Tamilnadu in the ‘forefront’ of ‘backwardness’

via B.R.HARAN published on April 2, 2007

On Friday the 30th of March 2007, the Tamil Nadu Assembly passed a unanimous resolution demanding the central government to convene a joint session of parliament to discuss the Supreme Court’s order of staying the implementation of 27% reservation for OBC’s in central institutions of higher learning. The Chief Minister Karunanidhi also shot off a letter to the Prime Minister, marking copies to the UPA chairperson Sonia, HRD Minister Arjun Singh, Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee and Vice President Shekawat, attaching a copy of the resolution. In his letter the CM has said, “Tamil Nadu is the birth place of social justice, as the reservation of seats in educational institutions and government services have been under implementation in Tamil Nadu for several decades”. He also claimed, “Only at the instance of the then DMK government, V.P.Singh implemented the Mandal Commission’s recommendations”.


What the Chief Minister conveniently forgot to claim was the fact that, the successive Dravidian governments have listed all the ‘castes’ except ‘Brahmins’ as ‘backwards’, the latest being the intelligent & well-to-do ‘Nagarathars’. As the Brahmins are not ‘Tamils’ as per the dubious Dravidian theory, Tamil Nadu has attained the distinction of being the first “100% Backward” state in India. Brahmins were literally driven out of the state by the Dravidian rulers, like how the Hindus were driven out of Pakistan by the Muslim rulers. Most of the Brahmins left the state and migrated to other states & abroad and the left over poor ‘quota’ are voiceless without value for their votes. Having achieved the status of “Backwardness”, the Dravidian leaders proudly claimed that, Tamil Nadu is a ‘role model’ for other states, with regards to the successful implementation of reservation policies, through which they have achieved the so-called “Social Justice”.


In this backdrop, let us see the observations made by the Supreme Court Judges Arisit Pasayat & L.S.Panta, while staying the implementation of the 27% reservations for OBC’s in central institutions of higher education. The SC bench’s scathing observation says, “Nowhere in the world castes & communities queue up for the sake of getting backward status. Nowhere in the world is there a competition to assert backwardness and then to claim we are more backward than you”. This particular observation gives us a feeling that the honourable judges would have had Tamil Nadu in mind while delivering the verdict. A few more scathing observations landed as a “Series of Slaps” on the face of the central government and the so-called champions of social justice. The SC bench said, “The government’s decision on OBC quota is unscientific & vague with full of flaws & without any justification. The government should have handled the issue in a proper manner and it should have behaved in a responsible way. This decision is just vote bank politics and it will further divide the society along caste lines. As there is no proper data to substantiate the government’s decision, the implementation is stayed with immediate effect and the final order will be pronounced only after the submission of proper documents“. 


The DMK chief and CM Karunanidhi & PMK leader Ramdoss expressed ‘shock’ on the verdict and immediately resorted to exhibit their ‘backwardness’ through political stunts, the only thing they excel. Karunanidhi convened a meeting of DPA (Democratic Progressive Alliance) and announced that; a dawn to dusk bandh would be observed on Saturday the 31st as a show of protest against the Supreme Court verdict. He also asked the opposition parties to support the bandh call and after declaring a ‘holiday’, he asked the people to bring the state to a “standstill” by staying indoors. The insensitive authorities of the Railways & Airways, without any application of mind, cancelled many trains & flights and rescheduled many, which caused great hardship & misery to lakhs of commuters. The poor vendors & coolies lost their daily ‘quota’ of wages. The ‘Kudimagans’ (drinkers) of the state rushed to TASMAC shops on Friday evening for gulping down their daily ‘quota’ and also for purchasing in advance their next day’s ‘quota’ of IMFL. As the government has not included the TV Channels (a big network owned by MK’s family) under the purview of bandh, as if they are ‘essential’ services, the Tamils staying indoors on Saturday, were fed with double & triple ‘quotas’ of “Thanglish” (A combination of Tamil & English) services through the Tamil Channels, particularly the SUN network, which works round the clock for the protection & growth of classical Tamil language. The bandh has troubled the student community during their examination time and the ‘Panguni Uthiram’ festival at the Temples through out the state got affected badly. The Jain community could not celebrate the birth anniversary of Mahaveer, because of the bandh, as the Dravidian government has scant regards for this small forward community, which doesn’t have a solid vote bank.


Ramadoss the PMK leader, who nowadays tend to supercede or overtake Karunanidhi in the love for Tamil language, Social Justice and many such planks, announced that the party would stage protest meetings on Friday itself. He also managed to create a motley crowd in Janthar Manthar, New Delhi apart from Chennai. He and his ‘Pattalis’ turned out for the meeting as men belonging to ‘Dravidar Kazhagam’ giving a sort of ‘cheap’ happiness to DK president Veeramani, by wearing Black Shirts, which is the official costume of DK.


While the other allies such as Congress & Communists supported the bandh call, the opposition parties AIADMK & MDMK criticized the state & central governments for not doing their homework properly and they also termed the bandh as an eyewash & political stunt conducted to cheat the people. But, they also participated in the bandh for fear of getting branded as ‘anti-social justice’ parties.


The Chief Minister Karunanidhi proudly claimed that the state sponsored bandh was a great success and the PMK leader Ramadoss said that the bandh has created a sort of awareness through out the country. The poor, innocent & truly backward people, for whom the reservation can be considered, are suffering in silence without realizing that their political masters are taking them for a solid ride in the name of social justice.  


The great lawyers of Tamil Nadu, who are not satisfied by the Saturday’s bandh call, have passed a resolution on Friday itself to strike their works on Monday the 2nd of April, causing hardship to the litigants. These eminent professionals, who are always ready to hit the streets at the drop of a hat, immediately started to show signs of protest, the moment the SC verdict was out. These “champions of adjournments” are now living in a utopian dream that, Tamil would soon become the official language of Courts in Tamil Nadu, without having even an iota of inclination or aptitude to improve their oral & written communication skills in English language, which is utmost important in their profession. In a recent function, a few Judges of High Court admonished the lawyers of Tamil Nadu for their despicable behavior like drinking & gambling in the court premises and resorting to agitation for anything & everything, giving scant regard to morality, decency & norms in their noble profession. This is an apt example for the quality of the legal fraternity in Tamil Nadu. In Tamil Nadu the numerical strength of lawyers belonging to Forward Community is less than 5% and hence the legal fraternity in the state can be called as “100% backward”.


The policemen, who always lock horns with the lawyers, are not far behind their adversaries in backwardness. They are closely chasing the lawyers and very soon will overtake them. These people shift their loyalties to the party in power, just like changing their uniforms. They just carry the instructions of their political masters, giving scant regards to norms & rules, as evidenced by their lofty actions during the local body elections. The Tamil Nadu Police Force, which was once compared & equated with the Scotland Yard, has come down to the level of unfit & inefficient bunch of ‘orderlies’. The (In)famous ‘Jaylakshmi’ case, now running to packed court halls, is the best example for this status. Films not withstanding, even TV serials are showing them in an extremely poor light. Very recently, a squad of dozen policemen, who took only two thieves (Bureau pullers) to Kolkata by train for an investigation, reached Kolkata safely, but without the thieves. The reason is, the thieves made good their escape while these policemen were enjoying their ‘full quota’ of sleep. Moreover on the bandh day, the TN police in certain areas, joined shoulder to shoulder, with the thugs of the ruling DMK in threatening the shopkeepers & closing down their shops. Such is the quality & efficiency of the TN police. In Tamil Nadu it would be futile to find even one policeman belonging to the forward community and this department has also achieved the status of “100% backward”.


The poorest section (Archagas) of the so-called forward community was earning a meagre income through Temple services and the rationalist & Dravidian leaders could not stand or tolerate even these poor people. Deciding to drive them also from the state, the politicians brought a unanimous proclamation in the assembly for the recruitment of ‘Arhagas’ from the other castes as well. This move is expected to make the Temple services also “100% backward”.


The 40 years of Dravidian rule has certainly brought Tamil Nadu to the forefront of backwardness. It is sad & unfortunate that the God fearing people of Tamil Nadu have not woken up from their deep slumber. May God save Tamil Nadu!


Vande Mataram!



Note: The article is intended to only highlight the nefarious designs of the TN politicians & how they have brought injustice to the state and not to belittle any community.  

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