Sudarsan’s advice relevant in the current Scenario, If the Hindus not to become a minority in India

via Mahadev published on November 26, 2005

     The share of Indian religions in the country’s population has dropped while that of semitic religions has increased over the decades posing a potential threat that a Pakistan or a Bangladesh might be repeated in the future if this phenomenon continued.

     The Chennai-based Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) in its study on religious demography in India revised in 2005 has revealed that the share of Indian religions – Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism – had declined from 79.32 per cent in 1881 to 67.56 per cent in 2001. In 120 years there had been a drop of 11.76 per cent and in the last decade alone it was 1.16 per cent. “Such a steep 12 per cent decline of a faith in a century is extraordinary”, says the CPS study.

     In a striking contrast, the Indian religions in West Pakistan which was 19.69 per cent as per the 1941 census has shrunk to 1.84 per cent today. Similarly according to the same census if the Indian religions in Bangladesh constituted 33.93 per cent their number today is just 10.03 per cent.

     It is a matter of serious concern. Such a drop in Indian religions share in the country’s population when the organized semitic religions grow at a faster pace the Indian religions would become a minority in about five decades. That means they will have to land up in a scenario similar to Kashmir and Mizoram. The Indian religions in Kashmir constitute only 2.77 per cent today where as in Mizoram the other religions constitute around 90 per cent of the population and this they have achieved through conversions under the secular democracy of India.

     It is against this background the Sar Sangh Chalak, Mr K S Sudarshan, while releasing the revised edition of the CPS Study in Chennai recently has advised the Hindus not to accept the two-child norm proposed by the government.

     Mr Sudarshan’s suggestion has irked the communists who are working over time to appease the minorities. One of its leaders said “Population is a development issue, an issue between a husband and wife. It has nothing to do with religion”. I wish if the poor communist leaders had shown the same courage to tell the Muslims and Christians that it is a developmental issue and hence they should follow family planning. The Hindus are dis-organized and a section of it believe in the utopianism that all those devout believers of the semitic religions would love them like brothers and sisters. This phenomenon is being subtly exploited by the intelligentsia of the Churches and Mullahs and make these Hindus to fight for them with the Hindus under the disguise of ‘communism and congressism’. As a result, the country is today ruled by a Roman Catholic. For the Communists, they cannot digest the growth of Hindus and and a strong India. 

     It is, in fact, evident from the fact that right from our independent struggle days onwards our communists have played an anti-national game such as joining hands with the Colonialists during the Quit India movement. They called Gandhi a lap dog of imperialism. They changed their opinion when Communist Russia joined the allies. They supported vivisection of our great nation. They supported China when they attacked us in 1962.That also when thousands of our valiant soldiers were dying. They supported Indira Gandhi when she started demolishing every pillar of our democracy and imposed emergency. They kept quiet when China exploded nuclear bomb and now are against our joining the nuclear club. Thanks to a week Congress Government they are black mailing the nation by preventing progressive economic measures. Recently a news came that they were in the pay roll of Russia.

     They are supporting such groups in whose countries the Communists have no roots at all. There is no Islamic republics in the world where communists have any foot hold at all, while all the other democracies in the world, mainly in the developed countries, the governments are under the influence of the Church, including the US. For the Church it does not have to worry about India so long as the Congress is in Power. While for the Muslims it might be difficult to accept any form of government which is not in line with their religious beliefs.

     For the pseudo-secular Communists and the Congress the following words of India’s first President Dr Rajendra Prasad might become an eye-opener. He said “ In Islam, I believe they do not make any distinction between religion and politics and its whole tenor is to take the two together or side by side. That appears to be the modus operandi of this organization (Jamait-e-Islami) also which aims at establishing Islamic Rule in India as that is the only rule which can be called God’s rule and no Muslim can submit to any rule except God’s rule. That being so, it is quite intelligible how it cannot appreciate a secular state and is as much opposed to it as to any other rule which is no according to Islam as conceived by this organization. It is therefore, not quite accurate to think that it is a religious body and has not much to do with politics”.

     Add to this a look at what the late Giri Lal Jain, the distinguished Journalist respected by Pt Nehru and the Editor of the Times of India for a long time wrote in his last work ‘The Hindu Phenomenon’ which was published posthumously, “Muslims as a community do not, and indeed cannot, accept secularism as a legitimate doctrine for the public domain. For them the public domain is not separate from the all-encompassing religious realm. This problem haunts the entire ‘ummah’ and not only its Indian constituent: it is first and above all a community of believers”. And yet, for the Communists and Congress the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) is secular!!!

     The Hindu followers of Communists and the Congress have yet to understand that it is this dogmatic belief which helps them to win around 20 assembly seats in the Kerala Assembly elections despite having a population of just around 18 per cent. Similar is the case with the Christians also. So they control the administration in the state. Now their population has also substantially increased and with the current trend the Hindus in Kerala might become a minority probably by 2020, and even earlier if the benefits of SC/ST are extended to the converted ‘Dalit Christians’. Hence, the advice of Mr Sudarshan is very significant and the Hindus need to take it seriously

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