Stop serving the interests of our enemies

via Dr Babu Suseelan published on June 23, 2011

Of Course India is a corrupt country. The reasons are many. For thousands of years Indias have been subjected to inhuman slavery by Islamic invaders and Christian colonialists. The majority Hindus were forced to misinterpret their scriptures, cuklture and adopat alien way of life for survival. Due to corruption, our life is in mortal danger. Why? Most of our institutions are in danger.Not all will be saved, and perhaps not all deserve to be saved. There are corruption, religious conversion, Jihadi terrorism, public looting, Black money, Hawala transaction, bogus secularism falling educational system looting of temple wealth. We have no obligation to save them simply because they exist.

We should not blame authentic real Hindu Dharma for these social, political ills. Phony secularism, irrational tolerance, unreasonable compromise, alien culture and slavery have corrupted our Hindu Dharma and culture. We have deviated from our scriptures, traditions, and clear-correct and comprehensive philosophy. WE have borrowed from alien culture by compulsion, slavery, invasion and threats. We have also borrowed dangerous concepts like Ahimsa, all religions are the same, let everybody live according to their whims and fancy etc. These alien concepts have corrupted our will to live a decent life. We start tolerating intolerant ideology and intolerant people in the name of compromise. We start compromising with deviant dogmas, corrupt life style, and dangerous politicians and atheist, immoral, ant social leaders.

The answer to these social-political-psychological problem, I think is that we share an uncommon devotion to phony secularism, transient values, and tolerate corrupt, immoral politicians and uneducated, foreign born, immoral leaders to lead the nation. The immoral, corrupt politicians and the foreign owned media is engaged in a psychological warfare to make the majority Hindus zombies and drift aimlessly.Efforts to reeducate them,and preferably to keep them assertive and proud of real culture is national necessity.

Now let me be clear on one major point. There is nothing inherently wrong in our temple offerings. What is wrong is our inability to protect our temple wealth, preserve our authentic Hindu teaching and promoting our real Dharma. Hindutva never wanted us to compromise with alien ideologies or dogma, Hindutva never wanted us to tolerate corruption or never taught us that all religions are the same. Our traditional belief system is erased, reformulated and re fabricated to suit corrupt politicians, mullahs, missionaries, miscreants and criminals. Our enemies want us to be satisfied with meaningless abstract discussion, so that our enemies can mold us, exploit us and continue looting our temple wealth and empty national treasury for their whimsical life and continue their profit. The role of Hindus is awesome. Simple condemnation of such atrocities is not enough. These criminals are not willing to change their deviant behavior or apocalyptic ideologies.It would be foolish to continue our tolerance of intolerance and compromise with deviant people.It is crucial for us not to continue the system. A frontal attack on our education is the first step. Our enemy use the contaminated educational system for the purpose of keeping us in denial. We have to break the thick wall of denial, apathy, inaction, pacifism, indifference and tolerance of intolerance. The corrupt system will be finally destroyed only when a revolutionary social-religious-political-psychological system permits Hindu’s need for political-social power is met in ways that do enable us to kick out corrupt politicians out once for all.If Hindus are clever enough, it is time to wake up.We have been serving the interests of our enemies for long. Let us join together and take appropriate action. We could survive the destruction of the corrupt system.

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