The ongoing war on Hindus : Cultural Nationalism and Freedom

published on May 12, 2013

Dr.Babu Suseelan

Recently I was in India. I have traveled from Khatmandu to Kanyakuamri. What I saw is mind boggling. Corruption, bureau pathology, Jihadi terrorism, coercive religious conversion, nepotism, and looting of India’s wealth are rampant. As an NRI Hindu, I am frustrated and sickened. The sense of frustration was all the greater because the ruling anti-national Congress Party has taken the risk of war on Hindu majority and Hindus are humiliated. The present administration is ruling by fooling and had made fouls out of India.

Sri Narendra Modi, the Gujarat Chief Minister was the only leader capturing with his campaign cry of “Let us stop corruption and India moving again”. Sri Narendra Modi is an amazing warrior, patriot, and one of the wisest political leaders of India I know.  He has given much to Gujarat. Hindus can count on him to provide invaluable assistance to Indian citizens.

Indian citizens have succumbed to the temptation of believing that more appeasement policies and programs for Muslims, Maoists and Christians, more evasion of corruption, more courtship of foreign psychological warfare agents, and tolerance of terrorists and avoidance of confrontation with our arch enemy Pakistan would satisfy the majority Hindus.   How do we as a nation, move beyond the tired doctrine of pseudo secularism? Who will explain the difficult truths of our new reality? What will be the next version of the Indian government look alike?

India’s Leftist Academicians, anti-national media experts, corrupt politicians, anti-Hindu foreign owned media management, and controversial missionary agents, converted Christians, bleeding heart liberals and Jihadi terrorist leaders—all seems to be worried about the rise of Hindu nationalism. The enemies act with ulterior motives and attack the social fabric of India from within. For decades, the bleeding heart liberals and Marxist misfits and pseudo-secularists have gnawed at the support beams of India, compromising its foundational values. Disguised as the great defender of liberty, human rights and equality for all, these agents of our enemies actually overthrowing the freedoms of the millions of Hindus. As a result of our enemy efforts, Hindu organizations have been progressively silenced, organizational leader’s authority has been shockingly undermined, and our fellow Hindu women and children are less safe and Hindu life continuous to be cheapened in the nation.

BJP, RSS, VHP and Hindu organizations must take appropriate approach to help the majority to avoid compromising positions. NRI Hindu professionals must visit India often and educate our fellow Hindus how to respond to India’s political pathology properly and authoritatively. We should offer true, examples of manipulation and con games and the resulting consequences. Hindus are not aware of the manipulation, and how not to make the mistake of becoming a victim.

 We never hear from them:  What is wrong with our rising cultural nationalism?

Hindu nationalism provides Indian citizens and the world fundamental concepts with rare combination of profound psychological insight, deep and valuable abstract concepts and freedom to the world beyond the five senses to a new understanding of real spirituality.

Unfortunately, the pseudo secular leaders, corrupt politicians, converted Christians, Jihadist, Marxist misfits, Maoist criminals, and anti-Hindu, anti-national Congress party and leftist leaders in India are not always useful for those who care about our country, our cultural nationalism, national integration, and about the continuous improvement required in our democracy. For example, one may conclude that leftist, Marxist academicians, missionary agents, supporters of Islamic terrorists support anti Hindu activities, and they want to destroy India and destabilize our country.  These agent provocateurs are interested only to silence religious expression of the majority Hindus. The climate of fear and intimidation has been created through systematic attacks on Hindu leaders and common Hindus. Many Hindus in India, have developed a knee-jerk response to anything on Hindutva. Our enemy agents in India are very much interested to deconstruct India for the likings of our distractors and enemies. With the help of anarchists, and ant-Hindu media pundits who appear to be motivated more by selfish interests, need for financial gains, recognition and applause from our enemies join with our distractors and enemies to destroy our country and eternal Dharma, liberty and cultural nationalism. So deep and effective are their efforts even Guruvayoor Appan Temple Partha Sarathi Temple at Aranmula and sacred Sabarimala and several Hindu Temples were not left untouched. During India’s history, Hindus had been deluded into believing that the key to happiness, survival of our religion, safety and security lies in tolerance of our enemies and compromise with terrorists. The consequence of the misplaced emphasis on tolerance of evil has been the neglect of-even total oblivion to-the workings of our enemies.

These anti-nationals, anti-Hindu writers, criminal politicians, corrupt NGOs and missionary and Jihadi agents profess to be developing new theories for deconstruction of India at the whims and fancy of our enemies. Instead of improving our democracy, unity of nationalists, and cultural nationalism, our agent provocateurs and saboteurs are presently promoting thinly disguised alien dogmas and ideology as theory for misdirecting, misguiding and dividing Hindu nationalists. Many corrupt and criminal politicians and phony secularist Hindus in India fall into their trap created for them by psychological warfare experts.  INDIAN POLITICAL PARTIES appeal to special voting blocs to get reelected and continue looting public wealth. I saw in India, the fading away of the free-spiritual society. When I was young, men advanced on ability, merit and performance. Now under the anti-national, anti-Hindu congress party jobs and contracts are contingent on minority status.

Whatever theories presented for public consumption is to conquer and divide the country and destroy our eternal Dharma and all inclusive Vedic values. To take decisions out of the hands of the majority Hindus and remake India is the goal of our enemies. Instead of “find, Fix and Finish” policy on Islamic terrorists, our self-serving politicians, government of India is not interested in defending our country from terrorists, rapists and foreign enemies. In fact, the more outrageous or dangerous the policies of anti-national Congress party, the so called regional parties, (AIDMK, Bahujan Samaj Party, DMK, Samaj Party, the Marxist party, Trinamool Congress) the more willing they are to indulge in anti- national and ant-Hindu activities or promote disunity among nationalist Hindus. These anti-national regional parties engaged in activities to promote Islamists and their vote bank, that I felt, it was foolish, but no Hindu activists, and nationalist political parties had ever stirred such deep emotions of our culture inside them. Things in India were going to get much, much worse before they ever get better.


For example, recently one Sagarika Ghosh, a Marxist media pundit who works for Evangelist Pat Robertson who owned IBN in India, introduced a term INTERNET HINDUS while interviewing Dr. Subramanian Swami for another Islamic Television Station Al-Jazeera. The question she has asked has shown no motivation other than use her knowledge, skill, and commitment to destroy our culture. As a keen observer of her interview, she has shown her radical bias towards her employer. She might have attended special training for skill building for psychological warfare provided by foreign agents freely operating in India.

Sagarika Ghosh failed miserably in her interview to explain what is wrong with Internet Hindus. She forgot that the democratizing power of the internet. Corrupt, authoritarian government is using Television, Print Media, surveillance techniques, the internet for disseminating cutting-edge propaganda, and mass communication system effectively to suppress free-speech and democracy.

Internet Hindus are determined to counter their misleading propaganda with real facts, truths and historical, accurate data to counter arguments for establishing a corruption free government in India based on our true spirited Hindu Dharma. Certainly, her obsession with psychological warfare techniques and strategies in keeping the anti- national, anti- Hindu system of government by digital means will backfire. In the name of promoting democracy, these so called do-gooders, the anti-Hindu journalists are deeply entrenched in promoting corruption, criminal behavior, anarchism, anti-national activities, and Jihadi terrorism as agents of our enemies within. They are trying to make it harder not easier for promoting real democracy. They shed crocodile tears when they use buzz words like Internet Hindus, communal Hindus, and remind us about Hindu tolerance, broad mindedness, compromise and pluralism. The reality is that there is a limit of tolerance and doing well for Jihadi terrorists and conversion gang requires as much oversight and consideration.

Evidence suggests that Islamization and coercive religious conversion and anarchism are not liberating, but promoting social crises and disasters. Since independence, food, natural resources, pollution of the soil, the rivers and oceans, the atmosphere, deforestation, relentless conversion of Hindus, crime and violence— these are only a few in the complex web of anti-national politicians made problems. My point is that the failure thus far to perceive and deal with the problems.

We are living in a world of continuous technological change. Politicians and pundits have hailed internet as a revolutionary force that will empower Hindus around the world and threaten agents of our enemies within, promote corruption free government and expose pseudo secular social and political leaders.  Sagarika Ghosh: Your naïve ideas of INTERNET HINDUS are sadly misplaced. The Internet Hindus may distract you from your anarchist tendencies.  Internet Hindus have determined to empower Hindus around the world and we can trigger a wave of clean democratic transformation, freedom and pluralism for us and for our next generation.

For corrupt politicians, anti-national media agents, pro Jihadi provocateurs, the urge to find a quick fix to subdue and enslave Internet Hindus is hard. We, internet Hindus have decided to use profound technological change- in disseminating correct, clear and comprehensive information. We want to implement liberty and reason in an unreasonable world. It can be done. It will be done.

Jihadists, missionary misfits, converted gangs, anarchists, Maoists and Marxist criminals position themselves as the great defender of cultural pluralism great defender of religious freedom. They are actively striving to eliminate the freedoms of millions of Hindus. Most Indians are unaware of the extremist positions of the dogmatists, fundamentalist who follow closed dogmas.

Sometimes Hindus fall victims to the con games of converted Christians, Jihadis, Marxists, and pseudo-secularists. When this happens, the orderly operation of the government is impeded and morale among the rest of the population suffers. What may seem like a request from a Muslim or a converted Christian or a Marxist or a bogus secularist can lead to Hindus compromising nationalist policies and positions.
Nationalist leaders like Swami Ramdev, Sri Narendra Modi, Dr. Subramanian Swami and others who promote cultural nationalism would be vilified, ridiculed, and mocked for their actions.  They would be labeled “intolerant” by the bogus left media. Since independence from the British Colonial Christian masters, our enemies are waging a largely uncontested war against our core values—all not only without protest but with the support of much of the alienated, pseudo secular media—clocking their war in the name of liberty.

For those who are imprisoned in garbage traps, and phony secular policy makers of India cannot afford to forget that they cannot continue with their pervasive corruption. WE are not here to use internet for aggravating the situation, but we need more rational discussion about the root causes of the problem that have been haunting India. Hindus scattered around the globe found internet is a powerful tool to address common human problem created by Pseudo secularists, Islamists and Missionary gang in India.

C.S. Lewis pointed out, in the Abolition of Man, that “when we abandon the transmission of values, we end with social fragmentation and risk obliteration of humanity.”  What are these values? The values that we need can be found in the Vedas, Upanishads, Ithihasas, Darsanas, and Puranas. How can we argue that the Values of our Rishis and Acharayas are not universal, spiritual, uplifting and harmonious?

Our Rishis and Acharayas have showed that concepts as harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for life are the core values that need to be promoted for human freedom, dignity, and welfare for all.

Although developing freedom, critical thinking, and cultural nationalism is challenging and difficult. For the past centuries, hundreds of thousands of courageous Hindu men and women have given their lives to protect our sovereignty, dharma and liberty. Countless others like Dr.Hedgewar, Veer Sarvarkar, Swami Dayanda Saraswathy, and Swami Vivekananda etc.  Sacrificed and lived through tremendous hardship to protect our core Vedic values, precious freedom and sovereignty.

There is hope for India and Hindus who want to practice and promote Hindu Dharma. Hindus and pseudo secular Hindus need to follow our eternal Vedic Dharma.  We need a renewal. We do not listen to our distracters.

I am reminded of the powerful words of Woodrow Wilson:

“A Nation which doesn’t remember what it was yesterday, doesn’t Know what it is today, or what it is trying to do. We are trying to do a futile thing if we do not know where we come from or what we have been about.”

Sri Narendra Modi

Sri Narendara Modi has shown us the way. As an able administrator, soul searching leader who can integrate our Dharma and can promote our cultural nationalism, Sri Narendra Modi has shown us the way to free our compulsions and fixations, obsessions and addictions for pseudo secularism and appeasement of terrorist Muslims. Tolerance for corruption, nepotism, coercive and deceptive religious conversion, and compromise with terrorism, sabotage, and bureau pathology, – prevent us from living a fulfilling and meaningful life. Sri Narendra Modi has shown us the way with the necessary tools to avoid these social pathologies. Under Sri Narendra Modi’s administration, we can explore every aspect of Hindutva that contribute to the most to life.

Electing and retaining Sri Narendra Modi as the next Prime Minister of India is one of the most challenging tasks we can undertake. For all of us, that is the unending journey toward our freedom, our spiritual growth-toward Hindu consciousness, toward wholeness, wisdom and compassion. Let us all join together for electing Sri Narendra Modi as the next Prime Minster of India that can reshape our lives for the better. It is freedom.

Our eternal Dharma defines our life. Dharma established, beyond debate, rules our whole way of life. Our enemies know not our Vedic dharma but force, trickery, and cunning strategy. Our enemies tutor Hindus in treason. They torture our Dharma and truth. We must be willing, individually and as nation, to accept whatever sacrifices may be required of us. Here, freedom is pitted against slavery, lightness and wisdom against darkness. Remember, a people that value a closed dogma above freedom, and dharmic truth and liberty soon loses freedom.

From traveling throughout India, I can tell you that Majority of Indians is suspicious of our political leaders and suspicious of corru
t politician’s theories, labels and jargons. The majority citizens have become aware that the anti-National Congress party headed by an uneducated Italian lady and her present administration is irresponsible and incompetent. The majority Hindus think that the Congress Party is inherently evil.

If BJP really wanted to win the trust of the majority, the elderly leaders couldn’t go around demonizing those who disagreed with them, nor could they impose some kind of purity test on Sri Narendra Modi and young Hindu activists. BJP may risk the thoughtfulness and openness to new ideas that are required to move our country forward. Of all the original leaders of the BJP, Sri Narendra Modi is the most strongly favored who can communicate to voters. And act against corruption.

For the past several centuries, hundreds of thousands of courageous Hindu men and women have given their lives to protect India’s religion, culture, sovereignty and freedom. Countless others, like Swami Ram Dev., Mata Amritananda Mai, Sri Ravi Shankar, Swami Rama, sacrifice and live through tremendous hardships to protect and promote our dharma and liberty throughout the world.   Under the Sonia headed anti- Hindu congress party, our children will cease to be Hindus.  If left unchecked, our enemy’s plan to reshape India and Hindutva will be almost complete. Our great Rishis have envisioned our precious freedoms—of religious practices, spiritual pursuits, and reaching God through Jana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga or Karma yoga. As NRI, we have a duty and responsibility to protect India, practice our culture and if we fail in our mission, India we grew up with and love will vanish.

For those who believe in Hindu values that made India great, the stakes are high and we cannot stand idly by. We will definitely lose our cultural liberties, pluralism, tolerance, and spiritual freedom if we don’t fight pseudo secularists, Vatican agent and uneducated Italian born Sonia, and the congress party and its agenda, and its many allies. We will lose our Dharma when we give in to the pseudo secularist’s demands. We will lose our religious liberty and our sacred land for ever. Let us join together in this battle and we will continue to be as long as it takes to preserve, protect, practice, and promote our cultural nationalism and spirituality.
My prolonged visit to India convinced me that the failure thus far to perceive and deal with these problems, the interrelatedness of these problems are of such magnitude and Hindus are no longer able to solve these problems locally or even a national basis. The most significant is that Hindus best hope for the future is an ethical revolution based on our Vedic values from which Hindus can gain fresh understanding of themselves and their role in the scheme of things.

I think India will be great again –when we entrust the conduct of national affairs to men who understand that their first duty as public official is to devote themselves the power they had been given. It will on when Hindus decide to put Sri Narendra Modi to restore India.

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