The deep craving among the converts for their ancestral practices

via GSK menon published on April 12, 2009
Residents of Kerala would have noticed the gradual Hinduisation of
the Malayatoor Church pilgrimage. Wearing Kavi colour dress, growing
beard and hair, walking barefoot, all indicate the progressive
Hinduisation being thrust on the converts. At Malayatoor itself these
pilgrims are depositing Ellu, Kurumulagu, and Muthira. Even for
argument sake if we accept that a St.Thomas came to Kerala, he would
not have been familiar with these items at all ! These items are not
found in the deserts of West Asia at all. Why then this practice ? The
answer lies in the deep craving among the converts for their ancestral
practices. These converts are unable to reconcile themselves to an
alien god and alien rituals. So they are now being directed to do
similar rituals. Once upon a time when we Hindus were using Ellu to
pray, these Missionaries were ridiculing us and
calling these as superstitions. Now we should be asking them why are
you doing superstitious practices. What is the proof that the so called
St.Thomas is accepting these superstitious practices which he once
denounced ?

Hindu culture and religion are far superior to these alien faiths.
This should be dinned into the heads of all converts so that they
correct their wrong and reconvert back to Hinduism.
My Hindu brothers and sisters should also not forget that local
legend says that Malayatoor was a Shiva Shrine, the Padres destroyed
the temple and claimed that Thomas meditated here. Contrast this with
what the Pope says – he denies authentically that Thomas never never
came to Kerala.
Meanwhile I had an occasion to see a Chandanakudam festival being
celebrated by the Muslims near Chavakkad. Five Elephants decked with
Nettipattoms were being taken out in procession. Do these converts know
what the Nettipattom symbolises ? It  represents the THIRTY THREE CRORE
HINDU GODS. What have 33 crores of Hindu Gods got to do with Islam ? I
request some enlightened persons to throw light on these imitations.

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