The 5107 precedes the 2006

via Gireesh / SHAKTHINIVAS published on December 31, 2005

The history of the world has been the story of nation states that have come and gone – vanishing like bubbles after living a few hours of exuberant dominance. India has always existed. The mighty empires built by the Greeks, the Romans and the Ottomans now lie in ruins, wiped out by the ravages of time. The spider weaves its web where the Caesar once stood. Then came the British to colonize and exploit. Today, the empire ‘ where the sun never set ’ is itself a sad little colony, desperately clinging to America for reflected glory. India has been a living witness to the birth and death of these civilizations and empires. And yet, the English rulers of India insisted that we were never a nation before the British fabricated one out of us. Gandhiji replied to them in one line – “Only because we were one Nation before you came, you could install one government over us”. But there are some legal representatives of the colonial mind who even now agree with the British and disagree with the Mahatma. They declare that India was born on 15 th August 1947.The same people teach that the history of the world started 2006 years ago.

Our nation was born before the Vedas were sung on the banks of the Indus and the Upanishads debated in the forests of Dandakaranya. Archeology now affirms that Indus civilization and Vedic life are inseverable. India was called ‘ Bharat varsh’ situated in ‘Bharat Khand’. And we existed not just to survive, but to enrich. And enrich we did. A nation so prosperous that the Queen would send Columbus, braving the hazards of the sea, for the rewards of trade. Yet the Hindu prided himself rich, not in gold, but in the culture of ‘Thyaga’ ( self-sacrifice ) as opposed to ‘Bhoga’ ( consumerism ). Where else would the emperors come down from their thrones to honor the wandering Sanyasi ?

In this nation evolved a contemplative mind that sang “ Ano Bhadrah Kritavo Yantu Vishwat â€ ( Let noble thought come from everywhere ). It is this contemplative genius that received with reverence and compassion fugitive peoples and their sacred beliefs – whether they are Jews, Parsees or Shias. The Hindu mind became the foundation for the mutual religious respect unknown outside India. This Hindu mind is not the creation of the constitution of India that now guarantees co-existence. The constitution is the creation of the Hindu psyche, evolved and refined over thousands of years. 

Now, 5107 years since Dwapara Yuga, we stand at the threshold of a new era. The Hindu nation has started to wake up from its slumber, and nothing, it is said, can stand in the way of a nation whose time has come. 

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