The Congress at its old tricks

via Dr Mrs Hilda Raja published on April 11, 2011

Manmohan Singh says that the UPA is against corruption and wants to weed it out. Yet he was hibernating most of the time and at other times he suffers from amnesia and simply looked on when the country was looted. Starting from the Bofors down to the Common Wealth Games, Cash for votes scam, the Adharsh scam and the 2G spectrum scam the Congress was just blind and pretended that everything was fine. When one after another scams began to tumble down even then we had sweet promises that the law will take its course while the CBI and other investigating agencies were reined in. This is the Congress while talking of Lok Pal goes round the country supporting and canvassing for the corrupt parties and individuals. So where is the guarantee that it will fight corruption? What is the guarantee that it is sincere in the Lok Pal Bill?

It will not be surprising if the UPA takes the credit for bringing in the Lokpal Bill. Already indications are there when Pranab Mukherjee questioned why the BJP led NDA did not bring in the Lokpal Bill At least the BJP did pass it in its cabinet only that the government fell .What did the Congress do all these years and how can it fault the BJP led NDA? At least sitting in the Opposition did the Congress  make a hue and cry for the Lokpal Bill. It did not,because how can one expect the Corrupt Congress to make such a demand. Be it black money and corruption the Congress led UPA has been forced by the people’s movement and a determined Opposition to bring these to the fore. The dirty Hand is being forced; now it is at its old game claiming to be the champions of fighting corruption. Even Manmohan Singh has stooped to a low level and does not bat an eye to lie-when he stated that the UPA wants to fight corruption. The simple fact remains that the UPA’s regime saw the maximum scams and the massive corruption blur and blot the image of India . Now nowhere to run and hide it seeks the very Lokpal Bill to cover itself. Shame on the Congress! The whole world knows how corruption was abetted in its regime and the whole world knows how it took people for a ride and the whole world    knows that its regime will do down in history as the worst corrupt period in the annals of this country

To me the solution is simple-throw the Congress out and the corruption will automatically get thrown out. To keep the Congress in power and to fight corruption is not possible. To think that we have in Rahul Gandhi the next Prime Minister is sheer nonsense. He cannot utter two sentences coherently and he has double standards-has no sense of history and is myopic. Is it his birthright to be the PM? It is this question which must have been nagging Manmohan Singh when he directed the query to Advani. This we call projection. We have another instance: when congress candidates have been denied tickets for the ensuring elections in West Bengal but Pranab Mukherjee’s son has been given a ticket and those denied tickets were rebellious the FM asks: ‘Is it their birthright to be given tickets?’ Is it then the birth right of his son to be given a ticket? This kind of differentiating people the ‘we’ and the ‘they’ are reflections of anti-people and anti-democracy mindset. ‘We’ have the divine right to rule while ‘they’ are condemned to be ruled is the crux of the problem with the Congress and that is why democracy is given the go by and civil society has taken over. Anna’s movement will not die. The nation is watching every move of the Congress and this time will not to be allowed to be cheated and taken for a ride. Neither will the Congress get the credit for fighting against corruption and /or going at the black money stashed in tax havens for in both these fronts it has failed the nation miserably

Democracy has been misused and abused The Constitution has been raped for the last 64 years so let not people now with vested interest talk about democracy. Starting a movement is legitimate and is within the parameters of democracy. But in the name of democracy using Parliament to loot the people-accruing power and financial clout-violating the constitution and all that it holds on Equality is no great operation of democracy. Parliament had lost its sanctity when bags of money were poured before the Speaker-when Buta Singh used the sacred precincts to buy one vote with a suitcase of money-when criminals sit as elected representatives of the people where is the sanctity of Parliament? Votes are bought with people’s money, used for freebies this is no election and elected parliamentarians. They have bartered democracy and sold it for thirty pieces of silver. The betrayal of democracy by the Congress is total and complete. Now simply because the going seem to be tough with awareness seeping into society we find the Congress and others becoming champions of democracy. Democracy cannot have a prince in waiting to be crowned-Democracy has no divine right for anyone family least of all the Gandhis-to even talk of such things is like tolling the death knell of democracy

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