Terror in the name of Islam

via Special Correspondent published on October 31, 2005

Civilized people around the world have condemned, in harshest possible terms, the lethal and well-planned series of terrorist attacks on Saturday 29, 2005 in New Delhi in which more than 70 innocent men, women and children were killed and more than 250 people were seriously injured. In all, five blasts took place-in the crowded retail market of Sarojini Nagar in South-West Delhi, in the whole sale market of Paharganj in the walled city, and one on a moving bus in Govind Puri area in South Delhi.

Intelligence sources reported that the Pakistani-based Laskhar-Tayebba is behind the terrorist attack. The police have claimed terrorists have used powerful RDX explosives. The timing of the blasts reveals the Jihadi terrorist’s motive. They struck during the festival season of Diwali. Jihadis knew during the time of Iftar, Muslims were sure to be indoor feasting. The timing was to ensure that only non-Muslims will be killed or injured. The choice of location of the blast was equally significant. Jihaidi terrorists planted the explosive devices away from Muslim residential or business areas. The planning, the techniques, the explosive devices used and the strategic location of the blasts indicate the collaboration between Jihadis and Pakistan intelligence establishment.

The explosion took place within minutes of each other for maximum effect. This is not the first time the role of Laskhkar that has struck against Hindus. And the bomb blast should not be treated in isolation. they are part of the murderous ideology which motivates Jihadis to kill non-believers. The long term aim of Jihadis is to terrorise Hindus, destabilize India and ultimately complete the unfinished goal of Islamisation of India.

Hindus should remember that this terrorist act is the continuation of ghoulish killings of Hindus for the last hundreds of years by the Jihadis. One is reminded of the killings of innocent Hindus in Marad (Kerala), bombings in Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) burning of a passenger bus in Kochi (Kerala), burning alive innocent passengers of a train in Godhra (Gujarat), attack on the Indian parliament, the brutal killing of Hindus at Akshardam temple (Gujarat), attack on the Red Fort in Delhi, slitting of throat of several Hindus in Kashmir last week, the burning of Hindus in Mau (UP), vicious bomb blasts in Mumbai in which more than 400 Hindus were blown to bits, attack at the Ayodhya temple (UP)–are all part of the continuation of Jihadi terrorism against
Hindus. It is the confirmation of attacks against non-believers for the last hundreds of years.

The nature of the attack, selection of strategic location, and planting the explosive devices indicate that Pakistan intelligence agents and LET are making a break-through in the recruitment of Indian Muslims.

As with the delusional left, so too the Congress party, in its appeasement policy, is showing that it has no ability to learn from its mistakes of inaction, indifference and denial, and prefers to sink into the self-destructive policy of appeasement rather than act responsibly and decisively against Jihadi terrorism. Most of liberal intellectuals and the media diagnose the malaise, offer no effective and persuasive remedies.

The passive reaction of the secularists remind us of the statement of Rousseau:”Slaves lose everything in their chains, even the desire of escaping from them”. This precisely describes the secularists of India, enslaved by the policy of appeasement, and denial and inaction. Secular intellectuals, media, the Congress government and the left over leftists can ignore the perils of Jihadi terrorism at their own peril.

It is time for Hindus to join together, wake up from the slumber and regain political power and react strongly against the appeasement policy of the Congress party. Until the government take strong preventive strategies such gruesome jihadi killing will continue. Unless the policy of denial, irrational tolerance are stopped, the system will soon cause irreparable damage to the Hindu community. The great political deception of the Congress party that has long suppressed any effective action against Jihadi terrorists must be exposed. This is possible only Hindus are united, strong and

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