Terrorists should get a taste of Shariat laws-Dr Subramanian Swamy

published on February 2, 2010

Changed demography of Kashmir has created secessionism
By S Chandrasekhar -www.organiser.org

JANATA Party President Dr Subramanian Swamy called for implementation of ‘Shariat Laws’ on jehadi terrorists. Muslims who oppose ‘Uniform Civil Code’ on grounds of Shariat should also accept ‘Shariat Laws’ for IPC and CrPC-related crimes. They should accept beheading, stoning to death, cutting of hands and legs and gouging out of eyes for the continuous terror attacks on India. He was speaking on the subject “Terror and Human Rights” at a lecture organised by Bharateeya Vichara Kendram in Thiruvanantha-puram on January 19.

“Terrorism is a war against a legally constituted establishment, and acts of violence against people of the country in the name of Kashmir, Naga, Bodo, Mao, LTTE etc. do not deserve human rights. Fundamental Rights as enshrined in the Constitution are subject to restrictions, if they are threat to public law and morality. Similar is the case of religions. Articles 32 and 226 protect a citizen. It was on this ground that the Kerala High Court stayed the 50-million-dollar ‘Islamic Bank’, mooted by Gulf jehadis and CPM, on a PIL filed by me,” said Dr Swamy.

“India is a demographically challenged nation because it is essentially a Hindu nation. Despite 800 years of Islamic and 200 years of Christian rule, 83 per cent of divided and 75 per cent of undivided India is Hindu. Osama and the jehadi network want to Islamise India. As part of this strategy, five lakh Kashmiri Pundits have been thrown out of the Valley to live in shanties of Delhi. Several cities like Mau, Meerut etc. are facing this situation. One-third of Bangladesh’s population is in India. All the terror groups like Mao, Bodo, Naga etc. are getting arms and money from jehadi terror nexus.”

“The solution to this problem is a US-Israel-India axis to curb jehadi terrorism globally. Supply troops to the US in Afghanistan, make use of the Israeli deterrence to curb Islamic menace and demographically change Kashmir. Arm 40 lakh ex-servicemen and send them to Kashmir along with the five lakh Pundits. There will be a sea change. Take one third of the area of Bangladesh or send back the Bangladeshis,”Dr Swamy stated.

“Negotiations with terrorists will not take us anywhere. By negotiating for the release of 150 passengers in Kandahar, we let out Azhar Masood and two other terrorists, who formed LeT and Jaish-e-Mohammed, which are responsible for over 10,000 deaths including the 26/11 terror attack in Mumbai. Our security forces are not given a free hand. Government has no clarity of thoughts and courage of conviction. Despite daily red alerts, terror attacks take place. Determined soldiers who take on terrorists are humiliated by human rights organisations and government. The so-called human rights activists are commies in disguise. China despite being a communist State is market driven and has ruthlessly cracked down on Islamic terrorists. Hundreds were shot down in China’s Muslim province. In Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Hindus are subject to humiliation. Turkey and Malaysia are following suit. Here in India, attackers of Parliament and Mumbai are treated as VIPs and fed with chicken biryani. Ajmal Kasab’s weight has gone up by five kgs.”

Stating that the Hindus did not surrender to the Islamic and Christian tyranny. Dr Swamy said: “We resisted it with the help of Mauryas’, Rajputs’ and Vijaya Nagar empires and Marathas who were guided by saints like Chanakya, Samarth Ramdas and Sringeri Mutt. Unity of Hindus is a deterrence against terror and terrorism. Ayodhya united us. Now terror on Hindustan should unite us.”

Concluding his speech Dr. Swamy said no anti-terrorist policy can succeed until moles in the establishment are weeded out. Terrorists have leverage on government, media and academia using money, sex and drug.

Earlier welcoming Dr. Swamy, Padma Shri P Parameswaran, Director of BVK, said that other than being Hindu, jehadis are targeting India, because it is friendly to US.

Dr KU Devadas, district president of BVK, welcomed Dr. Swamy.

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