The Joke Pal Bill is a Fat Accomplice?

via K Vijayan published on June 18, 2011

The Joke Pal Bill is a Fat Accomplice? – 18-6-11
In the beginning, somewhere in the early sixties, there was talk of Ombudsman, a Swedish European thing. Somewhere en route a baby of sorts was born, given a Sanskrit name – Lok Ayukta – a toothless, wailing infant nobody knew the parentage of, not this writer anyway. No father, no mother; a begging orphan. Enlightened States like Tamil Nadu did not even bother with that, having always Taken Precautions.

Shanti Bhushan introduced a Lok Pal Bill in 1969 in Parliament which was kicked out by Rajya Sabha (Or Razia’s Sabha), our own House of unelectable Lawd Gawds. Thereafter at regular 4-5 year intervals over the next forty years some one will raise it, make a few Loose Motions, and RS or someone will kick it down, and MPees rampaged merrily, getting richer and richer, and making Corruption a Global Phenomenon with India’s Global Families. Currently these Global Families are said to hold anything between two to three TRILLION US$ in Safe Foreign Havens, which do not pay any interest on these Deposits, but charge humungous Holding and service charges, Reverse Interest etc., and occasionally confer an Order of the Condom, or Chastity Belt, or Copper Bottom to Our Lady of La Bon Sacrifice or Her Chosen Commission Agents.

But Globally, except in India, the Last Safe Haven of the Corrupt, the hemlines or Bottom Lines are undergoing a cyclic Style Change, and the talk is all of putting an end to corruption, kickbacks, commissions, Tax Avoidance, money laundering, repatriation of money to National Exchequers, Accountability and a host of Terminology we are not too sure about, and should not bother about either, since we have the Most Honest-est, Efficientest set of Financial Wizard-Crooks the World has ever seen as our PM, with a super complement of swinging, tail-wagging, vomit-sucking set of Collusion Ministers, Advisers, Consultants, In-culturators, Cross-mountebanks, Stud-Farm operators, and Our Lady of Sacrifice whose name shall not be taken except for singing Hosannahs.

Unfortunately Secular Elements of our Civil Society, 100% of whom would fall under the generic description of aulaads of Maculay & Babar, well-entrenched in the Four Estates and the Fifth Column, became the running dogs of Corruption, and Hindu Gurus and Hinduthva champions had to leap into the Political Fray, and the 85% aam aadmi, aka Hindu, also took to the streets, causing the Collusion running the Centre to get a very bad case of “squeeters” a WW.II slang for ‘loose bowels’. Some bird-brains put up a Gandhi-cap, and sundry nautch-girls and Ganymedes of the Media world and some Megasayso Wall Sitters got on his bandwagon, and the Sonia Front made a show of yielding, and a Committee of Civil and Uncivil members was formed to Draft a Lokpal Bill for a nikamba Parliament composed of the Corrupt and the Sold Outs. That should have been the end of the story until another set of MPees is elected.
Unfortunately the Hindu Gurus were not of the bhang-eating, chillum-smoking, taffy-heads our conger-eels and White Women are used to, but tech-savvy, internationally acclaimed visionaries, and they could not be diverted by a sacrificial Dravidian Goat and Goati, and another Hindu andolan was launched, disregarding the blandishments offered by Global Experts in offering everything to Americans and Arabs, and who eat only the prasadam and left-overs (Hors d’roppings) distributed in churches and iftar parties.. So the aulaads of Gen Dyer staged a Jalianwalabag in Dilli of all places, and got rotten egg mixed with gobar on their mustaches. Now the Cabal of Sibal, Oilymoilies, Joyaunties and Poll Cheats is coming out with rapid-fire vapidities, all conveying The Message – The Queen Bee and her Machine of Corruption must be saved and preserved at all costs, and The Evil Empire will kill to do it.

A forty-year, apple-polished Fat Accomplice of a Draft LP bill is ready. It is not Civil Society’s Duty, but it is Our Duty, and it is done unto you already. It is illegal to demand that we should be done unto as we are doing unto you, for We are the State and The Law, and Ours is The Power and The Glory. Appointed by Rome at that.

Use of Gutter language, like Kejriwal of the Hazare Gang, who says “half the Ministers will land up in jail if a Powerful Lok Pal Act comes” is illegal, immoral and calls for the Lawd’s (or Lawdy’s) traditional Vengeance. It is not HALF – it will be ALL Ministers and includes those who merely hold Cabinet Rank as Head of the Collusion, or giving their Head to NAC, Dienasty Yojanas etc. Thou shalt not speake the Truthe. For as Cabal Sibal says “What kind of language is this in serious discourse . . .?” So unlike the gems of logical discourse he has put out when defending G-scams, and proving to the CAG that 1.6 Lakh Crores is actually equal to ZERO Rupees.

Poll Cheat of Peenotes Fame comes out with another gem – The LP Bill is being reduced to a ‘binary choice’. Right on. The whole world has gone binary, and binary is behind everything you do these days.

Our reaction to the Corruption issue has been binary, like open & shut corrupt bastards should be shot and their assets forfeited. For Hinduthva’s sake we are prepared to let their progeny go unscathed with enough to go and start life afresh in any land of their choice except India.

Poll Cheat also tells us about Basic Features of the Constitution which cannot be altered even through an amendment. Does our Constitution give him the Right to Cheat his way into Parliament and a Ministry? Does it empower Ministers and Remote Controls to loot the country’s wealth, neglect its security and sell out its assets to aliens? And who is going to fall for a “referendum”, or a dozen of them, with EVMs and our CECs in the background?

Shyster Sibal asks how many staff are needed to run the LP Act, and why Hazare has not spelt this out. A few days back he was yelling that this whole LP thing is the work of Parliament not of Civil Society, though he has not said that for forty years Parliament has been playing around with it. Did they make a study about the staff required? As a Lawyer, does he know how many Laws are there and if separate staff is there for each one of them, binarily or duodecimally speaking? Or is it Sibal’s slimy contention that the ‘million central government and 12 million state government employees’ are above and beyond the purview of all these laws?

How many “parallell governments” are there as of now, if we accept this slimeball’s logic that an LP Act will create a parallell government?

From Ombudsman to Lok Ayukta to Lokpal we are now down to JOKEPAL with these UPA jokers clowning around.

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