The Incredible Bharat

via Bhaskaran Vellakkad published on March 1, 2009

India is incredible not for Taj Mahal, Ajanta caves, Sarnat & Konark or for anything like world’s biggest democracy, etc,etc. But for its abundant freedom an average citizen enjoys in India.

One has to leave India to realise the true value of its  freedom. India is the most free land on the face of the globe. One will never comprehend it unless he  leaves India. And again, India is a free land because the majority of Indians are Hindus.

The day the equation changes, one must infer that it is not at all free.  This we have already witnessed in various parts of India like J&K, Hyderabad, Malappuram, Nagaland,some parts of UP & Tamil Nadu etc. Most of the Hindus  do not care for any rituals or formalities of Sanatana dharma since they  are born to a Hindu family, still known as Hindus. No one can excommunicate a Hindu from his born faith or caste even if he does not follow any of its rituals. The day he accepts other dharma and see the difference in his life.

The other societies keep a remote control on the freedom &  day today activities of its members, and if any one rebels with, either he will be exterminated from this world or excommunicated from that clan. At any cost we will have to defend our precious jewel- our freedom. There comes the importance of defending and preserving our great heritage of Sanatana dharma.

The death of Sanatana dharma will be the death of various art forms as well from this globe. So I stand to defend it not for winning an election to be in power but for all other above mentioned  reasons.  We got freedom with the dedication of many Indians after a long struggle. The original defenders of India’s free air are intrinsically Hindus.Freedom is the inevitable part of our great rishi lineage.

Others are interested to increase their numbers only. As long as they are numerically  minority in number, they will be some what secular and the moment they become majority they will show their true color.

Our country has given us name, fame, honor, education, wealth etc, etc and it is our duty to reciprocate. Being  realized  with so many facts it is our responsibility to awaken the slumbering young generation.

It is my luck to be born in India to enjoy its free air. My vision is a self reliable, scientifically far advanced modern India where every living being is respected like God himself. My great Bharat is the one and only land on Earth where realized souls respect  the divinity of the unknown power in every living being and greet “suprabhatham” or “Namaskar”  even to a plant & ant.

Jai Hind

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