Sudarshanji’s Speech

via Samachara Bharathi, Andhra Pradesh published on December 26, 2005

Parampujaniya Sudarshanji’s speech on the occasion Bhagyanagar vibhag sangheek in Bhagyanagar near Hyderabad on 25th Dec 2005.

Our ancient saints swami Dayanandji, Aravindji,Bhagini Nivedita and Anibesent all of them worked for the development of Hindu society. Anibesent told that if all Hindus assembled at a place for prayer for fifteen minutes it would give divine strength to Hindus to lead the rest of the world. By the inspiration of all these Saints Dr.Hedgewar started sangh shaka in 1925 in Nagpur. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is marching towards its goal by solving the issues.

The Westerners don’t know the vast meaning of Dharma and they don’t know the word at all. Hence they propagated the Hindu dharma as Hindu religion. Western Culture is a competitive culture. They will compete in every aspect of life, but in our Hindu culture we give preference for unifying all.Swami Dayananda Saraswati worked for the same.

Let us think about other religions. Islam they will tell that it is for peace but the Jihad forces are killing the innocent people in the name of religion. Though these forces claim to be indulging in violence for establishing peace, the hollowness in theory is reflected in the unrest and internal wrangles within Muslims. No Muslim Nation in the world is free from internal struggles. Muslims are happy in India and they are living here with honor.

In our country a Parsee, a Muslim, a Sikh can be elected for the highest post. It will not happen in other countries.When other countries not allowed the Pope John Paul we welcomed him in to our country. The result is that we are facing the threat of conversions. The large scale conversions to many problems plaguing the Nation. The  politicians are keeping quite on conversions because they need their votes. They can see the POWER but not the welfare of the society. The Political leaders are appeasing the minorities by giving the reservations to them.

The reservations for Muslims and Christians would divide the Nation once more forcing a trauma on the people. Those whose roots are abroad and residing here can be considered as minorities but not those that are born here. Neither Muslims nor Christians residing here have come from abroad. Politicians are accepting their demand to get their votes. They should think beyond hanging on to power and act in the interests of the Nation.

The Maoists didn’t have any constructive plan to remove poverty in the villages. They know destruction.They extort money for purchasing sophisticated weapons AK47/57 Each of which costs Rs 4lakhs to 5 lakhs. If they spent this amount on the development of village it is better. But they don’t do this. They could never take up constructive measures for welfare of people.

The basic flaw in both western and Muslim societies was that they lack the unifying quality. Unlike in Hindu Society, people of other faiths are not inculcated to the DHARMA of unity and family values.Above all Hindu culture never encouraged conversions while it only propagated transformation of Nara into Narayana by serving the needy


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