“Tevaram should not be sung”

via VEDAPRAKASH published on May 5, 2008

The Sivanadiyargal driven away by the Police!


proposes and God disposes. Whether Karunanidhi believes in God, that
too, Hindu God or otherwise, definitely, as a Kalainjar and a Doctor,
he must have known the proverb. After all, her himself made a claim
that their government only made the Tiruvarur Chariot to run, which was
not done earlier for several years. Now, perhaps, Tiruvarur Thyagarajar
wanted to teach a lesson to Dakshinamurty, the rogue-politician by
being an atheist and blasphemed Him many times. Even Annadurai used to
cry, “Tillai Natarajanaiyum, Sri Ranganathanaiyum Birangi vaithu pilappathu ennalo, annale nannal
the day on which the Nataraja at Tillai / Chidambaram and Ranganathan
at Sri Rangam were blasted off with tanks, that day is a golden day for
us! Interestingly, none has noted the Talibanism in his speech. Read
the following news:


Tiruvarur May 4, 2008

Azhi Terottam has been famous in Tiruvarur conducted during Panguni
Uttiram. This year, this is conducted in front of the TN Ministers –
Periya Karuppan, the H. R & C E, Madhivanan, Pichandi or rather
they inaugurated the run of the Chariot by dragging it symbolically!


whether it is coincidence or otherwise, the participation of the DMK
Ministers had resulted in ugly incidence of fighting between
Sivanadiyargal (Servants of Lord Shiva) and Terotta Paniyalargal
(Servants for the Run of the Chariot).


Ministers, officials and other VIPs were sitting under the Samiyana put
up on the open terrace of the Government Employees Association building
situated at the South Street. More than fifty
Sivanadiyargal who came from Puducherry, Kadalur, Erode, Namakkal and
other places were singing Tevaram accompanied with musical instruments.


that time Terotta Paniyalargal announced through mike that
Sivanadiyargal should move away from that place. As they were engrossed
in singing, perhaps, they could not listen to the announcement. So the
Terotta Paniyalargal shouted at them not to sing Tevaram there, but
move to a distance away and do that!


the argument started between these groups. Temper running high, one
Terotta Paniyalar pushed a Sinanadiyar by putting hand on his chest.
Immediately started pell-mell between the groups. The police drove away
the Sivanadiyargal ordering that they should not sing there!

the irony, the senile Arumugaswamy with the support of DK atheists, PMK
agnostics, Naxalite groups victoriously invaded the Chidambaram temple
with the fatwa of modern Aurangezeb-Karunanidhi. At that time also,
there was pell-mell between the Dikshithar and the police.


issued another fatwa that the Tevaram singers should be allowed to do
so, as otherwise action would be taken. This happened just in the Month
of March. The Aurangazed policy did not die down, but marched towards


Ministers participated definitely with the permission of Karu, as
otherwise, he would have asked for explanation (remember earlier, when
one MLA conducted fire-walk, and another wore kumkum and so on).


now, the Police had driven away the Sivanadiyargal making them to
forget Teveram! The ghost of Aurangazeb, pergaps acted directly through
the Police, instead of routing through Karu and coming out in the form
of GO / fatwa.


Ministers were helpless, as they could not support one group, as that
might lead to another problem. Anyway, the poor Sivanadiyargal ran away
or escaped. Perhaps, they would sought the help of Arumugaswamy.


about singing Tevaram exactly at the spot? Oh, no, the the Terotta
Paniyalargal had already declared that they could not sing exactly at
the spot, but away at a distance! So these Sivanadiyargal should go to
court and get order. Or they should join with DK, DMK, Ma.Ka.I.Ka, etc
to fight in the way of Allah or Karu.


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