The Congress and the unmaking of the Nation

via Dr Mrs Hilda Raja published on December 30, 2010

The Congress suffers from multi mental disabilities and it is rather shocking and shameful that a Party which is 125 years old has not come out of its gestation period and hence is not matured. Take for example the book it released on itself ’Congress and the making of the nation’ it clearly indicated its narcissistic mindset. How can it discover itself when it is lumpened with conceit? Can it ever rediscover itself or make a forward movement? The party men and women known for their crafty sycophancy write about the party.  An honest evaluation of what the Party was-its history should have been scripted by outsiders-rather historians-non party persons for an honest assessment- even the title of the book ‘Congress and the making of the Indian nation” is misleading and a falsification of the Indian nation and the history of the Congress.

The Indian nation existed before the Congress. There would have been no Congress if the Indian nation did not exist. It sounds too bombastic and reeks of pride and sycophancy at the lowest-to attribute to itself even remotely that it has everything to do in the making of the Indian nation because the Congress of today did not exist and the Congress which fought for Independence under the guidance of Mahatma Gandhi was entirely a different organization. That the present Congress swapped the name ‘Congress’ as it trademark like it finds goodwill in the name ‘Gandhi’ are frauds and serious aberrations committed by the present Congress for its vested interest. It is something like plagiarism.

One can be sure the Emergency-the great divide of which both Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi are obsessed with-the urban and the rural, the poor and the rich, the ghettos built around castes and religions have conveniently been omitted. The growth of the Maoists and the Naxals because their rights were denied and development did not reach them-the great vision which P.Chidambaram wants us to envisage with closed eyes-in which every child is inoculated, every child is vaccinated and every child is equipped with skills-are missing in  the making of the Indian nation.. So what went into the making of the nation? What were the tasks of the Congress these 125 years that today its leaders are moaning that rights have been denied, that children have not been inoculated and vaccinated etc after 125 years of its existence?

The Emergency proclaimed by which the Constitution was kept in abeyance, the Blue Star Operation, The Indian Peace Keeping Force which was sent to Sri Lanka not to keep peace but to kill and rape the Indian Tamils (the consequences of the latter two resulted in the assassinations of two Prime Ministers)-the communalization of the Indian people-the communal riots in Gujarat in the 60s, the massacre of the Sikhs-these again would not have figured in the “Congress and the making of the Indian nation”.

The renunciation drama was made the focus-a ‘sacrifice’of Mrs Sonia Gandhi  which the Congress equaled to Mahatma Gandhi-and conferred on her ‘thagyi’. By no stretch of one’s imagination can this be a sacrifice. She knew that Manmohan Singh would fit the role and be malleable-she could pull the strings-get all the bouquets and put him on the firing line. She was ill-equipped for the role and even today Rahul Gandhi her son is ill equipped. They will not take the power seats because they will stand exposed. So let others take the brickbats while these two hold all the power.

The Congress should have some humility-nay honesty for it has to remember that no nation can be made without the support of all the political parties. A fitting assessment for the Congress history would be “The Congress and the unmaking of the Indian Nation”

It seems that the Congress leaders are desperate: we first had P.Chidambaram cautioning of the ‘saffron terror’ this was followed by Digvijay Singh harping on the same with greater tenacity and Rahul Gandhi sharing his concern of the ‘bigger threat to India from the Hindu terrorists than the LeT with the USA ambassador. That he later toned down to include all kinds of terrors does not absolve him of his political improbity and his infantile concern of an imaginary threat-worse that in the process he was backing Pakistan . All the three leaders must realize that their statements, their concern and their utterances are Pro-Pakistan.So PC can continue exchanging dossiers while the Pakistan army trains and prepares the LeT. Rahul Gandhi did not have even the rudimentary knowledge that LeT has the backing of the Pakistan army-that makes all the difference. For the sake of vote bank politics these leaders stooped to betrayal of the nation. Does this also go into the making of the Indian nation?

Two statements one by P Chidambaram and the other by Pranab Mukherjee are really frightening. The former argued that Mrs Sonia Gandhi should review the performance of the government every six months. Who is Mrs Sonia Gandhi-she is the Congress President an MP-what authority has she to review the performance of the government? Can the people allow PC to denigrate the Constitution, the GOI, and the ministries all by one body blow? ‘We will not allow the office of the PM to be denigrated’, asserted Mrs Sonia Gandhi-something which she had already done- Now PC denigrates the whole GOI the office of the PM and the various ministries, forgets that the Congress does not enjoy the confidence of the people. It has only 10 States under its rule. With what constitutional legality and political acumen can PC state that Mrs Sonia Gandhi must review the performance of the government? She is an extra constitutional power and the renunciation was a clever ploy to hold power without responsibility, she has no authority nor people’s mandate and sanction to perform such a task. PC has degraded and debased democracy-he should be indicted for openly arguing this country to become a banana republic. How can we have Cabinet ministers who do not believe in democracy?

Next statement from Pranab Mukherjee ‘No country can feed 1.15 billon people, whatever be their capacity’ Mr Pranab Mukherjee has clearly given the signal-the Congress has abdicated its role. Its bankruptcy is obvious and the signal given is that we will continue having 35 percent below the Poverty line. Look at the different directions which the Congress leaders are pulling. We have PC asking why 20 percent at the bottom of the population structure with such low incomes. And here we have Pranab Mukherjee clearly stating that it is impossible to feed our people. They would prefer rats to be fed rather than people. And his justification is that no country can have such a capacity. No country can withstand such a whole lot of looters and fleecers. The menu card in the Parliament canteen is an indication of the callousness of the leaders. While people starve they go on looting-acquiring villas after villas, stash the Indian money in foreign havens and talk to us about their incapacity-to feed the 1.15 billion. But come election and they will go to the same people with a different story. The dirty Hand will be raised and promises made that vote them to power so that everyone will have their fill. Scam after scam has been covering the Congress- it is mired in its own corrupt making-corruption which it sanctions-appointment of corrupt persons in constitutional positions are all part of the Congress’ history. The structural injustice which is manifested in the poverty at the bottom and the world class rich at the top is the making of the Congress. And the Finance Minister has the gumption to tell us that no country can feed 1.15 billion people. The Congress thus has openly and in clear terms expressed its inability to feed the people of this country, then it should vacate the power seats. The people must throw the Congress out lock, stock and barrel – bring in structural changes by which there would be equitable distribution of wealth and where 1.15 billion of my people will be fed.

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