Some questions to Jayanthi Natarajan

via published on July 2, 2011

Few days ago, Indian (Italian) congress party’s barefaced liar Jayanthi Natarajan attacked Mr.Gadkari as an incompetent leader to lead BJP. We don’t know, what Jayanthi expecting to lead a party?

Is she expecting, one who lead a party should be a authentic Bharathiyan like Sonia? Or like Sasi Tharoor being a nationalistic? Or as a brave decision taker as that of our great, “I DON’T know PM”? Or as Kapil who is one of the most brilliant mind in the country? Or as Dig Vijay to be a true secularist?

What she’s expecting? Ok! Lets make end to this confusion by asking some question to Jayanthi.

* In the name of freedom, Nehru mangled our “AKHAND BHARAT”. Is she expecting this qualification?

* During the freedom struggle, Bharathiyans sacrificed their life to break down the servitude hand cuff of Bharat Matha. At the same time, Nehru wandered around Mount Batten’s wife in the name of love. Is this sensational sacrifice enough to lead a party?

* To save her PM post, the autocratic ruler Indira declared emergency. Is this selfless service needed to be a leader?

* If the government allot 1RS to Indian citizens, only 10ps would be used for the welfare of people, where as the remaining 90ps were corrupted under the supervision of Rajiv, is she expecting this type of allegiance?

* The former PM Rajiv is the main associate to made escape QUAUROCCHI the main criminal of Bofors scam & he is one of the relation to Sonia. Is she expecting this type of Nobility leader?

* Though Rahul Gandhi is the well-known childish politician in Bharat, he don’t have the gutts to promulgate his real name as Raul Vinci. Is this governing skill enough?

* BHATHAVASALAM the former CM of Tamilnadu & the father of Jayanthi, who was also one of the supporter to uphold the emergency during Indira period without considering the caution of king maker Kamaraj. Is this fickle earnestness was need to lead a party?

* In 2G scam our country loss more than 1,76,000 crore. But, our magnanimous Kapil arrested cooly ” Its not a loss to our government”. (Did A.RAJA & Kanimozhi went for a visit to Jail to preach & energize the prisoner for months?) Is this modern novel though is enough to be a leader?

* Dig Vijay don’t bother about the intricated problems in Bharat but he had a time to condemn the American government for throwing the dead body of brutal terrorist OSAMA to the Sea. Is this secularism needed to lead a party?

* If media/ Opposition parties/ Social Workers ask any question to our lazy, drowsy, slack PM, mostly he shut his mouth tightly but he opens his mouth rarely once in a while & says as follows, “I DON’T KNOW ABOUT THAT…../ I DIDN’T CONSIDERED ABOUT THAT ISSUE…./ ITS NOT MY DUTY”. IS This political animal experience is enough?

* In Vijay Bank, 300 crore scam is done by you(JAYANTHI). Is this straight forward qualitity is needed to lead a party?

Hope Mrs.Jayanthi will clarify, what type of basic quality/ skill needed to lead a party? Then, it’ll be great help to BJP so that they can elect an eligible leader as per those qualities. 

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