SSCP-Violence against the Hindu under the garb of navigation economics.

via S.P. Attri published on March 16, 2007

1. SETHUUSAMUDRAM SHIP CANAL PROJECT ( SSCP ), the project designed to construct a canal next to Indian coast line, to get around the problem of having to navigate around Sri Lanka, is a totally political enterprise, designed as a political asset to the UPA government, and to some of its partners in Tamilnadu. The advancers of SSCP ( such as Ambika Soni ) are well-known anti-Hindus, who are determined to wreak havoc on the Hindu. The construction of SSCP is trampling upon the feelings and emotions of millions and millions of Hindus. It is World’s oldest man-made structure. It is much much older than the pyramids of Egypt, and the Great Wall of China.

2. This is an ancient monument that was utilized by Lord Ram and his Sean to cross over, it has sentimental, religious, and historic value. Sir Monnier Williams identified Nala-Setu as the present day’s Adam’s Bridge ( which we call Ramar-Setu ). Says Sir Monnier Williams:Nala-Setu ( Nala Bridge ) is the cause-way, constructed by monkey Nala for Lord Ram, from the continent to Lanka ( the modern Adam’s Bridge ).People have crossed the sea, using the Ramar-Setu, for tens of thousands of years, until the 15th century.

3. Many geologists, earth scientists, and oceanographers have commented critically, against the disastrous consequences of constructing SSCP. Amongst these is the impending devastation of Kerala, which will suck in after implementation of SSCP, after next Tsunami hits it. Many Naval officials are saying that even after the completion of SSCP, the depth of the canal shall be only 12 meters ( about 36 feet ), and only small and medium sized vessels shall be able to pass. Large sized vessels and carriers shall not be able to pass.

4. The concept of the destruction of Ramar-Setu, completely neutralizes Hindu sentiments, reactions, and activism. To obliterate historic Hindu Memorials and Monuments, and disregard for the love and sentiments that Hindus hold, is aggression against the Hindu, and Hindus cannot accept this kind of aggression against them.Moslems and Christians have been demolishing idols and temples of Hindus, calling the Hindus Infidels ( Kafirs ), and their sacred shrines as the works of the Devil. And Hindus have been expected to accept this aggression, and not question the prescription of Quran, Hadis, or of the Bible. Hindus were expected to tolerate the hatred, violence, and intolerance of Islam and Christianity, with grace. This violence against the Hindu was conducted, under the garb of religion

5. Now the violence against the Hindu is being conducted under the garb of navigation and transportation economics. Hindus cannot be expected to tolerate this aggression, and remain calm. Ignorance of history, architecture, and engineering of millions of years ago, cannot be the reason for the removal of Hindu Monuments. Hindus cannot give a salute to this kind of unholy act. Government must find alternate routes and solution to the navigational problem, otherwise there is going to be trouble.

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