The Abhaya Murder Case: The Deliberate Obstruction of the Catholic Church

via HK Correspondent published on July 12, 2007

The Catholic Church in Kerala holds a lot of power. For several years, the Catholic hierarchy has put the power of the Church for its advantage. A case in point is the deliberate obstruction of justice by the Catholic Church in the recent CBI inquiry on the nun Abhaya murder case.


The CBI investigation into the nun Abhaya murder case is the latest in a series of high profile cases that embarrasses the Catholic Church. Nun Abhaya was murdered at the Catholic nunnery at Kottayam several years ago. Under severe pressure from the Catholic Church, the police misdirected and deliberately bungled the case. The Catholic priest, the alleged murder got Scot free and he is travelling abroad at his free will making a mockery of the Indian criminal justice system.


After several years of bungling police investigation, the police still have no firm answers as to what really happened. But the stark fact remains: Why does the police buckle under pressure from the Catholic Church? It shows that the Catholic Church still reigns supreme in Kerala, while politicians and the police cowers in fear of being jabbed anti-Catholic.


The recent CBI probe into nun Abhaya murder case has proved who was behind the murder and the subsequent cover up. The very fact that the nuns and the Catholic Church tried to obstruct the inquiry was evident when under questioning by the CBI, the Catholic nuns who were closely associated with nun Abhaya threatened the CBI with dire consequences. These nuns under pressure from the alleged murder priest threatened the CBI with suicide as an overt form of obstruction of justice. The nun’s threats are genuinely shocking. What is shocking is the Church’s official disinterest to this murder for several years. CBI thinks that these nuns have the detailed information about the murder. The nuns have been providing conflicting information to the police at the behest of the Church hierarchy to misdirect the police. They refused to cooperate or divulge the information under pressure from the Catholic Church. The very fact that these nuns and the Catholic Church tried to obstruct even the rigged and superficial probe should tell us who the guilty parties are. The nuns and the Church have been creating a blur and smoke-screen of its own over the revelation that a priest was involved in the murder.


The whole behavior of the nuns and the Church really boils down to acting more like a mafia family. They deal with the murder as the mafia family who is trying to protect themselves from the heinous crime.


The Abhaya murder case also indicates that when the reality becomes too shocking for the politicians and the police, instead of confronting the stark reality they invent fantasies to keep the public in darkness. The reality is too scary to comprehend directly for the politicians and the police. They are afraid to confront the powerful mafia Church. In Kerala, politicians and the police are deliberately manufacturing falsehood and unreality industry to misdirect the public. For politicians, Kerala and the majority is a big game show.

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