Tamilnadu History Congress goes DK way!

published on December 18, 2007

Historians get tutoring from an atheist!!

The Tamilnadu History Congress (hereinafter mentioned as TNHC) was started 14 years ago (first conference was held in Madras in August 1995) and it was actually brainchild of late Mr. K. R. Hanumanthan (known for his book “Untouchability in Tamizhagam”). When he was canvassing for in during the Coimbatore session of SIHC, he was scoffed at and even ridiculed. None helped him, but he himself started distributing a small cyclo-styled sheet about the proposal for starting TNHC. However, Mr. K. V. Ramakrishna Rao and Mr. T. G. Ramachandra Rao were first to offer Rs. 300/- each to become life members, immediately, when he was circulating the cyclostyled notice to every individual in person, by going to his room. And none cared for the founder-member, now on the occasion of 14 th session of TNHC!

Now, ironically, the 14th session was inaugurated at the renovated Old Senate hall by the Politicians – E. M. Sudarsana Natchiappan, M. P and K. Veeramani. The former has been the Congress M. P and the later a rabid atheist known for anti-Hindu tirade. How all came together under the TNHC banner had been a big surprise to many naïve delegates.

… S. Ramachandran, Vice-Chancellor of University of Madras started talking by 10.50 delved upon Periyar, Anna and EVR. He has been the head of the Karunanidhi appointed Committee on the Commission installed to verify the facts of Ramar-Sethu! He has been using or rather blatantly misusing his position in siding with his master Karunanidhi. He talked enough of his anti-sethu views in another “Brainstorming Session held at the University of Madras on 11 th June 2007”!

… D. Viswanathan, Vice-chancellor of Anna University, after releasing the souvenir started on the controversial issue of Ramar-sethu!

… Then came A. Ramasamy, Vice-chairman of Taminadu State Council for Higher Education, who straight away came to the controversial topic on Sethusamuthram repeating the questions of Karunanidji, whether Rama existed, and so on.

… As E. M. Sudarsana Natchiappan came late by 11.40, they were talking all the way.

… By 12.00, K. Veeramani started talking. Though, he himself expressed out what position or status, he had before the historians and researchers, still, he delved upon his own way of questioning Itihasas and Puranas! He questioned the finding of historical personages in such Itihasas and Puranas! He talked more than an hour encroaching the lunch time.

And the shameless Hindu looking history teachers with Hindu names, Hindu symbols – the vibudhi and kumkum on their foreheads, a rudraksha kottai touching on their chest inside their shirts and coats etc., were listening to his discourse! Can Veeramani could go to Christian and Muslim Colleges and Universities and talk such things there to prove his atheistic ideology or his wonderful methodology followed? Or the coterie of pseudo-historians sitting there would take him to Christian College, Loyola College, Islamiah College, etc to conduct such research methodology?

… Then came the old man, C. Venkatesan, a retired official, who went on talking general things. Whenever, wherever, however, he talks, he would talk for more than one hour or till he is requested or hinted to stop! Now, he has been appointed as Sesquicentennial Professor of Emeritus in history department of Madras University!

One booklet, “Adam Palam” written by A. Ramasamy, Vice-chairman of Taminadu State Council for Higher Education, was sold at the door of the hall displaying on a table next to Orient Longman Publishers. Evidently, it has been a propagandist stuff sold here for Rs.10/- for historians! It is not known when Veeramani-gang could give (25 + 35 + 40 +10 = ) Rs.100/- worth of books free, how it is sold?

Here, we can note most of them have been political appointees, because of their loyalty to Karunanidhi, DMK etc., and they work only according to the command or wish of the master. Another irony is the ganging up of retired so-called retired history Professors, HOD, history teachers etc. These retired persons of aged people come here and use TNHC as a club engaging in get-together. As the society does not bother and even the family, they enjoy three days to five days here at the expense of delegate fees paid by members. After evening, they have booze-party and sleep in the guest houses o torture the delegates with their useless talk on the next day. Thus, the three-day conferences are conducted invariably everywhere, except with some exceptions. Only the gradation varies with the sophistication of the members involved. For example, it would be held in stat-category style in IHC.

Then came the free distribution of “gift” by K. Veramani. A cover reportedly containing the following books was distributed to all delegates and others in the hall:

1. Sivaji kanda Hindu Rajyam or Chandra mohan by Peranjar Anna
2. Dr. Ambedkar Buddha neriyai Tazhuviyadhu En? By K. Veeramani.
3. Vidhaipol Veezhnthavan & Muttamizh Mugavari by Abdul Rahman.
4. EVR Periyar Vazhkkai Kurippugal
5. Inraiya Tamizhar Talaivar Veeramani by Kali Pungundran.

It was gifted by one, Kurunchi Subramaniyam, Proprietor, Kurunchi Furniture, 14, Housing Board Complex, 48, Dr. Muthulakshmi Road (Lattice Bridge Road), Adyar, Chennai – 600 0020, Ph: 2490 2541, 2491 9944. Actually, it was given on the occasion of 75tyh birth day of K. Veramani at Periyar Thidal on 02-12-2007, as printed on the cover.

When this was the ritualization of the proceedings with atheist and anti-Hindu ideologists, the sectional presidential addresses have been rehash of available material. They are as follows:

President Topic

C. Venkatesan Generalized one

T. G. Nagarajan Political and Administrative Facets if Political and Administrative History of TN

Paticia Gabriel Paravars

S. Govindaraju Drift of Art in Tamilnadu

T. Jayaraman Tamil Ethno-national Historiography: Development and Ideological Framework

Here, the last one has delved on the “Tamil separatism” and anti-Indian ideology under the guise of study of “Tamil ethno-nationalism” and justifying it! So, along with the above unhistorical ideologies, the anti-nationalism was also crept into. He has gone to the extent of talking about Tamil medicine, Tamil engineering, Tamil town-planning, Tamil Science, Tamil technology and so on!

Ironically and unfortunately, the sectional presidential addresses in the History conferences has been monotonous, one-way, and not subjected to discussion or questioning. Therefore, they go on read the 30-40-50 pages printed booklet at their will and wish. One can note not only the audience and even the historians on the dias used to sleep!

It is astonishing that the organizers could not find any worth of historian, archaeologist, numismatist or connected expert in Tamilnadu, that too, in Chennai itself. Even a cursory looks in any phone book or guide to Madras shows that historians, scholars and highly reputed and experts have been living. But, the “historians” of TNHC had chosen to forget all but remember only this gang of “political appointees”, DK-ideologists and DMK-atheists.

Why these ideologists inject such useless ideas in the minds of youngsters continuously even in the age of reasoning?

What we could expect from youngsters or upcoming historians who learn from this gang of six?

How history could be independent, when heavy dosage of atheism, anti-nationalism etc., are injected through the open-brazen ideologists and appointed history teachers.

Why this type of politicization of History congresses at the expense of valuable time, energy and money of delegates who are coming for academic session, learning something new from other researchers and discuss with others while presenting their papers?

Thus, the historians and delegates of TNHC had enough dosage of DK’s atheism with their propagandist material supplied free of cost! The office bearers should think about the fact that TNHC is not just the coterie of 16 or 20 or 30, but other members who pay membership and delegate fees. Whereas, these guys do not pay anything, but get and enjoy everything, but indulge in such shameless activities. Therefore, it is right time that other members should come out with their ideas, as otherwise, there is no meaning in having, conducting and wasting time with this type of unscrupulous guys.

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