Temple Money Looting – a continuing legacy

via VEDA PRAKASH published on February 2, 2008

The looting of temple money in India has not been anything new, as it has been a continuing legacy of the marauding Mohammedans and the crafty Christians of all sorts – the Portuguese, the Danish, the Dutch, the French and the British (of course not the good ones). As after the marauding Mohammedans and the crafty Christians faithfully followed the policy of looting, after them, the atheist, radical, progressive, Communist and other categories also followed the suit. Only the method changed with the times, but the purport and purpose of looting remain the same. Today’s news is as follows (Dinamalar, Madras edition):

In the same day in the same place Five Hundis of temples broken and money looted!


Tirukkovilur February 2, 2008: In Titrukkovilur, in the same night at the same place the offering of devotees money in Hundi was faithfully looted.

Vinayakar Koil is situated on the banks of a lake in Tirukkovilur of
Vizhuppuram District, where construction work is going on in building
of Rajagopuram (the Main Entrance). Here, the Hundi was broken and
money looted. Besides, the following temples have also been looted:

•       Gengai Amman Koil, Vadakku Vidhi (North Street), Santhappettai.

•       Mariamman Koil, Therkku Vidhi (South Street).

•       Vinayakar Koil

•       Ayyanar Appan Koil opposite to Tirukkovilur Arts and ScienceCollege.

significant looting has been that of the Erattai Vinayakar Koil is
situated on the banks of a lake, as it is the repeat of the last month!
This clearly proves that there has been considerable Hundi-collection
in this temple and the looters are well aware of the position. Thus,
the looting five temples at the same place has created a panic there.


The Police does not take any action even if the Temple
authorities give complaint. Moreover, the temple authorities also do
not come forward to complaint, as this creates unwanted complications.
This has indirectly helped and encouraged the temple money looters. The
devotees express their feelings that this attitude lead to the
systematic looting


  • People bewildered as a youth had ferociously broken Temple Idols (Madras, January 20, 2008). 

  • IOC official involved in the theft of Valuable Bronze Idols recovered in Tirunelveli (December 28, 2007).
  •  A boy revealed startling fact about the Temple Money looting gang operating throughout Tamilnadu adopting a sophisticated method in breaking and looting money! The Hindu Religious and Endowment Board has recently ordered a private organization for the installation of Hundis in temples and the Company has been installing a particular type of Hundi. The Money looting group has noted the design (December 12, 2007).
  •  Government reports that there has been increase of Temple Idol theft during last few months and there had been more than 60 cases (October 26, 2007).
  • Jain Sangha was allegedly involved in the smuggling of Mahavira and Buddha Idols (November 21, 2007).
  • The Golden Lizard of Kanchipuram found damaged (November 26, 2007).
  • The village people of Malaikkovil near Coimbatore complained about the breaking of “Saptamatrika” Idol / sculpture worshipped by them (November 26, 2007).
  •  Agneswarar Temple, northern bank of Tamraparni, Rajavallipuram, Tirunelveli – valuable divine bronzes from the temple were stolen with breaking in- the iron door was sawed by Hacswa blade etc (November 29, 2007).
  • Sri Madhurakaliamman, Tiruvachur Temple Hundi broken, money stolen after killing the watch men in Perambalur (September 23, 2007).
  • The Temple-money looters confessed that they enjoyed life with beauties (Madras, July 30, 2007).
  • Police do not take action about the theft of Temple jewels – “I stole jewels etc., from the temples to drink”, thus confessed the thief – Karunakaran, when Kiramangalam Police arrested him (May 6, 2007).
  • “I enjoyed life with Cinema actresses with the money stolen from temples”, thus confessed a 24 years old young thief in Madras, when the police arrested (Auguest 28, 2006).
  • The Hundis of Thayaraja Swamy Temple, Thirivarur were broken and looted (February 29, 2006).
  • The women-devotees complained that the temples in Koyambedu, Madras were used by the drunkards during night time (July 31, 2006)

    Analysis and critical comments:

    1. Atheists and ideologically oriented involved: The confessional statements given by the thieves, looters and habitual criminals have been startling, as they have no remorse, repentance or sympathy with humanity, moral values, as they have been atheist (DK-DMK-PMK etc) and ideologically oriented (communist and Naxalite). Ironically, the involvement of Christians and Muslims with these groups point to anti-Hindu ganging up.

    2. Boys and Youth used: Unfortunately and ironically, boys and youth are used by the organized gangs in looting and smuggling. That they have been operating in a professional way prove their training!

    3. The Gang of Brutal force: That they have not been merciless, inhumane and brutal is proved by the killing of the watch men etc. That they could murder human beings prove that they are not simple looters. Petty theft is different from organized looting. So also murder and killing and they go with such looting shows the morbid psyche of the involved.

    4. Involvement of Government Officials: The involvement of Hindu Religious and Endowment Board is astonishing. The ordering of manufacturing Hundis to private parties and their installation thereof at temples has been shocking. The Dravidian parties have already known for their organized looting of temple lands and properties officially, by manipulating the existing provisions of rental, lease and charter and then finally privatization i.e, owning such rented, leased or chartered properties. As certain Mutt Heads themselves have been ideologized, they have been colluding, aiding and abetting the ruling politicians. Now, the privatization has gone to the worst.

    5. Erosion of Moral values: That the thieves have confessed that they broke and looted for enjoying with prostitutes, cinema actresses, drinking etc., proves absolutely the eroded values of Tamil people who always claim about their culture, tradition, heritage and civilization!

    6. Psychologists and Sociologists should study the pattern: Here, the psychologists and sociologists should study the modus operandi and pattern of the thieves, the officers and the involved to find out the reason and root cause. What exactly ails the Tamil people? What happened to them to get affected this cancerous ideology of looting temples. They are not Malik-Kafur to loot, destroy Hindu temples with their jihadi rage. They are not like Francis Xavier type ordering for inquisition and kill Hindus and loot their temples. Then, how such psyche has haunted them? That they have been against Hindu temples has been irrefutable and incontrovertible fact.

    7. How and why DK-DMK-PMK-Communist groups are responsible? What has been happening is not a joke or comedy, as it is affecting crores of Hindus all over the world. Even taking the Tamils, ironically, though they have been divided on the same above-mentioned ideologies spread all over the world, they cannot escape from their assets and liabilities of the factors culture, tradition, heritage and civilization!

    8. Media also responsible with the cine filed: As these Tamil ideological groups have been dominating the Tamil print and electronic media for the lat 60 years, particularly after the independence, defeat of Congress party (not the present useless, shameless bogus one), their negative impact and the consequential social evils cannot be discounted. The Dravidian protagonists, ideologists and racists are responsible for the Dravidian carcinogenic processes, affects and consequences. They have to amend, reform and rectifuy themselves, as otherwise, the cancer may turn out to AIDS, as the offenders have been after prostitutes and cine actresses!

    9. Repeated lootings, continuous jewelry theft and organized Idol lifting prove modus operandi: The author has collected details based on newspaper clippings / cuttings, enquiries from the Crime Branch and other sources about these happenings. The pattern has been evidently systematically prototypic with professionalism. The modus operandi is revealed by the rise of the following factors:

  •  Degradation of moral values.

  •  Atheism and anti-God tendencies at villages and rural areas; 

  • Dravidian anti-national, anti-God, anti-Hindu attitude.

  •  Ridiculing, didsparaging and blaspheming Hindu religion, festivals and practices.

  •  Conversion of the existing Government officials to this ideology or systematic postings of such ideologized officials including postings with bribes, manipulation etc.

  •  Propagandist speech made on the house of State Legislature under the guise of discussion and debate by way of passing sarcastic remarks, literary talk and so on.  Induction of such elements in the Police.

    10. Warning to the Hindus and responsible “Dravidians”: After all, people have to live with peace and amity and not with strife and loot. Therefore, not only, the issue is concern for “Hindus”, but also for “Dravidians”. They cannot fool the present generation and their progeny. When they know and realize, they may blame you for what has happened and been happening. Definitely, the forefathers of Tamils not even 100 years back, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 or 3000 or years back were indulging in such activities. Therefore, they have to ponder how such psyche has crept into suddenly during the last 60 to 100 years. Future is left to our children only.

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