The mystery behind the meeting between Priyanka and Nalini

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Note: This has been prepared and presented as involved issues, personalities and events affect Indian society, value system and electioneering processes in particular in the context. However, the real good work done by the institutions is not questioned. Many other official controversies are avoided.


May 1991 and May 2009 – strange coincidence: Not that Jayalalitha was raising this issue – Priyanka-Nalini meeting – for the first time, as it was kept secret and then known to the public afterwards as published by the local Tamil dailies and weeklies. Just before the elections, the meeting was carefully planned and Priyanka Vedra met her on the pretext of visiting Golden temple at Vellore . The one hour talk between these ladies could not be as simple like discussing about their begetting children through cesarean operation, weeping, washing of sins and so on.


The background of the issue involves too many details, but all revolving around Sonia Gandhi as could be seen below:


The assassination of Rajiv Gandhi is linked to LTTE and Bofors;

they are connected to Sweden / Scandinavian nations and arms;

Swedish drug mafia and LTTE are linked with Columbian drug cartels and thus the nexus and web spread and shrink to a point.


Ironically within a month again Qutrocchi, LTTE, Rajiv Gandhi and all are raked up or rather made to remember in May as May 21 is approaching! Intriguingly, in this May also the same characters gathering together at a place as happened in 1991.  Karunanidhi was CM of TN; Surjit Singh Barnala Governor; Rahul Gandhi comes here followed by Priyanka and Sonia follows them! For the LTTE’s involvement in many incidences see the site:


Assassination of Olaf Palme and Rajiv Gandhi-The Bofors connection: On February 28, 1986 , Olof Palme, Swedish Prime Minister, leader of the Social Democratic Party was gunned down on a Stockholm street home from a cinema with his wife, Lisbet. On May 21, 1991 Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by the LTTE cadres, however, the main culprit is considered as Prabhakaran Palme cooked up the Bofors deal with Rajiv and both had interests in saving each other. Joginder Singh, CBI charged that Rajiv Gandhi was personally involved in the kickbacks received strong support from B. M. Oza, who was India ‘s ambassador to Sweden when the Bofors deal was being finalized in 1986. Oza published a book, “Bofors: The Ambassador’s Evidence,” in 1996, in which he said that he conducted his own investigation into the arms deal and was warned by Rajiv’s office to desist from doing so. “I had no doubt in my mind that the commissions were actually the bribe money for Rajiv Gandhi paid by Bofors through [Ottavio] Quattrochi,” Ambassador Oza writes. As both PMs were reportedly involved in the muddlings connected with arms and drugs and it turn receiving kickbacks from them, they were eliminated as they could not keep up their words with the involved mafia.


LTTE, drugs, arms and assassinations: Their Italian connections: The involvement of LTTE in these assassinations was suspected strongly, as both leaders were not only involved in the Bofors, but also indirectly drugs-deal and distribution of commission arising thereof. The LTTE has been a big player in getting drugs from the Taliban drug mafia from the Golden Triangle and distribute in the SEA countries and as well as the Central American countries. Though Columbian drug mafia was suspected, LTTE’s role is found, as they engaged themselves as dealers in both commodities “arms and drugs”. The Italian connection noted made many cautious in the issues. However, considering the Sonia presence in India , such facts have been blacked out in India , as the Indians may think differently, if they come to know these facts. The Scandinavian connection with LTTE has been intriguing, though political analysts have been pointing out it carefully. Ironically, the so-called LTTE sympathizers spread in many countries – Canada, France, Australia, UK, South Africa, Mauritius have been millionaires funding the LTTE operations as in turn they get commissions for their luxurious lives. Thus, the powerful “intelligentsia” operates effectively through internet.


Tamil Tiger terrorists arrested in Italy , on charges of extortion and drug related offences Ironically, here also the Italian factor connecting LTTE has been intriguing but it has been a fact. It has been officially confirmed that 30 members of the LTTE who are involved in collecting money for the terror outfit by extortion have been arrested in the early morning 17-06-2008 by the by the Anti terrorism Unit in seven different regions in Italy This operation has been conducted by the Anti terrorism units of Naples and Palermo, and involved over 200 police agents in various cities in the various regions. Sri Lanka Embassy in Italy in a statement reveals that at Palermo , the Authorities have arrested 8 Tamil suspects accused of membership to a terrorist organization. It is reported that the Tamil community living in Palermo has complained to the Police authorities against extortion, intimidation, and harassments committed by the LTTE members in the area. The Embassy of Sri Lanka in its statement pointed out that it will coordinate with Italian authorities for further investigation. One is surprised as to how the LTTE cadres could have established their groups in different parts of Italy without any political or ideological or logistic support from anybody from India or Indian-Italian nexus.


LTTE TV channel from Italy : Funds from Swiss Banks: June 18, 2008 : Italian Police said they arrested 33 suspected LTTE members in pre-dawn raids across the country. Police in Naples said the suspects were arrested in 10 cities including Rome , Genoa , Bologna , Naples and Palermo at the end of a two-year investigation. Some 200 police personnel were involved in the operation which saw raids across the country including the island of Sicily . Police believe the suspects, all Sri Lankan citizens, extorted money from their fellow nationals in the various cities and sent it home to finance the LTTE. Luigi Bonacura of the Naples police said the operation effectively dismantled the LTTE network in Italy . Tamil expatriates in Italy are forced to contribute money to the LTTE, Police said. The funds are taken out of Italy through Swiss banks. Three months ago the Italian authorities closed down an illegal LTTE propaganda TV channel operating from Italian territory Neapolitan police team has also discovered a kind of intelligence service in the LTTE called TIG, which controls people from Sri Lanka of the Tamil ethnic group resident in Italy, holding detailed files and photos, both of supporters and non-supporters of the organisation. Reports on Italian TV speculated that the annual amount extorted from expatriate Tamils in Italy was around four million euros (6.2 million dollars = 30 million INR or 300 crores).


Mafia knows no family ties: Mafia like religious fundamentalist and dogmatic groups know no family or relationships If one has to kill his mother or wife or vice versa he or she has to do that without any questioning. Premendra Agrawal’s analysis here has been interesting. Raising the matter during Zero Hour in Lok Sabha, BJP leader V K Malhotra and SP`s Ramji Lal Suman said the conspiracy was hatched by Italian businessman Quattrocchi and LTTE`s intelligence chief Anton Balasingham in a five-star hotel in Paris.


(1) According to, French intelligence agencies were in possession of documentary evidence that the LTTE, Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrochchi and several Congress Party bigwigs colluded to have Rajiv Gandhi eliminate.


(2) LTTE and Quatrocchi believed that Rajiv and his Congress were not winning the 1991 elections, and therefore, panicked. According to the website, Quattrocchi felt that as long as Mr. Gandhi was alive, the scam would remain alive. If Rajiv were dead then the Bofors Scam would die.


(3) Quattrocchi therefore met Balasingham in Paris and was also in touch with arms dealer Adnan Khashogi. The website said that the entire meeting and conversation between Quattrocchi and Balasingham was recorded by the French intelligence agencies.


(4) According to the website, on the day he was assassinated (May 21, 1991), Rajiv Gandhi was reluctant to leave Vishakapatnam for Chennai and then to Sriperumbadur. But some Congress leaders had convinced him to undertake the journey, which eventually killed him.


(5) When Rajiv alighted at Sriperumbudur all the state Leaders were there. However, each of the Tamilnadu State Leaders suddenly decided to keep away from Rajiv. So, when the Human Bomb Exploded, Rajiv was Blown to pieces, but not a single Tamilnadu State Leader Died with him. G.K.Moopanar, P.Chidambaram, Maragatham Chandrashekar and several Other Tamilnadu state Leaders did not walk with Rajiv. Strange and Impossible. But the Tamilnadu State leaders allowed Rajiv to walk the Death-Walk Alone.


Rajiv, Palme, Quttrochi, arms – are all well connected: Olof Palme the PM of Sweden and the Indian thief Rajiv Gandhi directly negotiated the Bofors deal of SEK 8.4 billion for the Swedish armaments company Bofors to supply the Indian Army with howitzers. in which a percentage of commission was agreed as bribe for Rajiv Gandhi. Sonia’s boyfriend Ottavio Quttrochi had started the shady company called AE Services, based in Guilford , Surrey , England , to collect bribe for Rajiv Gandhi. When details of bribe came out in the open, Ottavio Quttrochi and his Italian mafia sent a lone gunman to Stockholm, Sweden and assassinated Olof Palme on Friday, 28 February, 1986, to stop further revelations on bofors kickback. The British Intelligence MI6 had vital clues of the assassination, but the Swedish police suppressed it. There was a book `Blood on the Snow: The Killing of Olof Palme’ written by Jan Bondeson advanced a theory that Palme’s murder was linked with arms trades to India. Bondeson’s book meticulously recreated the assassination and its aftermath, and suggested that  Palm had used his friendship with Rajiv Ganhi to secure a SEK 8.4 billion deal for the Swedish armaments company Bofors to supply the Indian Army with howitzers. However, Palme did not know that behind his back Bofors had used a shady company called AE Services — nominally based in Guildford, Surrey, England  — to bribe Indian government officials to conclude the deal. Thus, the sudden exoneration of Quttrochi by the CBI definitely at the behest of Sonia has raised questions recently.


Jayalalitha’s poser to Karunanidhi:   Jayalalitha could have raised such issues for political advantage, but for Indians, the issues have been serious, as they affect not only their economy, but also society and polity. “There is a suspicion that the Sri Lankan military stepped up its offensive against the Tamils only after the meeting between the two,” she said while campaigning for candidates. “What is the mystery behind the meeting? Who gave permission to it? What transpired between the two,” she asked and alleged that the Chief Minister remained silent when these questions were raised. Stating that the meeting took place with the knowledge of the Chief Minister, she said he should explain to the world what transpired between the two


Golden temple, Canadian-Italian connections and LTTE: The manipulation LTTE with the Hindu temples has been an extortion move adopted. How the temple fund of Australia was siphoned out by LTTE is well known. The anti-Hindu Dravida politicians and ideologists have been looting Hindu temples for the last 60 years. The misuse of an Amman Temple by the Dravidian atheists goes on unabated. Thus, the same methodology followed by the LTTE is not at all a surprise to the Dravidian and Dravidian psyche-knowing people. The LTTE receives significant funding (often through charitable “fronts”) from Sri Lankan Tamils overseas, as it was banned in Canada in 2006. With the largest Tamil diaspora in the world, Canada is a significant source of such funding.Some experts estimate that Tamils in Canada provide $1 million to $2 million each month to front organizations for the LTTE.The sudden raise of Golden temple with Rs 600 crores funding from Canada, inauguration in August 2007 and the keen interest shown by Karunaniji in it raise many questions. Ironically, Priyanka also came there on the pretext of visiting the temple, but went and met Nalini.

Karunanidhi visits the temple in February 2008 and Priyanka in March 2008:


The visit of atheist and anti-Hindu Karunanidhi to the Golden Temple in Vellore on Feb. 16, 2008 Saturday was intriguing, as the critics questioned his visit to a temple. However, he claimed that it’s the cause of welfare, and not faith, that urged him to visit the Golden Temple . He went there to distribute financial aid among children launching welfare schemes, besides laying foundation for the Tiruvalluvar University . So why without faith such anti-Hindus should visit and the so-called “spiritual heads” like Ammas should encourage such anti-Hindus. This clearly proves that the spiritual Ammas too have some other motive other than temple related activities. With “paguttaravi” / Analytical Wisdom, even others could ask why the Ammas do not advice such anti-Hindus, anti-Vedic and anti-temple rable rousers. In such non-spiritual ctivities, there is no difference between LTTE looting temple funds in Austrtalia, Canana, Sri Lanka or dravidian ideologists pillaging in India or or Ammas do in their own ingenious ways.

Priyanka Vadra met Nalini on March 14 / 19, 2008 -Priyanka Vadra, who has created a flutter by meeting one of the conspirators in her father Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination, on 14-04-2008 said she does not believe in anger, hatred and violence and will not allow these things to overpower her. “It was a very personal visit and completely on my own individual initiative. I would be deeply grateful if this could be respected,” she told PTI about her meeting with Nalini Sriharan in Vellore jail in Tamil Nadu on March 19, 2008 . Nalini, married to Murugan, sentenced to death in the assassination case, was also awarded capital punishment for involvement in the killing on May 21, 1991 , at Sriperumbudur in the state.  Her sentence was later commuted to life imprisonment after Sonia Gandhi pleaded for clemency for the sake of the convict’s daughter. “It is true that I met Nalini Sriharan in Vellore central jail on March 19, 2008 . It was my way of coming to peace with the violence and loss that I have experienced,” she said. Recalling her mother’s intevention in getting Nalini’s death sentence commuted to life imprisonment, Priyanka said she did not believe in hatred and violence. “I do not believe in anger, hatred and violence and I refuse to allow these things to overpower my life,” she said. Her brother Rahul Gandhi said, “I have a different way of looking at these things. I don’t have a problem either.” Rahul said, “We don’t carry hatred, we don’t carry anger. It’s not an exercise… She felt that she wanted to go and see the person. She has been feeling it for sometime.”


Issue started with Rajkumar, an advocate: The issue of Priyanka meeting Nalini in the Vellore jail came to the fore with a city lawyer, D Rajkumar, seeking queries from the prison authorities by invoking provisions under Right to Information Act. Priyanka was in Vellore on March 19 to pay obeisance at the newly constructed Sri Lakshmi Narayani Golden Temple . Rajkumar, in his application to the superintendent of prisons, had asked whether it was true that Priyanka met Nalini? And if so under which legal provisions was she allowed to meet the convict and who accompanied her? Vellore jail authorities, when contacted by PTI on Tuesday, declined to comment saying that they would reply to the RTI petition filed by Rajkumar. Since Priyanka herself had subsequently admitted meeting Nalini in the prison, Rajkumar demanded an inquiry against the Superintendent for providing false information to him under the RTI Act and take appropriate action against Ms Rajasoundari

Jail official denied the meeting: “No Priyanka-Nalini meeting took place”: It has to be noted that the Jail official denied that such meeting took place. The denial came by way of superintendent Rajasoundari’s written reply to city lawyer D Rajkumar’s query under the Right To Information Act (RTI) seeking details of the meeting.  “In response to your query, let me inform that on March 14, 2008 and March 19, 2008 , nobody had visited the prisoner under contention,” the reply said in the context of whether any meeting had taken place with Nalini. Rajasoundari’s reply was dated April 11 while Priyanka had acknowledged on April 16 that the meeting had taken place while reacting to media reports about the March 19 meeting. Priyanka said the meeting was her way of “coming to peace with violence and loss that I have experienced”.  Duraisamy, Nalini’s advocate, told reporters that he had preferred an appeal to the State Information Commissioner, appointed under the RTI, alleging that the jail superintendent was trying to ‘hush up’ the meeting and action should be taken against the official. However, officials at the office of the Commissioner of RTI were tightlipped on the issue.  Duraiswamy also claimed that there was no entry of Priyanka’s visit in the jail records and alleged he may have been under instructions


Priyanka and Nalini wept when met: Soon after Priyanka Vadra was left alone in the interview room with Nalini, tears welled up in her eyes. Nalini told her advocates that when she saw tears in Priyanka’s eyes, she too began to cry.  Priyanka beckoned to Nalini and asked her to sit next to her. According to Nalini’s lawyers, Nalini told Priyanka she would sit and talk if she saw no tears in Priyanka’s eyes. Priyanka regained her composure and started putting questions to her – staccato, one after another. The lawyers said the two exchanged small gifts but Nalini prefers not to talk about it. At one stage, Priyanka asked Nalini about her Caesarian-section delivery, and informed Nalini she had been through the same procedure for both her children. When Priyanka left after the 60-minute meeting, Nalini said she felt as though she was parting with someone she had known for long. Nalini saw Priyanka get into her car that was parked right at the jail’s gate. Thus, such intimate discussion could not have been so simple. That her husband Robert Vadra was simply keeping quite about her wife’s sojourns also should be taken into consideration.


“I regret Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination: Nalini” on Aug 3, 2008: Calling Rajiv Gandhi a “great leader” and a “loss” to the country, Nalini, the lone surviving member of the five-member squad behind the assassination, said “I regret the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.” Nalini was one of the prime accused in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case. When asked whether the real conspirators have been brought to book, Nalini, whose interview was mailed by her lawyer Elangovan in reply to a questionnaire, said “No, as the real killers Sivarasan, Suba and Dhanu were already dead.” Dhanu, a suicide bomber, had carried out the attack at Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu on May 21, 1991 killing Rajiv Gandhi and 15 others on the spot. Dhanu was killed in the blast. During the course of investigations, pictures clicked by S Haribabu , an LTTE photographer who was also killed in the blast, exposed the role of Nalini and others. Arrested around a month after the assassination, Nalini was sentenced to death by hanging after being convicted on 16 counts of murder.  However, her sentence was later commuted to life imprisonment at the intervention of Congress President Sonia Gandhi who pleaded for clemency on account of Nalini’s young daughter who was born in jail.


Nalini’s plea for early release from jail immediately after the meeting: Nalini filed a petition for the early release from jail. The Madras high court verdict asking the Tamil Nadu government to consider afresh the plea of Rajiv Gandhi assassination case life convict Nalini for her early release has put the ball squarely back in the DMK regime’s court. With the court order fuelling fresh hope for Nalini, who has been in jail for 17 years, all eyes will be on what the DMK government’s next move would be. While it has the option of an appeal or abiding by the judgment and reconsidering her case through a fresh advisory board, political considerations would be paramount in its approach, as the party is now a close ally of the Congress. Karunanidhi’s government opposed Nalini’s release vehemently in court, indicating that he was against displeasing the Congress. However, the Congress-led UPA regime itself had been non-committal on the issue, and the Centre took the stand in court that it had no submissions to make because Nalini had not sought any relief from the Centre.


TN willing to free Nalini if Centre agrees: Karunanidhi said he would not stand in the way of the release of Nalini, a life convict in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, if the Centre agreed to her release, according to a prominent film lyricist leading a signature campaign for her freedom. “The CM told us that he has no objection to Nalini’s release, if the Centre agrees to it,” Thamarai, who wrote more than 300 songs for Tamil films, told TOI. She had met the chief minister armed with signatures of prominent writers, novelists, poets and theatre personalities supporting the premature release of Nalini, who is in prison since her arrest in 1991.


Release of prisoners by Karunanidhi – a political stunt: Human rights activists and literary figures have stepped up their campaign for her release ahead of the expected grant of freedom to life convicts in connection with the birth centenary of DMK founder C N Annadurai in September. Normally, the DMK government grants pardon to lifers who have completed 10 years in prison. The government has opposed Nalini’s petition for release in the Madras HC. Thamarai said the government was of the view that as Nalini’s case was investigated by the CBI and that she was punished under provisions of central legislations like the Arms Act and Explosives Act, the Centre’s clearance was necessary to set her free. As all these incidences coincide or happen as if they were schemed in such way to occur raise reasonable doubts.


The politics of clemency and drama of supporting terrorists: That Sonia Maino has recommended commutation to imprisonment of Naini from hanging has to be viewed with the delaying of ordering hanging of Afzal Guru. Without any shame, Chidambaram and others say that the puppet President considers such cases on “seniority basis”! However, in the case of Nalini, she could succeed from hanging to life to early release with the blessings of Sonia, Priyanka and Karunanidhi! All these tamashas are going on with Kasab’s trail commentaries broadcast just like 20-20 matches and bettings. Here too we have enough “cheer leaders”! Thus, days are for Afzal to claim “early release”, as the human rightswalas have already started vying with each other recommending his case. Sen’s case has also been tagged with “mounting” international pressure!


Rahul’s girl-fiend is Venezuelan, Colombian or Spanish: Rahul himself answers as follows: Now that he has rejected the regular job, regular life, what happens to his regular gal? “My girlfriend’s name is Veronique not Juanita,” laughs Rahul, “She is Spanish and not Venezuelan or Colombian. She is an architect not a waitress, though I wouldn’t have had a problem with that. She is also my best friend.” He met her in his university in England . Has he already proposed to her? “Hmm”, he answers with a huge smile, “I am not sure when I will be settling down.” Would he not be breaking many hearts here? “I hope not a lot of hearts,” he grins, “You cannot make everyone happy.” When Bal Thackery suggested that he would search for a Indian wife instead of a Columbian, he responded, “I shall definitely consider the recommendation of Thackerey,” Rahul quipped, “I am open to suggestions and proposals from any quarters on any matter. I am still learning. Even if some one abuses me I shall hear it but the decision would be mine,” he said. However, she was in India roaming with him even in 2003-04. About his “detention” at Boston airport conflicted reports appeared in the press.Thus, whether Rahul has girl-friend, lover or wife from any country, his non-Indian interest and such non-Indian persons getting involved in Indian affairs in a scheme exposes. Though it might appear such affairs are purely personal, but in India , it has great national repercussions, as they try to attack Indian values through such intruding elements and forces.

Prabhakaran knows all: As Prabhakaran knows perhaps everything, he is approached by the Sri Lankan army day by day and the connected persons have become nervous, panicky and worried completely. Even Tamil leaders have started talking about his death and so on, though only the degree of expression varies. If Prabhakaran is captured and he starts telling the truth all might be caught.


1991 and 2009: Would 1991 be repeated in 2009 to bring any Rajiv-wave for Congress? The sympathy wave crashed the hopes of Advani becoming a PM in 2001. Even today, Advani is projected as PM, but he is strongly opposed by Sonia and her family by all means. When Advani came to Chennai Sonia postponed her visit on the pretext of Karunanidhi’s ill-health. Ironically both the personalities Karunanidhi and Surjit Singh Barnala have been hospitalized in the same place. On May 21, 1991 , Barnala had to wind up his meeting at Tambaram and disperse immediately, as they were getting news of Sriperumpudur blast by 8.30 pm . What would happen if Prabhakaran is killed? Already such questions have been discussed in the secular media putting the connected parties in a fix. Only Sonia-Karunanidhi might know what would happen in such event. Of curse, today they are on the same dais (in Chennai public meeting) and Indians we have to wait and see what would happen?


The events occur precisely as planned: The events could not have occurred exactly like this and they could not be brushed aside as mere coincidence. Otherwise, the CBI could have exonerated Quttrocchi even in 2005, not necessarily in 2009. Priyanka could have met Nalini long back.  When Sonia came to Sriperumpudur in May 1991, she declared that her family hereafter would not get involved in politics, as they sacrificed maximum. But, she continued power politics thereafter with clear eye on PM post. If they want to win another election by such manipulation, definitely, they are capable of doing that.




 Pranay Gupte and Rahul Singh, Who killed Olof Palme and Rajiv Gandhi? – Earth Times News Service
12 August 1997


 . A man in an overcoat approached from behind, drew a Smith & Wesson revolver and shot the premier in his back. While there are theories about who could have been behind the murder, the identity of the culprit remains a mystery.

 Indian government has declared him as the proclaimed offender and in recent statement issued in the context of Sri Lanka it announced that he should be handed over to India for trail.

 Members of the Liberation Tigers’ Political Affairs Committee had tour to several Scandinavian countries  in April 2003 to study federal structures and good governance, by boarding a ferry to the Aaland islands in northern Europe . The intensive tour, which began with an opening welcome by Norwegian Deputy Foreign Minister Vidar Helgesen, was hailed as a success by the LTTE delegates as well as Foreign Ministry officials from Norway , Sweden and Finland .


Wed, 2008-06-18 18:25, and


Many times the connection of Opus dei is mentioned in the operations, as they have striking similarities in the events of Orissa, Rajasathan and Karnataka. Considering the Catholic aggressive and vociferous manipulations and meddlings, it could be possible in India also.


There have been many incidences, where Hindus have been targeted by the LTTE and killed looting the wealth, just like Mohameddan jihadis. Later, it is revealed that they behaved like jihadis, as they have been Catholics in many cases.

S Nagarajah , Sydney Murugan Temple Management succumbed to pro-LTTE activists, Date : 2005-02-02; for more details, see at:

Otherwise, Karunanidhi like persons need not have HR&CE ministry under their control. The Dravidians need not enjoy the properties of temples.


Shanaka Jayasekara, LTTE Fundraising & Money Transfer Operations, October 24th, 2007 , for full text, see at:

  Canadian Tamil held for raising funds for LTTE – March 18, 2008

  Canada seizes Tamil-owned buildings, freezes accounts – April 15, 2008

 LTTE forced Canadian Tamils to sign pre-payment forms – May 7, 2008

Canada bans LTTE front organisation – June 17, 2008

 Om Namo Narayani Amma’s, Charitable Foundation, 708 Morrish Road , Scarborough , Ontario m1c 1g3


 The date of meeting was reported by the press differently and that is why Rajkumar in his petition also sought details mentioning these two dates.

 The Times of India dated May 2, 2008 : See at: 


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