The Madness of ‘Dam’-Nexus in Tamil Nadu!

via B.R.HARAN published on December 21, 2006



When we look in to the recent ‘spur’ in the activities of the fundamentalist elements of Islam & Christianity and the Government machineries, an ‘introduction’ to the above subject is needless and hence, let us get in to the subject of the madness of Dravidian-Atheist-Minority nexus, straight away.




‘Yobu’ Saravanan, a self-styled ‘Bishop’, made news recently and is still making news, with his antics. He posed himself as a mercenary with international connections and cheated a lot of building contractors & real estate people, in the guise of constructing free houses for poor & down trodden apart from schools, colleges, hospitals & Churches, through his “Kalvari Trust”. He had galvanized more than 12 crore Rupees, with which he amassed movable & immovable properties through out South India. He was married to three women and indulged in spending his ill-gotten money on ‘wine & women’. On the complains made by the affected contractors, he was arrested and the CB CID has registered whopping 650 cases against him and the investigations are going on. Many VIPs from politics & cinema field are alleged to have connections with him and only a thorough probe will bring out the facts.


In the middle of November, Sukanya (17), a student of Fathima Girls Higher Secondary School, Omalur, Salem District, was found dead & floating in a well in the school premises. The suspected case of rape & murder is likely to be closed as a case of suicide, due to the power play of the school management with the connivance of government machineries. A fact-finding committee, headed by one advocate Pavendan, has brought out the following facts:


  1. This is the 3rd case of death under mysterious circumstances in the current year and many such cases have happened in the past.

  2. Liquor / Beer bottles, Condoms, broken bangles & bloodstains were found inside the school premises.

  3. Police forced the parents of Sukanya to burn the body during funeral, instead of their usual custom of burial, in order to avoid exhuming the body in future.

  4. The local public, which got angered by the action of the school authorities & police, attacked the school premises and ransacked it, forcing to close the school.

  5. Political pressure on police to close the case as a suicide one.

  6. Many ‘Pastors’ & ‘Brothers’ used to visit & stay in the students’ hostel during weekends & holidays and indulge in drinking and sexually harassing the hostel mates.  

In the meantime, all the political parties, except the BJP, condemned only the attack on the school, but not the rape & murder of the poor Hindu girl. The PMK MLA of Omalur, Mr. Tamilarasu, who was spearheading the protests against the school, was silenced by his high command for want of Christian votes. The Congress MLA Peter Alphonse brought an adjournment motion in the assembly on the ‘attack on the school’. The catholic community organized statewide protests like hunger strike, processions, etc, against the attack on school, trying to twist the issue as an attack on Christianity, by playing the “minority card”. The school management filed a suit in High Court asking for damages & constitution of a Judicial Probe – while the general public & Hindu organizations demand a CBI probe on the various cases of Mysterious death & disappearances of girls including the present case – supported for the same by all the political parties. The state government has also ordered a judicial probe.


In another incident, a lecturer from the Visual Communications Department of the famous Madras Christian College, Tambaram, Chennai, is alleged to have been involved in sexually harassing his students through SMSs, e-mails, photo shoots in studio and portfolio shoots taking cover under the dense forests inside the sprawling college premises. When the media brought out the news, he submitted his resignation, which was not accepted by the college management. Instead of ordering an enquiry, it seems the college management is harassing the students by questioning them privately to find out how the news got leaked out. Despite the media reports, the state government & the police are keeping quiet for obvious reasons.


A headmaster of a Christian School in Chennai, hit a male student, pulled him down and stamped his groin, just for touching his motorcycle and the boy is recuperating in a hospital. In another incident, the hostel warden Premkumar beat Manimaran, a class VIII student of Sahaya Matha Higher Secondary School, Pavithram near Thiruvannamalai, with a stick, a few days ago, for failing in exam. Manimaran’s parents, Velu & Kandhayi of Chennai came to know of the incident only by phone from other students and the school had not taken any efforts to inform them apart from leaving the boy unattended. The poor boy is now hospitalized. In yet another daring incident, the management of St. Mary’s Boys Higher Secondary School, Dindigul, forced some ten Hindu students, who were on ‘fasting’ for Sabari Mala, to remove the ‘Tulasi Maalai’ and cut their hair before admitting them to write examinations. When some Hindu Munnani volunteers protested against the school, the police arrested them, but did not take any actions on the school authorities.


Many such incidents, apart from evangelization & conversion activities like Churches adopting villages, Churches establishing ‘Bible Colleges’, etc, are happening through out the state, which go unreported by the ‘secular’ media.




When SIMI was banned, the state unit changed its name as “Al Umma”, which was later involved in many terror attacks. The Coimbatore Serial Bomb Blasts, The bomb attack on RSS HQs, Chennai, which took the lives of 11 Swayam Sevaks, attack on Hindu Munnani HQs, etc, were all the handy work of Al Umma. When Al Umma was also banned, they changed their name again as Tamilaga Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam (TMMK), which was given a political color by all the Dravidian & secular parties by forging alliances with it. Only the name of the outfit is changed every now & then, but not the activities. The President of TMMK, Jawaharullah, in an interview with SUN TV, immediately after the DMK came to power, openly requested the CM Karunanidhi to arrange for the release of Coimbatore Blasts mastermind Abdul Madhani.


Hindu Munnani Leader Hacked to Death: –


A Hindu Munnani leader was hacked to death allegedly by TMMK men at Thenkasi in Tirunelveli District triggering tension in the communally sensitive town. Kumarapandian (38), President of Hindu Munnani, Thenkasi town, was attacked allegedly by the TMMK men when he was returning home in late night on Sunday the 17 th of December. He was critically injured and died on way to the hospital. He was murdered for organizing “Hindu Awakening Day” on the 6th of December. Two men belonging to TMMK have been arrested so far. The Hindu Munnani, with the support of the general public, had organized a silent procession & a Condolence meeting after the funeral. In the meantime, some miscreants in Thenkasi, also attacked a roadside Kaali Temple. Investigations are going on.


There seems to be a well connected network between the Muslim fundamentalist organizations operating in & around South India, which is evidenced by the catching of a car with TN registration by the Karnataka Police, while investigating the brutal murder of Mangalore’s BJP leader Shri. Sukanand Shetty. While the Hindu majority cant expect any kind of help from the ruling parties in Tamil Nadu, Kerala & Andhra Pradesh, the only consolation is the 50% share in ruling for the BJP in Karnataka, which alone can do something good.




The Dravidar Kazhagam, headed by the ‘chameleon’ Veeramani, who always shifts his loyalty to the party in power, has become very active due to the support given by the DMK government. It has started provocative actions and also resorted to violence & vandalism against Hindus, Hindu Temples & Mutts, and Brahmins through out the state. As Veeramani & his organization are always in support of minority communities, there has always been an unholy nexus between them and they are also alleged to be helping the DK in many ways to carry out such daring attacks on Hindus. In the aftermath of the EVR statue episode, the DK is expected to run amuck in future, with the support of the DMK government.




The state government headed by DMK is a minority government supported by its alliance partners (constituents of DPA) such as Congress, Communists, PMK, DPI & Muslim League. Being the head of a minority government, the Chief Minister has openly said that, his government is for only the minorities. The government & its supporters are openly appeasing the minorities and they are never bothered about the causes of the majority Hindus, despite being voted to power by the majority community. None of the leaders of these parties, have had the guts to speak for the Hindus, whether it is Omalur School case or EVR Statue case or Thenkasi murder case, in the fear of losing minority votes.




The main opposition AIADMK, headed by former CM Jayalalitha, supposedly a theistic party, has the credit of setting the trend of attacking Hindus, by the most disgraceful action of arresting the Kanchi Seers on falsely foisted cases. Now, she is talking of shifting of EVR statue & the Jaya TV is showing the attacks on Hindus, not with any love or affection, but with a selfish motive of getting back the lost Hindu votes & to corner the government on Law & Order issues. The MDMK leader Vaiko is more bothered about Srilankan issues & EVR statues than the Tamil Hindu’s issues and moreover, he has always been against Hindu causes. The newly formed DMDK’s leader Actor Vijayakanth has shown his true colours in the recent episodes, by not opening his mouth at all, for the sake of the majority community.




We have an assembly consisting 235 MLAs, voted to power by the God fearing & God loving Hindus and not even a single MLA is ‘potent’ & ‘man’ enough to talk for the Hindu causes. What a pathetic state we are in! At least now, the majority community should realize that it is in deep slumber and rise to the occasion to destroy & demolish the unholy nexus of “Dravidian – Atheist – Minority” and teach them a lesson. I appeal to the leaders of all the Hindu organizations to come under one umbrella and chart out activities to awaken the Hindu Spirit of the sleeping masses, to change the mind set of the Hindus divided on caste lines, to jointly fight against the above said evil forces. I appeal to the Hindu leaders not to waste their time in meeting the press & petitioning the Governor, but to go on a war footing to all the nook & corners of the state to create awareness among the Hindu people.


 It is now or never!


 Bharat Mata Ki Jai!


 Vande Mataram!                                                                                             

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