Terror Unbound: 14 year old Hindu child burnt alive

published on June 29, 2007


West Bengal: The constant aggression of Islamic terror continues to haunt the Hindus of West Bengal. The severe atrocities on the Hindus by Islamic radicals in the Muslim populated villages of West Bengal are forcing thousands of Hindus to leave their ancestral lands and villages and migrate away silently. The Muslim dominated villages of  24 Parganas(s) and 24 Parganas(n), Malda, Nadia and Murshidabad, have become hot breeding grounds of terrorists and every day there are more and more incidents of unbound terror and atrocities on the Hindus while the Left Government and the West Bengal Police remain a silent spectator with its severe pro-Islamic, anti-Hindu stand.

Samrat Mondal is only 14. He was a student of class 8 and lived with his family in the village of Kharimachan of Basanti village in 24 parganas(s) West Bengal.

On the evening of 4th May 2007, a gang of 20 Muslims led by Gausher Ali Gayen, Samsher Ali Gayen, caught Samrat at gun point in the middle of the field when he was returning from school and forced him into a ditch. Few Muslims held him down forcefully while the others poured Kerosene oil on the innocent boy and finally set him on fire.

All the other Muslims about 20 of them, and some young Muslim boys who were playing in the nearby field, watched and laughed as Samrat was burning heavily and not a single person came to his help.

With the fire catching up on his entire body, Samrat ran towards a shallow pond to save his life. He jumped in that pond and tossing himself repeatedly in the mud he was finally able to stop the fire but by then he was already 50% burnt, the skin from his body and lower abdomen ripping away as he became unconscious in the tremendous pain.
Samrat Mondal is a Hindu. Samarat’s father Surat Chandra Mondal migrated with his family from Satkhira of Bangladesh about two decades ago, being constantly subjected to Islamic persecution and social pressure there, a common phenomenon in Islamic Bangladesh, like millions of Hindus he came to India in search of an honorable life as a Hindu and settled in the village of Kharimachan of Basanti village in 24 parganas(s) of West Bengal.
In the Muslim populated villages of West Bengal  where the condition of Hindus are not very much different and in some areas even worse than Islamic Bangladesh, looting of Hindu houses, cattle lifting, desecrating and profaning Hindu idols, molesting Hindu women is being openly carried on with the moral support of the Islamic Radicals and tacit support of the leftists.

Surat Mondal’s house was looted by notorious Muslim criminals Gausher Ali Gayen and his gang for four consecutive days. Every time their house was looted, Surat Mondal complained to the local left controlled village Panchayat and its leader Samsuddin Mollah in vain and finally on the third day, when the looters came and put fire on his house Surat Mondal resorted to complain to the local Basanti Police Station on 4th of May 2007 and pleaded for justice. But, the police refused to take a complain as the assailants were all Muslims and protected by the ruling left front parties and instead Surat Mondal was told to go away.
On the evening of the same day there was a grand opening of a mosque in the village. Surprisingly, unlike the other days all the Muslim boys gathered in the paddy fields behind Surat Mondal’s house and started a mock football match.
Beside, the same paddy field a group of 20 Muslims, with fire arms and Kerosene waited for Samrat Mondal, who usually came back this way everyday after school. Their intention was to burn him alive and cast terror within the mind of the Hindus.

After the fire was set and Samarat was burning heavily and running with fire catching up all his body the Muslim boys playing in the field stood by and shouted and laughed their breath out to suppress Samrat’s cry of pain so that nobody could hear him.

This heinous action proves the involvement of Islamic radicals and well formulated planned action of terror which had the involvement of the entire Muslim population of the village as a whole.

After Samrat fainted, his uncle who was luckily passing by rescued him and Samrat was admitted in Canning Hospital.

The first thing that Samrat told after gaining consciousness in the morning are the names of criminals to the police who put fire on him, 1. Gausher Ali Gayen 2. Jamshek Gayen 3. Shamsher Ali.
The police though registered a case but never bothered to take any action against these criminals and the gang and they still roam freely on village roads of Basanti, threatening the Hindus who morally stood behind Surat Mondal’s family.

The criminals with the full support of the village panchayat leader Shamsuddin Mollah and Lokman Mollah, the notorious communal leftist leader of Basanti forced Surat Monadal to leave the village. Surat Mondal had no option other than to sell away his entire land and house at a throw away half of the actual price and arrange for funds for the treatment of his severely burnt only son.
The entire family of Surat Mondal consisting about 14 members has migrated from the village now and is staying with a relative’s family in a small room, in the outskirts of Kolkata.

With all his funds exhausted for the treatment of Samrat who received more than 50% burn and a deadly virus due to contamination in the Government Hospital, the family which came to India for an honorable living as a Hindu have no-where to go now .Only Darkness looms on their fate and of the millions of Hindus as West Bengal slowly withers towards the formation of another Islamic state.

Watch video of the atrocity


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