Temple Entry Movement – BJP leader Tarun Vijay Attacked by Castiests

By With Media Inputs published on May 21, 2016


UTTARAKHAND : Casteist Hindus who haven’t realised the extend of damage they are doing by clinging onto social evils like segregation on the basis of caste, attacked BJP MP Tarun Vijay who took the initiative against caste discrimination practices by a section of caste loving Hindus.

Under Tarun Vijay hundreds of Hindus attained their right to equal worship at the Silgur devta temple in Chakrata, around 160 km from Dehradun.

Tarun Vijay sustained deep injuries on his head and ear and was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

As Vijay and his group started coming out of the temple, the ignorant caste blind Hindus started yelling slogans against the MP and began pelting stones at them. The angry mob attacked the MP’s car and pushed it down a nearby gorge.

“It is a very shameful thing that we talk about ‘developing India’ yet we are still not able to overcome caste discrimination. How can a Hindu stop another Hindu from entering a temple?” asked Tarun Vijay.

Although RSS & Hindu organisations have repeatedly urged for unity among Hindus and to shed their differences few among Hindus seem to be indifferent towards this. This initiative by Tarun Vijay need to be widely appreciated and Hindus across caste lines should acknowledge this discrimination and isolate those blockheads.

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  1. anonymous Reply

    May 31, 2016 at 10:34 am

    I’d have supported this were it really a case of Harijan being denied temple entry rights. But that’s not what this is about, as it turns out.

    For some details of the side of the story we’ve not been told, see indiafacts.org/bjp-miss-beat-chakrata-alternate-view-incident/

    “In the past, women and Dalits were barred from entering the region’s temples. But, with time, this was changed and the temple committees opened the gates for everyone. Thus, currently, there exists no ban on the entry of Dalits into any of temples present in the region, though some Dalits still hesitate to enter them due to their own beliefs.

    Now, coming to the particular issue of attack on Tarun Vijay, it is important to look into the role played by Daulat Kunwar- a BSP politician and the convener of ‘Aradhana Gramin Vikas Kendra Samiti’ in the whole issue.

    Kunwar, on the pretext of fighting for the Dalit rights has been spearheading a political campaign titled ‘Jaunsar Bawar Parivartan Yatra’ for months now. He came into limelight in September 2015 when his move to force his entry into the Lord Kukurshi temple at Gabela was opposed by local Dalits of the village itself. Noteworthy is the fact that 60% of Gabela’s total population comprises of Dalits and Ghengu Ram- the ex sarpanch of the village and a Dalit, blamed Kunwar for politicizing the issue.

    The present issue is related to the newly opened Silgur Devta temple at a village called Pokhri in Chakrata. As per local newspapers, Kunwar along with Tarun Vijay participated in the ceremony organized to mark the installation of the idol at the temple. The claim by Vijay himself of having attended the ceremony confirms the fact that there is no ban on the entry of Dalits into temple.

    As per the eyewitness accounts, the crowd erupted after one man accompanying Kunwar’s group insisted on playing Dhol-Damau (traditional Pahari instrument) as soon as his group started carrying the palanquin of the deity. The locals objected, saying that instruments can only be played in the honor of the deity and not for any leader. However, as drummers started playing the instruments at their insistence, that same man flashed V sign. Enraged at this, locals became violent and erupted.

    While the police investigations will reveal the complete details behind the attack, it is not difficult to conclude that the attack- though completely unjustified- was more a result of provocation by the Kunwar’s aide than any caste considerations. The sense of enmity that the locals have against Kunwar since the Gabela incident further added to the provocation. Chakrata locals perceive Kunwar as a person, who is trying to gain political mileage out of an issue that doesn’t exist anymore.

    Only Vijay knows the real reason as to why he chose to align with an activist, whose claim of fighting for the Dalit rights has often been questioned by the Chakrata locals as well as by the Dalits of Jaunsar-Bawar region. However, the incident raises serious doubts regarding the political wisdom of Tarun Vijay. Any attempt to showcase Tarun Vijay as a Dalit messiah of Jaunsar is not only misplaced, but is a gross injustice on the people of Jaunsar-Bawar.

    India Facts Staff Edit: On May 26, 2016, Times Now channel released a series of short videos from Chakrata on Twitter, wherein the local people, including the temple priest stated that there was no prohibition on entry of Dalits into temples of the region. Here are some of those tweets:

    “There is no discrimination & dalits are allowed to enter temple: Ranveer Singh, Priest #RightToPray https://t.co/umWMGI2lcf

    — TIMES NOW (@TimesNow) May 26, 2016

    This is a political conspiracy to defame us & all this was pre-planned: Gram panchayat head #RightToPray https://t.co/VjE8D9Z6lg

    — TIMES NOW (@TimesNow) May 26, 2016

    No this has never happened with me. We visit the temples: Resident, Puna Pokhri village #RightToPray https://t.co/4UTtVw2EZa

    — TIMES NOW (@TimesNow) May 26, 2016″

    I remember Tarun Vijay as the journalist who opportunistically betrayed Dara Singh (Orissa Vanavasi, Go-Paala) and declared Dara was not Bajrang Dal or Hindu activist because he was a “tribal”. I don’t know whether Dara was ever Bajrang Dal, but is always a Hindu foremost.

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