The lies, deceit and propaganda of Church and Indian Christians

via AS published on February 12, 2010

Rangannath Mishra Commission-PART 2

In the first part I had raised doubts on the 2.3% Christian population of India in 2001 census. Most Secular nee Sickular Hindus will doubt this calling it propaganda of Hindutva, Hindu chauvinism et al. But here are plain facts – Not so a long ago in Times of India in 2008-09 Christians in Andhra Pradesh demanded quota(Now Andhra Christians demand quota) and said that their population is atleast 12% not 1.1% and it should be ascertained on basis of Church attendance.

Central Kerala- comprising of Ernakulam, Kottayam, Thrissur, Kochi and Alwaye is called Christian belt. In Karnataka Coastal Kanara comprising Mangalore, Karwar, Upudi and other parts of Karnataka such as Shimoga, Mandya Raichur and Davangere have shown far too many churches with crowds on Sundays;  native of Bangalore I can safely tell that Christian population in Karnataka is about 4-5% not 3%.

South Tamilnadu has 100% Christian Villages around Nagerkovil, Kanyakumari Dindigul and much of Chennai and Nagapttinam is Christian. I observed as many as 8 Churches in a village and just a small makeshift temple!!!

North East India has 3 Christian Majority states in Nagaland Mizoram and Meghalaya plus Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Tripura where Christian Population is well over 10% and increasing(over 30% in Manipur).

Assam has shown a rise in Christian population every decade and Sikkim has a Christian population of 6-7% from under 1% in just a few decades.  If people think that rest of India is an aberration its false. Northern India too is under siege eastern UP (Varanasi, Allahabad, Kanpur, Gorakhpur) are poverty ridden districts and sure enough are under siege. The Christian population of UP is atleast twice than 1% official.

South Rajasthan known as tribal belt comprising of Bainswara, Kota, Jodhpur have Christianized hamlets and the population is shown as 1.1% in whole state. MP and Chattisgarh have a record number of Crypto Christians- The population is much higher than 1-3% official claim – the same case in Maharashtra.

We do not need Orissa statistics for Missionary mischief is well known. Jharkhand has 4% official and atleast 10% Christian population with Missionaries wanting Ranchi to be Rome aka of East India. Now further North- Punjab is a Sikh majority state the only one- The Christian population is 1.4% officially with 300% increase from 0.4%- Think again!!!
Hindu/Sikh groups point out that its as much as 5%  with almost all of it in villages where Churches replicate Gurudwaras in Gurbaanis (how they replicate Bhajans of Hindus elsewhere). With so much of population the stats show as 2.3%.


Crypto Christiansis answer- many converts do not tell identity for sake of reservation benefits (why you want them when your own institutes have given them by hook or crook). Many so called secular Hindus praise the church in so called service and think “Oh anyway church provides them”. The answer is NO. Christian institutes are “minority institutes” and these so called Minorities control 35% of education in India( almost all in Kerala and NE India) and reservation does not apply here (35% less reservation benefits to SC/ST/OBC Hindus Plus another 10% by other  so called minority). They grab OBC quota and ST quota( Proxy way to get into non Christian institution) lay claim to SC quota( More converts); A Christian in a Christian institution getting benefits when he/she converts and pose as a reserved candidate in others. Dual benefits and still they cry more!!

Now if they cite article 14 and deny reservation to come why cry for Scheduled caste status as Christian institutes would never give them in first place- the only benefit here is they can officially claim Christian status and unmask the real Christian identity. The Goal of vision 2020 Asia and Project Thessalonica is to make India at least 10% Christian by 2020. The larger part is to encircle and finish Hindus and their institutes including Temples (Tirupati).

Christians with Hindu names are very much amongst us like a dormant virus- Names such as Malaika Arora, Pastor Harbhajan Singh( Not the Cricketer), Anil Kant, Vishal Arora, Madhu Chandra, Radha Kanta Nayak (MP), YSR clan are some of people who sound Hindu but are actually Christian; many millions hide their identity and snatch away the rights of reservation for Hindus. Hindu society has admitted to its sins and is even made amendments by giving reservations for social eqaulity for those oppressed for long and this generation does feel sorry for it. The church promised many a thing to converts since the days of East India company they have never given equal status. Hindus should wake up and agitate before its too late..

(I will continue about Christianity as a large colonial legacy in next part.)

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