diverse, so multiethnic, and composite culture, so we have to be open-minded and tolerant with the purity of heart, so laments our secularists. Those who follow this utopian vision of human nature has made a nexus with the government and have tinkered our education and joined with the media for indoctrinating Hindus to make citizens as zombies.

It is possible to make a false paradigm switch, easier, than to be a master in the truth because a wrong paradigm switch can be made as simple and consistent as one pleases. How do these misguided liberal secularists balance their whimsical ideology with the duty to be helpful and compassionate to Hindus? How do they respond to Muslims at a time Jihadis are invoking Allah to massacre thousands of Hindus? Are they willing to point fingers at Islam? Do they know the true teaching of Islam?

Often these opportunistic leaders seem normal with their paradigm conspiracy, so normal, in fact that their potential for doing terrible harm to Hindu society can be invisible. They are dreaming in this irrational world. “The dreamer can know no truth, not even about their dreams, except by awakening out of it”.

Hindus must promote and protect their culture and spiritual traditions not by confirming the misguided philosophy of mindless secularists. It is much more difficult to unlearn an erroneous ideology than it is learn a new truth. But it can be done. And it must be done. If not now, when?

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