The Blithe Cruelty of Avoidance and Denial

via Dr.Babu Suseelan published on June 3, 2006

One of the greatest challenges of a pundit is being sufficiently disciplined to find time to comprehend and assess problems that threaten the existence of the individual, the family, the community and the culture that sustains the nation. Being aware of the pressing issues and threats allows one the liberty to fully engage in the critical analysis of the problems and take effective strategies to solve it.


But in India, secular leaders are in deep denial, avoidance and moral ambiguity. The simple act of denial or refusing to discuss life threatening issues are clues that they have a problem, a virulent form of cognitive disorder, an inability to think clearly. It is purely an irrational defense mechanism. How is this possible? In spite of the deadly crises Hindus facing in India, secular leaders, pseudo intellectuals and the anti-national media hide behind a wall of denial rather than confronting the deadly enemies. They have shamelessly built a thick protective wall of denial that not only insulated them from the hard cold realities of Islamic terrorism, Christian subversive activities and Communist sabotage. When Hindus remind them of the dangers, they play a game of rationalization, minimization, blame transference and avoidance.


Make no mistake; Hindus and India are facing apocalyptic crises. Hindus are under siege. Hindus are cornered. India is facing enemies from within and without. India and Hindus are beaten not by the strength of the enemy, but by our mistakes and indifference.


The crises remain an irony, which borders on blithe self-inflicted cruelty. It is utterly incomprehensible, that our bogus secular leaders refuse to acknowledge the danger. This magnetic and self-imposed “cruelty” invariably extends into every realms of Indian life.


It’s an uncontested reality that Hindus in India finds in a quagmire. The evaluation of how Hindus got into the present quagmire and their seeming inability to extricate themselves from real denial trap has in itself become another major problem.  Some pundits ignore the threats, some preach pacifism, and some blame those who identify the enemies and some courageously blame themselves for their fate. Some anchors on escapism and focus too strongly on ‘see no evil” syndrome and not to pay sufficient attention to enemies knocking at the door.  So which exactly is it? And where exactly does the cause and effect lie?


Impartial observers have through empirical and conventional deductions attributed the Hindu crises to the Islamic/Christian/communist/Secular ideologies and their nefarious activities. Media and the political leaders are unwilling or unable to unmask the threats. Phony liberals view these crises to the lingering economic and social disequilibria in India, which in itself, is a vestige of their colonial mindset. Those in this camp have continued to stress that India remains a secular nation where Muslims and Christians have special privileges. These phony liberals do not want to see Hindu resurgence and prefer to indulge in doublethink and doublespeak and strategic dissonance.  When Hindu leaders speak, what we witness from these bogus intellectuals is an engagement in endless bouts of incendiary rhetoric, and scurrilous allegations directed against Hindus. This tendency detracts from the real issues and undermines any discussion on the threats Hindus face. Their indifference and loath could be put in a better perspective with the cliché, which says, “with friends like this, who needs an enemy”. It is starkly clear that salvation of Hindus will not come those dreadful political opportunists who work for personal gains and aggrandizement, while pretending to be serving national interest.


As much as people are in denial, it remains a fact that Hindu survival warrants—indeed demand—skillful and open-minded approach to study deeply entrenched alien ideologies and their subversive agents.


The crises Hindus and India face is exceedingly grave and people are now all living witness to its destructive consequences. But then, such crises events only happen, because of unbridled negations and the arrogance of secular conviction. It’s been said that we are our own worst enemy. This is no longer a disparaging cliché, but a troubling affirmation of our collective fate. The saddest part of this problem is that Hindus have a tendency to blame themselves, have guilt with no reason, excessive tolerance, and unjustified favoring of adversaries in the sharing of the ‘national cake”. Our political leaders by a wide stretch do not help their own once they assume power; rather, they reap for themselves and appease Muslims and Christians.


In this context, Hindus should be assertive, balance our strategy to match our aspirations. Hindus should not subvert reality by manipulating memory either to erase brutality inflicted by invading Muslims and Christian colonists. We need collective focus, effective strategy, and turn our adversity into strength with self-confidence. Denial, avoidance, appeasement are never critical tool of visionary politics, these are visible as well as covert perils. Such psychological tendencies are ultimately defeatist. It is time for Hindus to wake from the slumber and stop playing the subservient roles. Hindus should never allow bogus secularists and self-blaming pundits to thwart our collective aspirations.


Finally, to make headway, we must have a full grasp of the real danger and threats we face. The only way, therefore, to deal with the crises is to resort to pragmatism not based on interminable banalities.


The fate of India is inextricably linked to the survival of Hindus. Hindus should realize that there could be no substitute for victory and political power. Victory is impossible without assertiveness and positive activism. Despite the dissonance of the past, concerns of the present and challenges of the future, Hindus are now ready for prime time.


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