Swami Kamalananda Bharati: Hate Speech or Sage advice?

published on January 16, 2013
S V Badri

Kamalananda Bharati Swamiji, a founder of Hindu Devalaya Parirakshana Samiti, has for the past few years been one of those at the forefront of the public movement against the Andhra Pradesh Hindu Religious Endowment Department’s total mismanagement and corrupt administration of Hindu temples, including the renowned Tirupati Balaji Devasthanam by the State Government. To create awareness on the state of our mandirs, he has undertaken three padayatras, totaling a distance of over 10,000 kms, in Andhra Pradesh, visiting each district and each village during these yatras.

On 27 Feb. 2009, the author wrote an article on Kamal Kumar Swamiji, who has since become Kamalananda Bharati Swamiji after obtaining deeksha to become a Sanyasi.

Swamiji is also at the forefront of anti-conversion work in Andhra Pradesh. Knowing him personally, the author can vouch for the fact that he harbors no ill towards practitioners of other religions. But he is most passionate when espousing Hindu causes.

When Akbaruddin Owaisi made the hate speech at Nirmal, the entire Hindu samaj was hurt at his onslaught on Go Mata, Kausalya Mata and Bhagawan Sri Rama.
Speech as posted on youtube: (this one is made at Nirmal, other links are available)

The majority of our acharyas, sants, matadhipathis, mandaleshwars and aadeenakartas did not come out publicly to condemn Owaisi’s speech and deem it fit to assuage the hurt feelings of the Hindus. Kamalananda Bharati Swamiji took it upon himself to do the same. And he was at his oratorical best. Suddenly, he was arrested and booked under hate speech by the Hyderabad Police; a typical secular balancing act by an inept administration.

As Swamiji spoke in Telugu (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiGr69eTuzo), the writer has made a rough translation of the speech as seen and heard in Telugu on the youtube. The reader / viewer can readily judge personally whether it is a hate speech or an appropriate reply to Owaisi).

Swami Kamalananda Bharati at Indira Park, Hyderabad:

If such patient Hindus lose their patience, please think where you will be. We have to admire the patience of the police first. We have been noticing this since yesterday. He (Owaisi) asked only for 15 minutes of police-free time. Yesterday policemen came from Nirmal and were seen literally begging him, “Akbaruddin ji, you have mistaken us. It is not just for 15 minutes that we have been away, we have been away for 15 years for now. Have we ever bothered you? Have we spoken a word against you? Have we questioned your word? You can speak what you want. You can commit any number of murders. You can bring in the ISI men. Detonate any number of bombs. Kill Hindus. Do whatever you want, we will never come in your way”.

Had these not been told to you (Owaisi) by the Nirmal authorities, under the instruction of the State Government, what do you think you would have achieved after returning home? For a man who can threaten to murder 100 crore people if given 15 minutes, has the fever come because there is a plane ready to take you away (to London), or were you afraid of being at home?

In the last 1400 years, the only civilization in the world that withstood the onslaught of your (Islamic) sword is Hindu civilization. Even if we buy one horse, for Hindus a horse each is sufficient. Each one of those assembled here if they were to get one horse each, our Bhavani Mata in Srisailam is ready to give each one a sword. There has been no objection from Delhi to your speech, but if each one of us have a sword in our hand can anyone have the courage to stand up to us; do your 136 nations have the wherewithal to stand up to them?

Have you forgotten January 26, 1991? What happened on 26 Jan, 1991? (reference not clear; seems related to events in J&K – ed). Have not those who never sang Vande Mataram, sing it on that day? Haven’t those that never held the tricolor in hand, held it high? Haven’t those who had never sung the Jana Gana Mana, sing it? Haven’t those that refused to call this Bharatamata their matrubhumi, say it? It is our bounden duty to make each of you say Bharat Mata ki Jai. We will do everything to make this possible. We are not afraid of your theories, your ways, your bullets, your AK47s, your bombs, your RDX, your mines, your Pakistan and your Bangaladesh. You can continue with your efforts.

However, Pakistan is a good nation. Given an opportunity, they will merge with our country, or they will perish where they are. They will keep moving towards Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq. If those police are given one opportunity, they will smash all this in 24 hours. We fought wars with Pakistan. Our generals asked Indira Gandhi to give them just one hour’s time. Had that one hour’s time been granted, Karachi and Islamabad would have ceased to exist. Even Hyderabad would have ceased to exist, not this Hyderabad; but the one there (in Pakistan). First, that Hyderabad would have ceased to exist and that would have been the Bhagya of this Hyderabad. Today, with Indira Park as our witness we proclaim that this is not Hyderabad, this is Bhagyalakshminagar. From tomorrow, wherever you see Hyderabad written, paint it with tar and re-write it to read Bhagyalakshminagar.

We are the ones who always think how this country should be. We create the nation that we have. We recognize the nation that we want. We contribute to the progress of this nation. We are born for this nation. If you come along with us, we will take you with us. If you do not want, we will leave you aside untouched. If you fight us, we will remove you.

We listened to his (Owaisi) speech of one hour fifty minutes. We are able to see its impact in a small way here. There are more people on the way coming here. However, Hindu bandhus in 26,000 villages in Andhra Pradesh are vastly agitated. I call upon the State Government to think what would happen if we were to give a call. The Chief Minister of this State does not understand a thing. If you (CM) are such an incompetent person, you may as well go to Piler (his native place) and live happily. Without happily sleeping in your farm, why you are here to create headaches for us, not taking care of the peace in this region.

Do you think Akbaruddin Owaisi addressed his words only to us (Hindus)? No, he told something very interesting in his speech. He said that they (Hindus) beat us at Alola, at Karnool, at Nandyal, at Nizamabad, at Hyderabad – he said that they are beating our Muslims everywhere. You are getting beaten without the police being away for 15 minutes; if the police were to be away for 15 minutes, what would happen?

After listening to your (Owaisi) lectures and talks, the Muslim youth in their frenzy have lost their homes today, lost their prestige, their livelihood and are left in a shambles, rotting in jails, making rounds of various courts. Is this the boon that you have granted to the Muslim Samaj? Is this what you and your brother (Hyderabad MP) do as public service? And in all the talks that you gave, whether it is in Kurnool or Anantapur or Nizamabad or Karimnagar or Nirmal or Nanded, you have never spoken anything beneficial to the public. You have never spoken any Muslim issues. You have not spoken about their unemployment problems, health issues, poverty, economic status, nor have you spoken a word on their development. What you spoke about was ‘how do we get kicked and how do we kick’? What will they do and what we will do. Apart from this, if things go bad, how do I (Owiasi) get away!

His talk is centered on how to encourage division of this society and conspire to cause divisions in this society. MIM Party is only a mask; in Pakistan what they call as ISI, here in Hyderabad is called MIM. Today, politicians may not have the guts to talk the truth; they may act secular. Do you think that they do not talk because they want to protect their votebanks? No, they are afraid of the consequences of talking against them.

Whoever does not stand up for Dharma, for Jaati, for country, may belong to any political party, whoever be such a politician, Hindu samaj should come together to make him stand on the street and wash his sins.

What happened in Nalgonda a month ago? Today, in order to arrest a traitor there is so much hesitation, drama. A month ago, an Anjaneya Swami (Hanuman) bhakta who was wearing a mala and was in deekshawas beaten up. When Anjaneya bhaktas came forward to talk about it, the Superintendent of Police personally led the lathi-charge on the poor bhaktas. When questioned how come Hindus were discriminated in the incident, he went on to get forces from different places, rushed into numerous Hindu households, dragged their women, children and even goats, and beat them black and blue. Will you beat the law abiding Hindus like that? Will you beat up the Hindus who are born to defend and ready to die for this nation? Will you beat those Hindus who consider this their matrubhoomi? Will you beat the Hindus who have a right to this nation? What is it that you had decided to teach this society with your action? Are you testing the patience of the Hindus? We will do nothing but Karseva. We will do nothing but Karseva.

In 1987, the Rama Janaki Raths came. We went to various villages. In no village there was a crowd more than 20-30 people to greet us. Then 1989 came. Even without our knowledge, thousands of Ram silas went to Ayodhya from these villages. The reason – no one has spoken this – was not Advaniji’s Rath Yatra. I am now reminding it to you, if you want you may check it with the records, from 1985 to 1989, in the entire nation, Ganesh Utsav processions were pelted with stones from various masjids. The entire country witnessed bomb blasts, in UP, Maharashtra, and Delhi; Hindus were shot dead by ISI terrorists. At different places, bomb blasts occurred on trains. The Hindu Samaj was vexed with these happenings. Leaving aside their party affiliations, with a view to protect our Dharma, the Samaj came out in 1989-90 and that was why Sri Rama silas left 600,000 villages on the way to Ayodhya.

Even today we wish to tell you all, where Kausalya Mata has been abused; you (Owaisi) asked where did Kausalya go to give birth to Sri Rama? Who knows under what mahurat your father gave birth to such disloyal (to the nation) sons. In Nirmal where Kausalya Mata was abused, very soon – it is not in Haryana – but in Nirmal that we will construct a mandir for Kausalya Mata. And that mandir will be constructed only by women. From each State and from each district, Kausalya Matas will make their journey there. Don’t drag the Kausalya Matas out. If things change, the women in Andhra Pradesh will separate the flags from the sticks, preserve the flags at home and come out with sticks. From tomorrow the Kausalya Sakti will arise. If this Kausalya Sakti is aroused, what happened in Jammu and in Srinagar will repeat itself. For 90 days the women came out on the streets.

Jammu and Kashmir is not our Government. It is a Muslim Government out there. There are many problems there. Thousands of Kashmiri Pandits have been driven out from there. Hindus are being tortured in many ways. Hindus are being killed in many ways. In such a place, a place like J&K, where Hindus are in minority, for 90 days when the Hindu Mahila Sakti came to streets, the military was there, various forces were present, J&K Police was very much there, there was more than fifteen minutes, when for 90 days the women were on streets, we caught the J&K Government by its hair and dragged (it) and took the Amarnath (yatra).

From tomorrow, this is what is going to happen in Andhra Pradesh also. In the entire State, women power will arise. Where the Mahila Sakti, the Kausalya Mata was abused, a befitting reply will be given. Today our demand is very simple. Those who committed treachery, those who attempted to divide this society should be punished as traitors. MIM Party should be banned.  We have come here to make these demands and until these are accepted and met with we will never withdraw our agitation and keep moving forward. Jai Sriram.

End of Speech

A lawyer friend from Andhra Pradesh shared with the writer a news reported in local channels and newspapers, that even a Judge in Andhra Pradesh commented during Owaisi’s bail hearing to the effect, “You want just fifteen minutes time Mr Owaisi. I have the power to keep the police off for one hour. If I do it, at the end of it, you will come to realize who has lost more.”

(The author is a social and animal welfare activist and spokesperson for Temple Worshippers Society, Chennai, involved in anti-conversion activities and recovering Hindu Temples from the clutches of the state governments

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