SSCP – Severe Sacrilege thro’ a Callous Project

via B.R.HARAN. published on June 22, 2007

When the Great Tamil Poet Shri. Subramaniya Bharathi dreamt of a bridge connecting Bharath & Srilanka by utilizing the “Ramar Sethu”, through his immortal poems, he would have never thought that an ‘Atheist’ government would attempt to demolish & destroy the wonderful, religious & historical monument ‘Rama Sethu’. As the anti-Hindu Dravidian Government sold this useless project to the innocent Tamils by pressurizing the non-Hindu UPA government led by Congress, the country was shell-shocked and the millions of Hindus were concerned about the safety of ‘Rama Sethu’ and the security of the people. While all the Hindu organizations registered their protests in a peaceful manner, other individual experts & organizations from various fields extended their support for reasons other than religious sentiments. Ultimately a movement by name “Rameshwaram Rama Sethu Protection movement” was launched and it organized an ‘International conference’ on the 12 th of May 2007 at Chennai, where in, experts from the fields of Geology, Marine Biology, Marine Archeology, Geopolitics, Tsunami Studies, ASI, Ocean Technology, Navy, History & Literature participated and presented their papers in support of the protection of Rama Sethu. A book by name “Rama Sethu” was also released in the conference, which was a compilation of all those papers presented apart from many other facts about the divinity & historicity of Rama Sethu.

“SSCP is anti-Hindu”, confirms DPA: After seeing the success of the conference & the momentum gained by the Rama Sethu protection movement, the Dravidian government of Tamil Nadu along with its DPA partners immediately launched a movement called “Sethu Samudhram Canal Project Protection Movement” and organized a public meeting at Anna Nagar, Chennai on the 16 th of May 2007. All the leaders of DPA including Mr. Karunanidhi DMK president & Chief Minister, K. Veeramani President of DK, M.Krishnasami President of TN Comgress, Varadarajan of CPM, T.Pandian of CPI, G.K.Mani of PMK and Thirumavalavan of VSK among others attended the meeting. The main objective of the meeting was to highlight the so-called salient features of the SSCP and how the SSCP is going to be beneficial to the people, State & Country, to the people. As expected, all the speakers indulged in ridiculing Ramayana & insulting Lord Rama, showcasing their anti-Hindu credentials. They never had anything substantial to talk about SSCP apart from lying that the Project would bring in huge revenues and employment opportunities and hence indulged in cheap anti-Hindu rhetoric, thereby confirming the fact that SSCP is anti-Hindu in letter & spirit. In this meeting only, our great Chief Minister pronounced that those who are fighting for the protection of Rama sethu are traitors & antinational! They also swore that such meetings would be conducted through out the state, but so far, the second meeting is yet to start even after one month.
 ‘Pada Yathra’ for protecting Rama Sethu: Colonel S. S. Rajan, who has been on a mission of covering the entire country by foot on the plank of “Ekta & Sadhbhavana”, as per the suggestion of Shri.V.Sundaram IAS, embarked on a ‘Pada Yathra’ from Chennai to Rameshwaram covering a distance of 650 Kms, emphasizing the protection of Rama Sethu and creating an awareness on the imminent dangers posed by the destruction of it. He was accompanied by Mr. Sanjay Shirodkar from Pune and Srinivasan from Panruti, TN. The pada yathra commenced from near the Statue of Nethaji at Marina Beach on the 20 th of May 2007 and culminated at Sri Ramanatha Swami Temple, Rameshwaram on the auspicious day of ‘Amavasya’ on 14th of June 2007, over a period of 26 days, at an average coverage of 25 Kms per day. All the three yatris were introduced during the

International Seminar on the 12th of May, which was attended by many prominent leaders of RSS, BJP, VHP and Hindu Munnani. While the Swayamsevaks of RSS and cadres from BJP & Hindu Munnani arranged for food & stay for the yatris in many places, individual activists arranged for the same in many other places where the cadres from the organizations could not arrange. I too had the opportunity of joining the yatris (once in Chennai & Kumbakonam and later on from Madurai to Rameshwaram) covering a distance of 200 Kms. Similarly, many other individuals like Smt.Prema Krishnamurthi, Captain Balakrishnan, Shri. G.P.Srinivasan, Shri. Baskar(BJP), Shri. Adal Arasan (RSS),Shri.Murali(RSS) and Shri. Arasu Pandi (BJP) also joined the yatris then & there.

 But for these people, no one else joined the yathra and it was certainly a miserable failure on the part of the organizations in not sending even 5 cadres, at least for a day or two, if not for the entire journey. One could not help but wondering why they have been so indifferent! When the pada yathra commenced at Chennai, there were 12 people walking and when the yatra culminated at Rameshwaram, again there were only 12 people walking and in between it was only strength of 3 to 4 people. This clearly shows the lack of interest & awareness among Hindus. During the last leg of the yathra, especially in Sivaganga & Ramanathapuram districts, BJP showed some signs of interests by organizing street corner meetings, one in Mana Madurai, one in Paramakudi, five in Ramanathapuram and one in Rameshwaram and arranging to place a huge banner (50′ X 10′) in Ramanathapuram. In a nutshell, the pada yathra can be described as “Success of Individuals & Failure of organizations”. At Ramanathapuram, we had the opportunity of visiting “Sethu Karai” and seeing the “Rama Sethu” just under water, with our naked eyes after cruising to the spot by a boat. At Rameswaram, we prayed to Lord Ramanatha Swami to give us all enough strength & intelligence to take on the anti-Hindu forces for the protection of Rama Sethu.  


Legal & Intellectual Battle: While on one side the intellectuals & experts from various walks of life are striving their level best to protect the Rama Sethu by writing articles / essays in newspapers, magazines and websites, the legal luminaries are approaching the Courts of Law petitioning against the SSCP. We are able to achieve a limited break through as evidenced by the recent judgment of the Madras High court on the petitions filed by Shri.Rama Gopalan and Dr.Subramaniam Swamy. But still, in the prevailing anti-Hindu environment through out the country, we cannot rely on court cases, that too, when the SSCP corporation is going ahead with its dredging operations in full swing, giving scant regards to the observations of Courts and the opinions of experts, the religious sentiments of millions of Hindus not withstanding.


Only Solution: The only solution lies in our hands. There can be no power as a “Mass Movement” and no force on earth can withstand the challenge posed by a “Mass Movement”. As a first step, the “Top Leaders” of our organizations like Shri. Ashok Singhal, Shri. Pravin Thogadia, Shri.Sudarshanji, Shri.Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Shri.Adwani must sit in an indefinite dharna at ‘Janthar Manthar’ or in front of the Parliament or India Gate and the TN state leaders must sit in Danushkodi. The cadres of the respective organizations and other concerned individual Hindus must congregate at Rameshwaram and Danushkodi in millions and sit on fast unto death, thereby filling up the hospitals from Madurai to Rameshwaram. Also, there will not be any justification on our part in expecting the Sankaracharyas & other Gurus / Swamijis to come to thje streets, as they are there only to guide & bless us apart from extending moral & spiritual support.


 Rameshwaram must witness a “Human Tsunami”, which alone can force the Dravidian government & Congress led UPA government at least to change the alignment (route plan) of the proposed project, if not the withdrawal of the project.

Jai Shri Ram! Vandemataram!


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