The Contradiction that is Rahul Gandhi

published on December 18, 2011
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

All the people of the State of UP please pay heed to Rahul Gandhi and watch his gimmicks. He belongs to the rural poor and what qualifies him for this is that he visited Kalavathi-that he visited a farmer’s house and ate a roti and drank water. He belongs to the rural poor because he is a farmer–sharecropper-no land hence his heart bleeds for the farmers. He stands with the poor because he visited Bhatta Parsaul and mind you he fought for the poor farmers for compensation. Rahul Gandhi belongs to rural India —I am sorry, just now to the UP rural poor, because he is also an unemployed 41 year old! And that there is unemployment in UP he understood when a six year old boy was asked what he wants to become when he is grown up the boy had no answers. So this 41 year old Rahul Gandhi learned and understood that there is unemployment in UP. He realized the rights of the farmers because he visited Bhatta Parsaul and Bundelkland and found that farmers who gave their sweat and blood demanded compensation are branded as Naxals.They receive bullets for their blood and sweat-asserts  Rahul And he has come to stand with the poor to champion their cause-while Mayawathi sits on a throne. What has to be asked is why this sudden love for the farmers of UP? What does he want in return? Their precious votes? So there is a price for his championship and his advocacy for the farmers. Only now it is limited to UP. He has not shown this advocacy in AP and in Maharastra. Does it mean that Rahul Gandhi  in Non-Congress States prior elections becomes a friend of the poor farmers and in Congress ruled States he is indifferent to their poverty? What kind of split personality is that?

Another discovery of Rahul Gandhi is that the elephant of Mayawati is magical and eats the money of the poor. Above all in his five days tours Rahul Gandhi learnt a great lesson that is-to understand the problems at  the ground level .He concedes that he too  flies in helicopters but unlike the other leaders-like Mayawati and Mulayam he mingles with the rural poor. This understanding comes because he visits the huts of a couple of poor farmers and partakes of the food they offer. The other leaders do not indulge in this gimmick hence they are unable to realize the poverty and the hardships of the poor farmers.

What great learning and insights Rahul Gandhi has acquired. Yes, he did bring a British minister to visit the hut of Kalavathi-not just as sight seeing to catch a glimpse of the rural India but to show him our strength. This is something RG qualified into recently because when he brought his British friend minister he said that the peep into the backyard of Kalvathi was to enable him to have a glimpse of rural India . Now it has morphed into showing the strength of India . Little wonder that the Congress during its 55 years of regime has kept the rural people poor. It suits them to call it the strength and suits them to call utter poverty and misery attributing it to the indifference of the ‘shining India ’ party.

A little bit of probing into the solutions Rahul Gandhi has offered is called for. First of course he appeals to the people of UP to give the Congress a chance-in ten years UP will become a developed State. What happened to the period when the Congress was in power in UP? He does not remember. RG suffers from amnesia and lack of a sense of history-that is understandable. Every time he undertakes a tour to garner votes more and more of this deficiency is being exposed.

Rahul Gandhi election gimmicks will fall flat because everyone even a six year old knows the money power and the muscle power that enables RG to be RG. Forget the political power it is for this political power is required and required urgently so as to back his muscle and money power, to retain these two he needs political power. It is a fact that the Nehru-Gandhi family has been exploiters of the Indian populace. From where has their wealth come? And how are they basking in such luxury?
Rahul Gandhi forgets that he did not have to sweat it out –he did not have to lay his hands on the plough-he did not have to worry about tomorrow. He can holiday in any one of the European resorts-he can celebrate his b’day in England -his mother can jet to the USA for treatment (so we are made to understand) and rent out a facility apartment for the whole Miano gang to stay there. What has it cost this poor rural farmer RG and his family in the last 3 years to jet across the globe-to make all those foreign trips? And the deception that RG wants us to think that he belongs to rural India . The rural people are unable even after all these years of the Congress regime to reach a Primary health centre. And if they do there will be no medicines and no doctor. He should stop this deception and realize that he has absolutely no credibility to even address the farmers and worse pretend that he stands by them and understands their problems.

Why has Rahul Gandhi not gone to Andhra Pradesh which saw hundreds of farmers commit suicides? Why has he not gone to Maharastra when unarmed farmers were chased and shot at? He did not even utter a word of condemnation. And both the States are ruled by the Congress. So from where does this sudden solace and empathy for the farmers appear?

Do you know that Rahul Gandhi has a quick fix solution for alleviating the problems of the farmers.He has only to roll up the sleeves of his kurta and it comes tumbling down-FDI.Towards this alleviating scheme ‘WE’ brought the FDI in retail but the Opposition stalled the move’. RG did not attend Parliament when the stalling took place or he does not understand who opposed the FDI. It was not just the NDA but the Congress ally-a partner in the UPA-the Trinamol Congress which stood firm on the roll back-not just hold back.It was also a number of Congress MPs from Kerala who objected to the FDI so how can he say that only the NDA opposed the move because it was anti-farmer.Will he then by the same logic(if he has any) say that Mamta is anti farmer?

I really have my doubts as to Rahul Gandhi’s ability to analyze FDI.According to him in his address in Farrukhabad 60 percent of the potatoes and vegetables go waste. This the farmers can directly sell to the multinationals. So we will have potato wafers for Rs 10 a packet but no potato-aloo for Kalvathi at the cost of Rs 5 per kg. We will have coco cola but not water to wash down the roti for the poor farmer. And who snacks potato chips and drink coco cola? The rural poor Mr Rahul Gandhi. Why does he not brush up his understanding of rural India ? This is the kind of scenario that RG wants in the name of change and development in rural India-just now in UP prior to the elections- all this is the barter for power. The Congress has been working he adds for the farmers-Well then if it has been working for the farmers why have the farmers in thousands committed suicide? Why are the farmers still in penury? If this is the kind of work churned out by the Congress then it is time to throw the Congress out because we cannot afford the kind of farmers’ development that the Congress understood and implemented -which made them poorer and poorer.

Rahul Gandhi also thinks that the money from the Centre is the money ‘WE’ sent. Is it from the kitty of the Congress. The money for central schemes is from the people’s money which means also of that particular State. So why does he go about claiming that ‘WE’ sent money which has not been used. It is the tax payers’ money and not the money of the Congress. This patronizing attitude is deeply engrained both in RG and his mother. As though they are the patrons of all that is bountiful and beneficial to the people. On the other hand it is a fact that they are the beneficiaries of the Indian people’s largess and generosity.

It is this mindset which makes Rahul Gandhi and his mother think that everything in India belongs to the genius of the Nehru-Gandhi family. This stupid and totally false idea they should first discard. I am no admirer of Mayawati but then she has come up the hard way from the grass roots. She and Mamta Banerjee do not need to peep into Kalvathis’ huts-nor share a roti and drink with a farmer to realize what it is to be poor and deprived. They have come up from the grassroot level. But Rahul Gandhi’s presumption that by visiting a few huts has become the champion of the poor-that he understands their poverty and deprivation is simply off the focus. That itself is revealing how ignorant he is of empathy. All this to gain power-he tries to feed the gullible people with his ‘understanding’ his championing their cause etc. What kind of a politician and a leader is Rahul Gandhi who reels out deception and misleads the poor farmer?
Rahul Gandhi has promised change for UP if the Congress is given a chance. That it did have a chance is now not in the picture. And a chance for ten years! Are the people of UP fools? What an idea. The Congress under which corruption grew to unbelievable levels-the Congress under which looting of India since the British and the foreigner powers, had risen to unsurpassed levels-a Congress under which almost every day we had a scam-the Congress under which a few of its cabinet ministers looted the poor-The congress under which democracy is given the go by-and a banana republic put in place -the Congress under which the schemes and programs are tailored to keep the people impoverished and with out stretched hands-the Congress under which a foreign born woman makes the decisions –a Congress under which a National Advisory Council has superimposed itself as a super structure with Mrs Sonia Gandhi as its chair person- a Congress under which the rich is becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer-a Congress under which we shall have potato chips and coco cola and forget aloo and rotis this and more under the Congress regime. This is the heaven into which Rahul Gandhi promises to take Uttar Pradesh. What a visionary!

Now a bit of statistics to prove that Rahul Gandhi cannot even make his own constituency develop as the rest of the nation. His constitutency of Amethi has seen five generations of Nehru Dynasty.So one would think that it is the most developed slice of India.Some development facts:-

Amethi has 39.5 %literacy which the national average is round 65 %
Amethi has a population of 50% below the poverty line.
In Amethi  Only 15 % has access to electricity-
Vaccination level – Is below 16 % and 16 % children die before the age of 5 years.
Amethi received Rs 3.06 crore as development fund (MPLADS) from the GOI IN 2009-10 of which  Rahul Gandhi used just 5.89 %(0.18 crore)

So this is the farmers and the rural poor champion who belongs to rural India .

Rahul Gandhi wants us to believe that it is the Opposition which stalls development. He also wants us to believe that he is the icon of the youth. What has been his contribution towards making democracy vibrant? First of all do Rahul Gandhi and his mother believe in democracy? Their actions do not show this. Making the PM a mere puppet-taking all decisions in No 10 Janpath making a NAC mini parliament in action drafting bills All this do not auger well for democracy. When the national average of MPs attendance in Parliament is 77% Rahul Gandhi is just 47 %National average for questions asked by MPs in Parliament is 119 RG asked zero questions and attended zero debates. The same zero participation goes for his mother Sonia Gandhi. So what have we to make out of this contours of the Gandhis as far as democracy is concerned?

Rahul Gandhi makes fun of the elephant of the BSP.At least it is an Indian animal loved for its beauty-worshipped as a sacred animal. And a dalit from across the country will be able to look at those statues and stone carved elephants and strike his/her chest and proudly proclaim this is dalit power. As far as the Gandhis and their sycophants are concerned except the garbage bins and the gutters- everything across the country has a Gandhi name attached. Be it airports, bridges Highways-railroads, When it comes to awards and national schemes-from water to food- everything has a tag-a Gandhi name-All National days belong to them-where are the poor in this whole gamut of sycophancy? which country shows this self boast and aggrandizement? It speaks of cheapness and a narcissistic behavior .It is highly self centered and dangerous for leaders to have such a mental streak.

God save my country from the hands of such leaders who have nothing but their vested interest-(mostly foreign based) to suck the blood of the poor. It will not be surprising if Rahul Gandhi and his mother bring in FDI in governance. The GOI will be soon in sale-retail of course.

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