The Defeat of Left and Right in India

via Vedaprakash published on May 17, 2009

The defeat of Communists and BJP : The GE-2009 results in the unexpected defeat of the Communists and the surprising loss of BJP has been intriguing but significant in the globalization context. The defeat of BJP could be due to the total political forces acting against it, but that of the Communists cannot be taken lightly, as the so-called non-Congress and “secular forces” joined, fought and got defeated. Though much lofty principles of ideologies are talked about, such ideologists have stooped down to parley with the alliances of sorts going everywhere.
Secularism and communalism : The concept, precept and practice of secularism and communalism has been again and misinterpreted without any shame and applied strategically only to blame BJP. Unfortunately, the BJP ideologists could not counter such propaganda and they have failed miserably, that too, when such accusation was going on in their front inside the TV-channel studios before the cameras. Even Sudheendra Kulkarni and Arun Jaitley could not counter such venomous propaganda effectively

Shabna Azmi’s Muslim Identity and Mohammed Azam Khan’s fundamentalist attack on : Suddenly millionaire and wife of a “non-practicing poet and film-maker” and also owner of Airliner operating between secular India and the Gulf could not find any house in Mumbai for rent! “The Hindu” could only such stories in a nice way to fool the idiotic Indian voters in the “five-phased GE” doping and duping them with the heavy dosage of “secularism”. And the secularism preaching TV-channels could give enough time to the fundamentalist and fanatic Mohammed Azam Khan air out all his Jihadi feelings, but they could curb the opinion of Cho Ramaswamy could not be entertained even after the defeat and such has been the attitude of the secular media.
The western vested interest in promoting their business : The Western industries and business houses have been trying to dump their products in India like – Drugs, Cosmetics, sex-products, media-equipments, defense and host of services related to media, management and consultancy. To push out such goods and services not only their necessity in India has to be created, but they also want tax concessions to loot India socially and economically. For this type of “rule”, only Manmohan is suitable with the youth like Rahul and Priyanka as role models to Indian youth – the Rahul like youth would be roaming with Columbian “half-naked fakirs” and the Priyanka like ultra-modern girls nmarrying Catholic Vadras.
Prakash karat playing Harkishen Surjeet : As Harkishen Surjeet played the role of vigorously pursuing an anti-BJP policy and canvassing such antics in the Indian polity in spiute of the fact that the India has been “the largest democracy” etc., Parakash Karat has been indulging in not only such anti-BJP propaganda, but also playing the game of breaking NDA alliances by sending women, that too, his wife and thus weakening the BJP and thus strengthening Congress indirectly.
Caste and communal politics : Though much utopian principles and egalitarian ideology is talked, lectured and tutored here and there in the name of “Social justice” this and that, the cheap, vulgar and blatant caste and communal politics has been pursued by the Congress, Communist and other self-certified “secular”, “the most secular” and “the only secular” categories. The simple formula has been, “If a Muslim pursues his fanatic and fundamentalist practices, he is appreciated; if a Christian is preaching dogmatic and extremist religious ideology, he is glorified;
Dynastic and sycophancy politics pursued : The Nehru family has been the sole custodian and patent holders of following dynastic policy starting with Motilal Nehru, Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Priyadarshini Nehru Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi Vadras, and so on spreading over for two centuries with many generations just like medieval Mohammedan Sultans and Jamindars, but no political pundit, psephologist or any other political analyst even whispers about such indecent, unethical and undemocratic polity. Note how the Sonia boot-licking Congress politicians talk before the cameras, as if they have been the only faithful and loyal slaves of Empress Sonia Gandhi!
The camouflaged Muslim vote bank : “Enough is enough” drama continued in different masquerades to Muslims not to vote at all and if at al, they vote, vote only Congress so that the communal forces both – Shiv Sena and BJP get defeated. Such propaganda was always interspersed with the continuous commentaries on “the terrorist baby” – Kasab’s trail on day to day basis, describing his dress, his favourite food, his request for cosmetics and troll in verandha etc.
The anti-BJP media : The media and the media professionals have been anti-BJP as their mindset has been conditioned and they cannot change their attitude and stand. Therefore, BJP cannot gain anything from the media and there is no meaning in opposing media. The BJP has proved enough that it has been incapable of facing its ideologists before camera or in the public. Whenever, the question of communal-secular issues comes, they escape by avoiding. About “the Hindutva” plank, they have to be either explicit or consign it to dustbin to become another Congress. Or better Modi, Varun and others to float another BJP to follow Hinduva ideology so that the BJP becomes the “secular BJP”.
Weak and strong PM : The more western ideologies of societal values are imposed, the “aged and matured” would not be respected by the Indian youth. As the joint-family system has been breaking down and the husband-wife have been fighting with each other so that they can have their sex with others just like “drinking tea”, the elders, aged-people would not be treated well and respected. Therefore, the defeat of L. K. Advani has been though very-very unfortunate, the neo-modern Abhimanyus would shoot arrows against and Arjunas kill Bhisma Pitamahas without any remorse. Even Manmohan Singh knew and knows that Advani was not attacking him, but the Congress and media cleverly exploited it.
Hate speech and misuse of Judiciary : Here, the Congress has totally disregarded the Judiciary as could be seen from the affidavits filed in the case of Sethu-samuthram, acquittal of Hussain, clean chit given to Jagdish Tytler and the drama enacted to placate Sinks, the unwanted action taken and the media hype created against Varun Gandhi etc., clearly prove such stage. During this five year period perhaps the Supreme Court, CBI, SIT and other bodies directly and indirectly connected with the Indian judiciary acted in the most disgusted and communal way to aid and abet the political interests of the Congress. Though Sonia and Digvijaya Singh were issued with strictures for the violation of code of conduct,  it is not given publicity in the media. But in the “five-phased GE”, Modi was threatened with the Supreme court action, fast-track court to try post-Godhras violence, SIT comments and so on.
The bogey of “youth in politics” : The Congress has been following the dynastic politics with the nurturing sons and daughters of the erstwhile corrupted and dead Congress politicians and making them to praise Sonia and Rahul so that the dynasties nurture each other. However such shameless “dynastic politics” is projected as the youth-inspiring politics and the media dubs it as one million new voters voting for Congress! Of course, the dancing ladies has already promoted pubs, free-sex, drinking, dating etc. Thus, “the youth in Indian politics” have enough in India in the days to come going towards “progress and development”!
The media’s hype about US envoy meeting BJP and outburst of Communists has been another drama : The Communists have enacted many dramas in this GE-2009 and their opposition against US envoy meeting BJP, TDP and Praja-Rajyam leaders has been one of such hypes without any substance. So many have met Sonia this year coming from many countries and efen during the period April and May 2009 – the “five-phased” election period, but none noticed or cared. The TV-channels knowingly kept quite, but in this case, it created a sensation to help the Communists to cover up their strategy to help Congress.

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