The great task before the Hindus today

via Surinder Paul Attri published on March 29, 2007

1. What is the great task before the Hindus today ?

Answer: To learn the fine art of politics, as it is practised in India, at this point in time.

2. How is the politics played out in India, at this this point in time ?

At this point in time, India is being swept over, by the tidal waves of vote-bank politics.

The origin of this practice lies in the system of phoney-liberalism that has been underway in India, for at least 60 years. This approach enables the politician to reach the number of votes/voters never possible before.

3. How do the Phoney-Liberal politicians play the vote-bank politics ?

Pamper the target-community ( in India, the Moslems and the Christians, are the most sought after target communities ), to gather votes.

Shri Mulayam Singh Yadav is a perfect example of a Phoney-Liberal politician. He offered to close schools early on Fridays, for the benefit of the Moslems of his state, but got kicked in the teeth, the Moslem bodies rejected his offer. This approach is not fool-proof, you do get kicked in the pants, a few times. But you can’t blame Mulayam Singh, for not trying.

4. The Phoney-Liberal politicians are not particularly bright, but there are lots of them, and they are damn opportunists. They don’t care a fig for the country’s troubles. They are looking for an easy way to become a winner, and phoney-liberalism gives them a way to get there. Phoney-Liberalism has created an explosive change in the political history of India.

The phoney-liberal politicians portend sympathy for the well-being of the targeted-community ( in India, it is the Moslem & Christian ). Moslems and Christians are their favourite targets, they don’t give a tinker’s damn about any other group, least of all about the Hindu group.

5. Politics in India is considered akin to love and war, and all is fair in love and war ( Isn’t that what you hear in the movies, especially the Indian movies ? ).

So does this surprise you that this is the strategy of choice, of many politicians in India? After all why do you want to be in politics? To win elections, that is why! And how would you get there? By all means possible, fair or foul! After all, it is war, and isn’t all fair in love and war ?

6. But the vote-bank politics is not free; there is always a price to pay. The price is the benefit from the politician, to the target community, at the cost of other communities (In India, the other community is the Hindu ). In other words, the vote-bank politics is Always at the cost of the Hindu, in India.

The vote-bank politics is running rampant in India. Things have gotten to the point that phoney-liberal politicians of India, are encouraging religion-based reservation in education and employment, in complete violation of the constitution of India. Actually, it is a practice of ‘Minorityism’ in India, it is Minority-Appeasement, and it is encouraging the the Islamic-Clergy , to issue Fatwas, which are designed largely to intimidate the Moslem women, and to encourage the practice of Shariat, rather than settle their problems in the courts of the country.

7. If continued for too much longer, this vote-bank politics, is more likely than not, to carve out more Pakistans out of India.

The sixty-four thousand dollar question is this: Why is vote-bank politics so prevalent in India (and much less so any where else) ?

Vote-bank politics is a product of the system that has been in practice in India, it is a system in which corruption has been rampant, and in which the attempt of the politicians, by and large, has been to bring about a composite culture (which is a figment of imagination!) out of the religious and ethnic diversity of the country.

8. The attempt of the Hindu politicians, during the last 60 plus years, to bring the Moslems into the socio-political mainstream of India, has been a total failure; it has lost out big time, to the politics of opportunism, and to the vote-bank politics of the phoney-liberal politicians. In India (as any where else), the name of the game is victory, whosoever wins, by hook or crook, wins.

To put it simply and succinctly, vote-bank politics is not the cause, it is the symptom of conditions prevailing in India.

9. Let us face it. Manipulation of votes and voters in a democracy is an art. It is about time, our Hindu politicians, learn this fine art of ‘Power-Politics’



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