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Sriram Navami is celebrated to proclaim the birth of Lord Sriram, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The nineth day (Navami) in the bright fortnight of the Hindu lunar month of Chaitra is referred to as Ram Navami. On this day, Prabhu Ramachandra was born in Ayodhya. Several temples of Lord Rama celebrate this festival for nine days beginning from the first day (pratipada) of Chaitra.

This year Ram Navami falls on April 1, 2012.

Spiritual importance of RamNavami

    On the Jayanti day of any Avatar or Deity, that deity’s principle (tatva) is more active on earth. On Sriram Navami, the principle of Sriram is 1000 times more active on earth, as compared to the other days. Inorder to get maximum benefit of Lord Sriram’s tatva, chant ‘Sri Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram’ as much as possible on this day.

Method of celebrating RamNavami

It is celebrated by periodic readings (parayans) of the Ramayan, organising spiritual discourses (kirtans) and beautifully embellishing Lord Rama’s idol. On the ninth day, in the afternoon, a spiritual discourse on Lord Rama’s birth is held. At noon, a coconut draped in a hooded cloak is placed in a cradle and the cradle is rocked. Devotees shower a red, fragrant powder (gulal) and flowers onto it.

How to worship Sriram?

Apply chandan (sandalwood paste) on the idol of Sriram with the ring finger (Anamika). Flowers like Champa and Chameli can be offered to Sriram. Incense sticks with any of the above fragrance, can be lit. Do pradakshina around the idol three times or in multiples of three.
Attributes of Lord Rama

Name: Lord Rama’s Name was prevalent even before His birth. After His victory at Lanka, that is, upon demonstrating His Godhood, everyone started addressing Him as Srirama (Lord Rama).

Ideal in All Respects: Lord Rama is an example of the ideal son, brother, husband, king, friend and enemy.

The Follower of Righteousness (Dharma): Lord Rama observed all decorum prescribed by Dharma; that is why He is referred to as ‘Maryadapurushottam’. Also, honouring one’s word (Ekvachani) and needing just one arrow or shot to find the mark (Ekbani) and having only one wife (Ekpatni), when the norm was for Kings of that era to have many wives, are His well-known attributes.

Lord Rama’s Kingdom (Ramrajya): During Lord Rama’s rule, that is, in the Tretayug it was not Lord Rama alone who was wise, His subjects, too, were prudent. Hence, during His reign not a single complaint was brought to His court.

Lord Rama: An Ideal

The Ideal son: He always obeyed His parents; at times even advised the elders.
The Ideal brother: Rama-Lakshman’s love is cited as the ideal of brotherly love.
The Ideal husband: He was devoted to His one and only wife. Kings, then, use to have many wives.
The Ideal friend: He helped Sugreev, Bibhishan and many others during their difficult times.
The Ideal King: He followed all codes of conduct for Kings as laid down in our scriptures.
The Ideal Enemy: Bibhishan refused to perform the last rites of Ravan, his brother. Lord Rama said to him, ”If you do not do it, I will. He was my brother too!”
Maryadapurushottam : He represents the Supreme extent of Righteousness.
The ideal Ramrajya was like this!
    During the reign of Sriram, all His subjects too were wise.
The subjects were leading a calm, peaceful and prosperous life.
There was no place for crime, corruption and diseases.
It was a period which did not invite natural disasters.
The subjects of Ramrajya were all followers of Dharma. That is why they got a sattvik and ideal ruler in the form of Sriram and hence they could experience Ramrajya (Divine kingdom).

Hindus bring back Ramrajya !

‘The subjects were happy in Ram Rajya; but in the ‘rule of Ravana called democracy’ the sujects are very miserable. To make the subjects happy let us destroy the present demoniacal rule of anti-national elements and establish Ram Rajya. To achieve this, spiritual practice and devotion are the need of the hour.’

Hindus should wake up and destroy the ‘Modern incarnations of Ravan’. The attacks on the Hindu Dharma are growing from the Christians, Muslims, atheists and all other anti-Hindus and yet Hindus are not retaliating. If the condition remains as it is then Hindu Dharma as well as Hindus will become extinct forever. Keep in mind that changes do not occur by big miracles, but acts within the common man’s reach.

Inorder to re-establish a Ramrajya :

Everybody should follow Dharma and do spiritual practice (sadhana).
Oust the corrupt politicians from their posts and select those candidates who abide by Dharma.
Develop good qualities in the next generation and teach them to follow Dharma, and help them develop faith in God.
On this auspicious occasion of Sriram Navami, let us pray : ‘O Sriram, bestow on us the strength to establish Ramrajya!’

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