Thamizhar Samayam: A reply to the Christian protagonists and propagandists

via VEDAPRAKASH published on December 8, 2008

The public seminar on Thamizhar Samayam was conducted by   Dharma Rakshana Samithi, Chennai at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, T Nagar, on 07-12-2008 at 6.30 pm. Muthukumaran Former Barathidasan University Vice-Chancellor presided over the function and Krishna Jagannathan of Vidhyabarathi Educational Trust gave the introductory speech. Sri Omkarananda Swamigal of Sri Bhuvaneswari Avadhutha Vidhya Peetam, rendered the special address









Delving on the Christian and Mohammedans methods of evangelization, he pointed out that the educational system of Tamilnadu had completely devoid of the religion of Tamil people. 60 years before, Tamils were taught about their religion and the Temples were functioned as their nerve-centre of all activities, but now, the Temples have gone into the hands of politicians.


We still read the “Indian history” written by the British: He pointed out that as we read the “history written by the British”, the Tamil society has been at loggerhead with divisions of hatred. The text books have not been re-written in right perspective. The more our children read, the more they grow with such planted ideas.


He told a story to expose the irreligiousness and hatred of the missionaries: Three persons – one Christian, one Mohammedan and a Hindu travelled in a boat and suddenly, the boast was about to be drowned. The Christian prayed to Jesus and he was saved; the Mohammedan prayed to Allah, he was saved; but the Hindu started addressing prayers to different Gods one by one, but he could not be saved! But it s wrong to say that Hindus have been not monotheistic and idolatrous, as they know very well about Unity of Godhead.


While the Tamils spread nearly 50 countries all over the world celebrated Tamil festivals, the Tamils of the TN, ironically do not know even the significance of their festivals and days, drawing the nearing of “Periya Karthhikai”.


He denied the “Aryan-Dravidian” racial dichotomy and pointed out as to how the people of north and south respected the southern direction and followed common culture and tradition. Tamils wherever went followed only such tradition, even in naming the places as Uttara Kasi, Dakshina Kasi and so on Due to climatic changes, men originated from the equatorial region could have spread north and south Actually, the mention of “Dwaraka” and “Kapadapuram”, where people tried to enter and settle down after deluge could be one and the same, as both convey the same meaning (the city, where people entered).


The entire Tamil literature has been full of religious references to Sanskrit literature. Perhaps, there is no other literature like Tamil, which has religious aspects in it. When Jainism and Buddhism tried to enter Tamizhagam, Bakti movement originated and spread to the north. This Bakti movement was revived again, when the Mohammedan incursions started.


From Kumaragurubarar, we can understand that Tamil poets had never been against any language, as he could lecture in Hindusthani, as Sanskrit was used before.


The nature of Tamils had / has been to build temple first and then house, wherever, they went. In Mauritius, Tamils have built almost all temples. Such has been their religious consciousness.


Jagannathan of Vidhyabarathi Educational Trust:


Referring about the Christian manipulation of religious propaganda, he warned the Tamils about the misinterpretation of Christians that their religion was derived from the Christianity etc. He openly accused Deivanayagam, John Samuel, Devakala and others for organizing “International conferences” and blaspheming Hindus under the guise of “Thamizhar samayam”. He referred to three conferences conducted –


He urged that Tamils cannot take such nonsense lightly, as they have been trying to repeat such lies thousands time to make it to appear “truth”.


He regretted that even former president had participated in such anti-Tamil conferences conducted in 2007. Ironically, they use cine-actors directly and indirectly for their propagandist activities, while Rajinikanth name was mentioned for the role of Tiruvalluvar in their proposed 100-crore mega movie on “mythical thomas”, Kamal Hassan was made to blabber out that Tiruvalluvar could be a Jain, a Buddhist or Christian!


He retold the above story: In the context of Mumbai-Jihadi attacks, he added that Christians and Muslims could not be saved, as Jesus and Allah had to run here and there being a single entity, but Hindu God sent different Gods to different places, so that Hindus could be saved.


The DK ideology and DMK rule have only made the Tamils irreligious forgetting their Temple culture, tradition and heritage.


Sri Omkarananda Swamigal of Sri Bhuvaneswari Avadhutha Vidhya Peetam:


Being a Tiruvalluvar exponent, Tirukkural teacher and Mutt Head, he expressed his anguish, the way in which Tiruvalluvar is degraded and Tirukkural disrespected by the Christians and Tamil atheist groups.


Hindu Religious Heads and Hindus feel offended and pained much: Religious Heads pained, wounded and anxious about their activities. They might think that Hindus have been very tolerant and learned to be patient to the core, thus keep quiet. The Hindus have never been taught hatred against other religious Gods and religious beliefs and that is why they do not ask any inconvenient questions, even when the Christians and Mohammedans ask why you God has many wives, Why Vinayaka has elephant head and so on. But such non-hatred quality cannot be considered weakness of Hindus.  But now a situation has come that Hindus should learn how to answer them or question them effectively.


Babar and Teresa are quoted for Tirukkural: He pointed out as to how a Vice-Chancellor of a University of TN requested him to preside over his book release function on “Tirukkural”, but he was totally taken aback to note that he had only given examples from Therasa, Babar and others, but none from Indian personalities in citing references to the Kural. He observed that the author of the “Tiruvalluvar book” could not recite even Tirukkural properly.


The Hindu haters should read “Azhukkaranai” chapter of Tirukkural: “Azhukkaramai” means the psyche of without jealousy, envy or covetousness. The Christians, Mohammedans, Tamil atheist groups and Hindu-haters should read and understand before talking nonsense about Hindus. He questioned the duplicity of the Dravidian-Tamil politician about the hypocritical approach towards Tiruvalluvar He challenged the politicians that they should recite Tirukkural before the public, before contesting elections.


Tirukkural should be written in the hearts of the Tamil people: As he has been preaching and teaching Tirukkural, he exposed the hypocrisy of the Tamil politicians. He pointed out that it is not enough, if Tirukkural is written on the buses or commentaries given by CMs and VCs, but they should be written in the hearts of the Tamil people.


Can Hindus send books urging Mullahs and bishops to “change their minds”? He also pointed out the audacity of a Christian, who sent him books on Christianity and appealed him to “change his mind” to accept Christ. He sent a suitably reply and challenged him to come for a public debate at Palayankotai itself, bringing his Christian heads, but there was no reply from him. While mentioning this, he also pointed out as to how a “Hindu journal” did not publish his letter! Retorting, he asked whether any Hindu had guts to send books to Bishop, Imam. Mullah etc., and urged them to “change their minds”?


He urged that one conference should be conducted, taking this meeting as a starting point, to refute such misinterpretations.




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